Cinderella's Broom

This is Titus Frost’s most recent steemit report on the suspected D.C. pedophilia ring activities now being described as “Pizzagate.”

The Youtube video embedded in that report is below, followed by one on the same subject by investigator Doug Hagmann.

These reports include allegations of child sexual abuse conducted in establishments owned or frequented by people closely associated with the Clinton campaign.

According to many alternative sources, coded terms that pertain to pedophilia were found within the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. It was Wikileaks that also first revealed the relationship between Tony & John Podesta and the “spirit cooking” Marina Abramovic.

The content of these videos and what they point toward is depraved and sickening, to say the least. But the mainstream media is currently denying the credibility of the investigations, the alternative sources and the very idea that a “family establishment” could actually be a criminal hub.

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