This is a POWERFUL story

Upon The Face Of The Waters

Mark Clemison, in a speech, had this to say:

William Booth who founded the Salvation Army adopted my grandfather. Booth was a missionary did who great work, going into brothels and bars and getting people out, preaching the great message. But there was another side to him that noone saw.  The logo of the salvation army is a red shield, we see it everywhere. Well, “red shield” is pronounced “Rothschild” in German.
red shieldThere a lot of people in the company who are doing great work, who love the Lord.  Now Booth had a venture capitalist named Nathaniel Rothschild finance his company. Nathaniel asked Booth to go to India to establish his new territory. The Rothschilds had already established a dynasty there called the East India Trading Company, which is also the largest opium drug dealer in the world. And they needed a front, and who fronted the proceeds? The Salvation…

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