Okay this is really creepy. Supposedly Taylor Swift took down all of her social media accts last Friday Aug. 18th. Her fans were freaking out wondering what happened to her. Then yesterday (the day of the eclipse) she posts a really creepy short video of a reptile tail. Check this out. 

(This is Billboard’s article from last Friday when Taylor Swift took down her social media…)

“Fans think something is up.

They took notice on Friday morning (Aug. 18) when Swift deleted her Twitter avatar pic 

Her Instagram feed — which has more than 100 million followers — has also been wiped clean, and her official website is a blank (okay, black) slate as well. 

Fans, as you might imagine, are freaking out. A spokesperson for the singer, however, could not be reached for comment at press time.

All Taylor Swift’s social medias are like this. Is the new era coming or she has been hacked ??”

Note the end of the article “Is the new era coming or has she been hacked??”

Now why would they say “Is the new era coming?” What does that have to do with anything?

Then here is a clip from Billboard’s article titled Taylor Swift Ends Social Media Blackout With Cryptic Reptile Tail Tease which was posted yesterday, August 21st, 2017.

Taylor Swift‘s retreat from social media didn’t last long. After unexpectedly blanking out her online accounts on Friday (Aug. 18), Swift was back online on Monday morning (Aug. 21) with a tantalizing tease that once again sent Swifties into a frenzy.

There wasn’t much to go on, but at around 11 a.m. ET, a 10-second clip showed up on Swift’s Twitter feed with a silent image of a reptile tail (snake, lizard… who knows!?) moving back and forth that flickered as if it was shot on an old-school VHS tape.”


— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) August 21, 2017​​​

(For the life of me I couldnt figure out how to embed her vid from twitter so I uploaded it to my youtube channel (which is new by the way.  My YouTube channel was recently terminated after 3 strikes on false flag videos…so plse subscribe to my new one.)

That’s some creepy sh__ if you ask me. It flickers like a horror film and everything.  Posted on the day of the eclipse? Prefaced with (in the article on Friday. ..”is the new era coming?”.)

What’s even stranger is I actually heard about this on the news on the conservative AM talk radio station I listen to in the car. The powers that be obviously wanted everyone to hear about this….they found it newsworthy enough to make it headline news on even a conservative talk radio station…who’s target market are older conservatives who could give a damn about Taylor Swift and her tweets. It’s obviously some kind of cryptic signal to the masses…another “hidden in plain site communication” they want us all to notice. They didn’t even speculate about WHY she did it when I heard it on the news. What’s blowing me away is that it IS news in the first place. I was listening to AM 650 or 1530 or 1380. I can’t remember which one now…but it was apparently SOO important that it was on at the top of the hour as the first news story mentioned. On a radio station who’s target market is older conservative Christian types…. let that sink in. The top of the news headline story today on almost every news outlet was “Taylor Swift tweeted a video of a reptile tail.” The fact that it was a coordinated nationwide news story is in itself all you need to know to know it’s supposed to be significant of something. Some “important message to America” from the sickos drinking baby blood from their bunkers.