The little 8 year old girl named Alisa… of the now infamous Hampstead coverup…. who the world saw speaking on video with her brother about the Satanic ritual abuse they were enduring at their school, was recently spotted in this Audi commercial that was played at the Super Bowl. She was 8 years old in the original picture and today (in the Audi commercial) she would be 2.5 years older.

It is believed she is being advertised to the elites. Perhaps for the price of an Audi?

The original channel who made the video below was terminated shortly after they published this video. I’ve re-uploaded it so it can continue to be seen. Watching this burns me up.

Here is a comparison pic from the video

Also note the gap between her teeth there on the side.

Below is a photo of Alisa’s teeth 2.5 years ago with the same gap.


It is also believed that Gabriel may be shown briefly in the commercial.

Ella Gareeva, mother of the two Hampstead child whistle-blowers, is 100% sure this is her daughter, as are the girls maternal grandparents. I have not been able to find anything about what her thoughts are on the boy being Gabriel…it has just been observed by many that it does look him.

UPDATE: Ella Gareeva, the children’s mother commented below and said that no, the boy is not Gabriel. I’ve also learned that the mother believes the tall girl at the very end, walking with her “dad” after she wins the race is NOT Alisa. But the girl playing the character from the beginning up to that point IS Alisa. Perhaps they used two different girls so that if ever confronted about it, they could present the 2nd one.

(Just last week on March 8th, 2017, Ella Gareeva, the mother of Alisa and Gabriel, posted a new video of herself, making a statement and giving an update on the whole situation and where things are at now.) She has not seen her children or had any contact with them in 2.5 years. She is not even sure if they are still alive.

Notice this tweet about the director of the Audi commercial.

Here is the link (referenced in the tweet above). Check out the names of the other things she has directed. It sounds like she is definitely “one of them”. You don’t win the kinds of awards she’s won unless you are part of “the organization”.

Also, notice how Audi used Alisa as their cover photo on Facebook.

What angers me is the fact that these two children were brave enough to break the “vow of silence” they’re forced to take….and they bravely went full blown and identified all the tattoos, piercings, and birthmarks on ALL these adults who had been forcing them into sex acts and satanic rituals …the children even described “secret rooms” that were in these adults houses (some of them were their own teachers)…they even DREW PICTURES of it all…the doctors who examined them said yes there was anal scarring which showed sex abuse…and yet the cops and the judges took the children from the mother…didn’t investigate ONE adult that was named…and cut off the mothers parenting rights completely…then probably gave the kids back to the father. No one knows where they are or if they’re even still alive at this point. SUCH a blatant coverup went on in the highest levels RIGHT in front of the people of Hampstead….I don’t know…I’d like to say if that happened in my town…that we’d be breaking out the torches and pitchforks…

Seeing how they were so blatant about this….using Alisa in a Superbowl commercial, it also makes you wonder why the children of the Sandy Hook kids choir were never identified when they sang at the Super bowl. Is it possible they were also being trafficked?
They paraded the children (who’s younger pictures they’d used to create the fake Sandy Hook victims) out in front of the entire world only SIX WEEKS after the entire country had been traumatized and was mourning twenty little fake 6 year olds being fake slaughtered in that abandoned condemned classroom that had asbestos falling out of the ceiling. They absolutely love to throw things in our face and then laugh at how dumb we are not to notice. Those of us who do notice and try to shout it from the rooftops aren’t believed by the majority, “I’ll only believe it if I see it on CNN” crowd. So yes…hidden in plain site. They love doing this kind of thing. It goes back to the spiritual law of “consent”. These Luciferians believe that they must tell us what they are doing (hidden in plain site) and so that then when we do nothing to stop it,we have in fact passively given our “consent”.
The group of children called “The Sandy Hook Kids Choir” remained “anonymous” and their names were never given to the public. This has been one of the main questions Wolfgang Halbig has wanted answered. Since when do they keep the children from being named at an event like that?
When I was a senior in high school in 1998, my dance team got to perform at that year’s Super Bowl halftime show with Boyz II Men at the stadium in San Francisco, and it was one of the most thrilling experiences in my life up to that point. Being in front of all those people…and basically all of America was so awesome….and they printed all of our names in the official program, since we were a part of the half time show. It would have been kind of disappointing if we were made to remain anonymous. I was only 16 at the time so I was underage and they still printed our names in the program….so that can’t have been the reason. So why would they make the Sandy Hook kids go anonymously??

Anyways, it is a travesty that this case was covered up and the children taken away from their mother. And now it appears they are being sex trafficked among the elite. Please spread this story.

This is where pedophiles belong. They have seered their consciences and committed unspeakable acts of evil against the most innocent among us…our beloved children..and for this they shall pay…IMG_3106“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6