Our Spiritual Quest

My Ex Illuminati friend, Carolyn Hamlett and I were discussing how heartbreaking it is to watch people dabbling in deceptive and dangerous spiritual things. She gave an insightful illustration, kindly allowing me to share it below.

Carolyn Hamlett Carolyn Hamlett

‘There are two spiritual kingdoms. People are flirting with and walking in the kingdom of evil…and they have no armor, nor do they know how to defend themselves.

As we know, the dark side is like a village that wines and dines a stranger and when the stranger’s guard is down, the villagers rob, beat and torture the stranger … sometimes to death. They at least make the stranger a slave.

We can pray that Satan would be bound from blinding their minds to the truth and that God would show them beyond a doubt that they are playing with fire.

We want them to see… the reality BEFORE they or their…

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