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To sum it all up our parents, grand parents, school teachers and university personnel were all sadly ignorant in most cases and out right subversive in others. In Europe is there any doubt why Americans are colloquially referred to as “American Idiot”? We are not at rock bottom yet, there is probably a long way to go. For my part, shills like Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts can give it a rest. The Washington Colony owes 18 trillion dollars to the EU master who loaned America the money to destroy themselves.

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The Atlantean Conspiracy-Presidential Bloodlines

The Crown Temple By Rule of Mystery Babylon

The Mad Hatter:

Have I gone mad?

[Alice checks Hatter’s temperature]

Alice :

I’m afraid so.

You’re entirely bonkers.

But I’ll tell you a secret.

All the best people are.

States Within A State

To find the cause of our troubles, it is best to look first into…

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