Written by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show


Two weeks ago, I interviewed Joshua Coy, a researcher and popular talk show host at WYDE- 101.1-FM radio, the largest station in the state of Alabama. We discussed our independent sources which highlighted the fact that Project HAARP is involved in behavior modification experiments at an Alaska FEMA camp facility.

Extreme Interference

Before the interview was concluded, the conversation was terminated by an external force of unknown origin. For two days, Josh and I attempted to re-establish communication and all attempts, via cell, email and text were unsuccessful.

The interview had external noises placed in the conversation, externally inserted and it was done after the fact. That was the conclusion that Josh came to as he had the sound engineer at his station run a diagnostic test on the noises which consisted of dishes clanging, a woman screaming and satanic music in the background.

The conclusion was that these noises were externally placed independent of the broadcast. Josh Coy and I are both experienced talk show hosts, if we had heard any such noises, we would have stopped the interview and called attention to it. The obvious intent of these interferences was designed to disrupt our conversation on the aforementioned topic.

Here is the original interview which prompted the controversy.

The Attempted Assassination of Joshua Coy

Josh Coy has a serious kidney condition for which he was hospitalized last week. He had discussion about a CT scan and use of a radioactive dye, as part of the process known as “Contrast”. Josh and his primary doctor decided against the procedure because it was contraindicated for someone with his condition.

The following night, Josh received three visitors. To his hospital room from the time frame of midnight to 3AM.

The first visitor was a nurse with the bedside manner of Genghis Khan. She walked into his room with a vile of “Contrast” and demanded he take substance and he would be taken for a CT scan at midnight. If this sounds out of the ordinary, it is. Josh steadfastly refused and cited his doctor’s objection to this procedure. After a lengthy argument, the so-called nurse gave up and exited the room.

A fake doctor entered his room at 2am and demanded he take the substance and they would instantly wheel him down for the scan. Again, an argument ensued and Josh refused to take the substance.

At 3AM a large fake doctor entered the room and attempted to physically intimidate Josh into taking the substance. Further, the two fake doctors carried the vile of the “Contrast” with a nurse present. When does that every happen? At 3AM?

The Real Doctor’s Reaction

The next morning, the real doctor visited Josh and he relayed what happened the night before. The real doctor was stunned and said we agreed not to do these and he had no idea who these other “doctors” were.

What is the conclusion? Before you answer, consider the fact that I suddenly came down with pneumonia on the same day as Josh on the night in question. The onset of the symptom were acute and dangerous.

I interviewed Josh about his experiences in the following video.

Perhaps we should pay more attention to the Alaskan FEMA facility and their behavioral modification experiments.