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Personally I seriously doubt he hung himself. That’s not an easy feat for a guy who’s 6’2.  

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Visual similarities

Chester allegedly supported with Clinton Foundation donations – No source yet

Linkin park in Haiti with Clintons holding the shirt with their Pedo logo band symbol 

Chester staunchly anti Trump 

Chester’s father was a police officer working in child sex abuse cases (meaning he worked to help hide them and cover them up)

Here is the only known picture of Chester Bennington taken with the father who raised him.

Chester himself was a child abuse victim – 

Singer Opens Up About Being Molested As a Child

Linkin Park logo Similar to Pedo Logo (two triangles inside each other)

Soundgarden logo is very MK Ultra.

Chester “committed suicide” on Chris Cornell of Soungarden’s birthday

and played tribute at his funeral in May of this year….also a suicide.

Further questions (and rabbit hole unto itself): Death of Chris

Some disturbing tweets from Chester Bennington’s wife’s account have caused alarm over whether or not she had cheated on him and even encouraged him to take his own life. However, it’s being claimed she was probably hacked (yeah right ).

News that Bennington, 41, had died, broke yesterday, with reports from TMZ confirming he had taken his own life by hanging himself in a Los Angeles home. It was unclear at the time of the news what had led to his death, or if he had left behind any note indicating what led to the situation. Later that night, a series of tweets appeared on Bentley’s account, where she allegedly confessed to having an affair with his Linkin Park bandmate, Mike Shinoda, said she never loved her husband and had only married him for money, and that she had proof Bennington was already dead before he allegedly hanged himself. (Read more at link)

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