Just thought this was too weird not to at least document. I felt in my gut that the guy and his story were legit, so I’m going to at least put this out there.

On Feb 29th, I shared a news release on Facebook about the Madison, Ohio “school shooting” that had just happened. Even though not much info had come out on it yet, some of us were already rolling our eyes…knowing it was more than likely another staged event. So here’s a screenshot of my post on it.

Anyways about an hour after I posted it I got a comment from someone named Leonard Lamont Lawrence who claimed that he worked at the school…saying that the media was totally lying and he gave a brief description of the “real story”. Here’s his comment on my post.

I make most of my posts public b/c I have a lot of “followers” who aren’t “friends” and followers can only see your public posts. So since I didn’t know the guy who’d commented I assumed he must have used that newer feature on the Facebook app where you can view all the public posts on any given article. At the bottom of all articles, Facebook shows how many ppl have posted the article. Here’s an example of what it looks like.

It says “____ people talking about this” next to the little Facebook logo. Well if you click on that, it will actually show you all the posts of the article on Facebook and any comments on it, etc. (I’ve used the feature before to see what ppl were saying around Facebook about an article I’d written.) Of course the only  posts you’re able to see are those that people have made public.

Anyways,  I thought the guy who commented must have been using that feature and copying & pasting his comment on everyone’s post who had posted the article. I’ve done that once before when I wanted everyone who had posted an article to know something crucial about the story.

It sounded like TPTB were definitely about to use this “school shooting” as another fear based predictive programming stunt on the masses. I knew if this guy was for real I should definitely take a screenshot before it was removed.  So I did.

And SURE enough not even 30 minutes later his comment had been scrubbed!

So then about an hour after that, the same guy commented again with the exact same comment. As though he was still going down the list of public posts and copying & pasting his comment (about what “really happened”.)  I replied right away and asked “Why was your first comment deleted?” He replied “What do you mean?” I replied with the screenshot I’d taken of his first comment (which was word for word). I immediately saw in my “notifications” that he replied back right away but when I clicked on the notification our entire thread was gone AGAIN along with his comment! So this time his comment lasted less than 2 minutes after he’d posted it (the one where he’s saying what “really happened” at the school.)

So obviously he was still copying and pasting his comment down the list of public posts of the article…not realizing his comment was being deleted as he went.

So anyways he must have noticed it had just been scrubbed b/c then he posted a weird sentence about Marco Rubio that made absolutely no sense…like he was testing to see if that comment would get deleted. It didn’t of course. And he went on to say his comments were being deleted. I guess he’d just noticed this. He seemed like a little bit of a sheeple. Like he was surprised they’d go to such lengths. He obviously doesn’t know much about the recent spate of false flags and what lengths they go to, to cover them up. Facebook is known for being censored when it comes to any kind of sensitive information.

Anyways, this whole thing was obviously not a huge deal, nor proof of anything, but I just wanted to at least document it. I’ll bet you that what he’s describing is EXACTLY what happened. I’ve got a really strong feeling on this one.

And ESPECIALLY because NOW the kid accused of being the shooter is claiming he didn’t even do any shooting!

A woman in one of my Facebook groups was saying how her kid actually went to that school and how they were all so horrified. I’d posted what that guy had said on my page and she was so offended that I’d even suggest it was a false flag. But then later she posted this…

And of course whenever the national news media lights up with another story about a mass shooting I usually post something on Facebook about it saying “Here we go again”.  And inevitably EVERY freakin time someone comments saying “What..Is everything a conspiracy to you? Not everything’s a hoax you know.”

Well of course this last time was no different and here was my response:

Of course we don’t know for sure if this is a false flag yet.. but we DO know that the New World Order is almost here and that no huge news story is randomly being told by coincidence. There is an argument to be made that if the government and media did that now that might be considered wasted resources. All big news stories now have a specific purpose. The mass shootings that ARE real events aren’t being publicized in the media. I can give you several recent examples if you like.


“The following video is an absolutely brilliant discussion from a clinician who explains why the staged or hoax model is used rather than real events. This is a must-listen for anybody interested in understanding this topic. So if the controllers want to get the most that they can out of a nationally publicized “mass shooting” then they need things to go a certain way. And when the family members (crisis actors) of “shooting victims” don’t really own their grief they can be controlled MUCH easier. They can also be counted on to stick to the agenda and the talking points.

Real people and real events “go off the tracks.” Real victims don’t follow scripts, can’t be controlled and get to be problems for the Crime Syndicate. They learned their lesson with 9-11 when they killed real ppl. It got way too messy and out of control. The agenda it was meant to push was somewhat overshadowed at times by victim’s families demanding answers. Some of the very first “truthers” were the friends & family members of 9-11 victims. Not to say they won’t ever kill real ppl again in one of their false flags but if they do it will prob be towards “the end” and it will be another mass event (like 9-11). The next mother of all false flags may kill real ppl but it will be extremely well thought out and meticulously organized. I imagine these smaller ones..the school shootings..they will never allow real victims. So much to do..so little time…gotta stick to the script & stay on track…they’re control freaks..and they don’t have the time or patience to deal with “unknown variables” or wild cards.

The guy in this video gives a GREAT philosophical analysis about WHY they use fake events instead of real ones. (Fake victims & crisis actors instead of real victims/real grieving families.) It will definitely make a helluva lot more sense after you hear him explain it.  Because personally I always wondered, why wouldn’t they just use real shootings? Real victims would eliminate the need for the horrible actors they use who give it away every time with their dry eyes?

That is until I heard this guy (who’s a licensed psychotherapist) explain it…and then it was like “Well duh…but of course!”. THAT’S why.

I ponder over these philosophical questions a lot. Especially regarding these bizarre false flags and the type of ppl who participate in them.

Anyways I gotta go to bed. Just wanted this documented. 💟🔫