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The truth now emerging about the cold blooded slaughter of Americans during the Katrina disaster is very disturbing to say the least. I ran across the following testimony on Steve Quayle’s site this morning. After doing a bit of research I found corroborating testimony of this story from none other than Kyle Bass himself.

Aloha Again Steve,

I learned some very disturbing details from about a nearly decade old event that has been kept a secret from me by a member of my own family.

Hurricane Katrina.

My sister is a nurse and back then when she renewed her nursing license she checked a box on the form stating that she would be willing to help in disaster relief if needed. Well she got the call when Katrina hit New Orleans and went down there to help.

She said that when she got there the first couple of days it was pretty normal. Treating persons with broken bones, cuts, stitching people up and other minor injuries but then came the body clean-up.

She was in the Super Dome and every day they gave her a small tin of Vicks to smear under her nose and a big pack of gum to chew all to help with the smell of the dead. She said that she has a strong stomach but she never dealt with anything like this before.

She went on to say that there were THOUSANDS of bodies and most all of them were shot. The first ones they put in the body bags would be labeled as drowned or something else and she said, “Hey these have bullet holes in them.” But she was told very firmly that they drowned. Nobody else saw the bodies because they were all bagged and disposed of. Thousands of them! Killed by the “contractors”.

Her husband also told us that he was stationed in Gulf Port Mississippi at the same time and that there were bodies everywhere.

I always thought that Katrina was some kind of social experiment but I was wrong. It was genocide.

The official death toll is greatly under stated and the real count is easily ten times that number.

I just want to say…. beware the next disaster. ”

— (Posted on SQ, Jul 9, 2014)

Someone who read the above post added the following…

Steve, I’m a former US Army helicopter pilot that was flying in the gulf of mexico for the oil industry. I got to know a former Army Blackhawk pilot there who swore he dropped sniper teams on rooftops in downtown New Orleans during Katrina. He told me this years ago but thought I would say this now to give credence to the other intel. This pilot was a standup guy, not given to boasting. I believe every word he said.

-Matt  (Posted on SQ, Jul 10, 2014)


Here is the Kyle Bass corroboration… from this link

In early 2012, I had an unexpected conversation with my friend Chris Kyle (author of American Sniper) about the Katrina debacle. I had heard rumblings about Special Operations (mainly SEALs) snipers being deployed to New Orleans to support the effort to restore order. He confirmed the rumors and shared his own intimate knowledge that close contacts of his, many who were apparently still serving on active duty, took leave to work for the controversial PMC (Private Military Company),Blackwater.

Chris went on to tell me that the bulk of the guys he knew directly had racked up over thirty kills between them near and around the Super Dome. I asked him about Rules of Engagement, and asked, “Who were they shooting at,” and he just gave me a big Texas shrug and smile. I figured out really quick that it was 180 grains of due process (usually to the head at 200M).

Steve Hynd is understandably upset.

Coming from such a source, these accusations have to be taken seriously – accusations that US military snipers killed US citizens inside the US with no due process of law whatsoever, acting as judge jury and executioner. The Bush administration would have to have signed off on the whole thing.

This is why the recent debate on Obama’s signature killing program has focused too much on the method of killing – drones – and too little on the lack of constitutional justification. You don’t need a drone to perform extrajudicial killings, not even of US citizens. If this story is true, then yet again Obama is only following Bush’s lead.

Webb writes that he is bothered by what Kyle told him. I’ll go further. I’m horrified and angered. Those who set up this program are criminals of the highest order – but so too are the supposed heroes of special forces who participated. Even if they were ordered to do this, they should have refused.


It is also important to remember that nursing home patients were euthanized for the convenience of medical personnel:

“Dr. Ewing Cook said that as staff at Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans were struggling to evacuate patients from the flooded building, he gave the order to give Jannie Burgess, 79, who was dying of uterine cancer and kidney failure, a dose of morphine that he knew would kill her.”

‘Cook also described another area of the hospital that was crowded with patients on cots and stretchers where he considered euthanizing the ones that had “do not resuscitate (DNR)” on their charts. “We didn’t do it because we had too many witnesses,” he told ProPublica. “That’s the honest-to-God truth.” ‘

Thirty-four patients died in Memorial Medical Center following the Katrina disaster, more than in any comparable-sized hospital in the drowned city.

A coroner’s report stated that more than half of the bodies taken from Memorial tested positive for morphine or midazolam, or both. Robert Middleberg, the director of the toxicology laboratory where the autopsy samples were tested, said the high drug concentrations found in many of the patients stuck out “like a sore thumb.” –article link

I saw a video on ..I think A&E…. about Blackwater, and they mentioned the places they had been deployed to. One of those locations was North America which stunned even the interviewer. When he asked where in North America he was told New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. They even show pictures of men on the streets there. I remember watching a live TV report out of New Orleans in which they were showing people being offloaded from a military truck. The reporter was saying how these people were rescued, etc., etc., and the camera swung to the right a little and a soldier could be seen with a rifle at the ready pointed in the direction of those being “rescued”. The camera swung back to the left quickly, as if they weren’t supposed to be showing this. The “elitist” mentality isn’t limited to those at the top of the pyramid. Its evident in the attitude of many in this nation. – Comment on article


A soldier told me he had barge trash duty one day during Katrina but when he reported to the barge there was no trash on the barge. There were 2,000 black men that had been shot in the head. He said they dumped them deep in the swamps for alligator food.
The soldiers all should have reported this. Saying they were following orders is pure BS. When they are no longer needed the government will get rid of them too.”

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