Fellowship of the Minds

When I posted about Miley Cyrus’ obscene “twerking” (simulated anal or doggie-style copulation) and masturbation at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, nationally televised at prime time just so families can watch it with their little kiddies, some of us felt sorry for her father, Billy Ray. (See “The meaning of Miley Cyrus’ tongue“.)


Except that while Miley was “twerking,” her mom had looked on approvingly — beaming. For his part, Billy Ray piously tweeted his support: “Thanking God for so many blessings tonight.” (Source)

You can stop feeling sorry for ol’ Billy Ray now.

Here’s evidence that Miley is EXACTLY Billy’s spawn.

Clearly running out of musical ideas, Billy just recorded a new hip-hop version of Achy Breaky Heart, his one hit back when the world was still young. Achy Breaky 2‘s music video is full of twerking Miley-wannabes.

To spare you from wasting 3:32 minutes of…

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