Fellowship of the Minds

How do you support the Alternative Media?

With your words.

With your money.

With your prayers and emotional support.

H/t Will Shanley

For the Alt Media’s sites demonized by the lying, corrupt MSM, see “FOTM made the List of 200 secret-Russian-agents websites! =^..^=”.


Craig Timberg is the Washington Post reporter who, in his McCarthyist article of Nov. 24, 2016, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say,” demonizes sites like FOTM, calling us perveyors of “fake news,” “undermining faith in American democracy,” “pushing far right conservative messages,” and either “knowingly part of” or are stupid “useful idiots” of Russian propaganda.

WaPo reader ronin1776 wrote a comment on Timberg’s piece that “According to Paul Craig Roberts, ‘Craig Timberg’ doesn’t exist as a real person.”

So I went looking, and can confirm that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Treasury Assistant Secretary of the Reagan Administration…

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