This is really freaky. The body of this little humanoid found in a desert in Chile was tested and found that the mitochondrial DNA (DNA of its mother) was a native Chilean woman, but the DNA of its father is “undetermined” meaning they have nothing to match it in the worldwide DNA database. Ahem…Nephilim. It’s father was most likely a fallen angel.

(The Bigfoot DNA study done by Dr. Melba Ketchum from the Sasquatch Genome Project had the same results. When analyzed, Bigfoot DNA showed the creature had a human mother and a completely unknown and unidentified species as it’s father.) The results of the Melba Ketchum study were aggressively suppressed and not one scientific journal would print them even though the study itself met all of the standards for a peer reviewed professional scientific study. The results had even been sent to several different labs who did blind lab tests on the DNA. The scientific journal that finally agreed to publish the study backed out just 5 minutes before publication because they were threatened. Dr. Melba Ketchum is not a Christian and she had no stake in the findings being what they turned out to be so she was quite surprised when the scientific community actively set about to surpress her findings and smear her reputation.)

These Nephilim type creatures are by their very nature evil.

This evil little thing has 10 ribs instead of 12.

It’s been determined by the wounds on its skull that it died a very violent death.

Not surprising. Can you imagine coming up on this thing in the middle of the night?


This is a very interesting video that Woodward TV youtube channel put out about it. (That channel puts out great videos.  I would subscribe if you haven’t already.)

What you need to know about the ATACAMA HUMANOID and the land in which it was found