If you haven’t seen this yet you’ve GOT to. This guy was on the ground in Texas helping with the disaster relief and what he has to say here is just WOW…. It made me cry. I mean I know FEMA is killing ppl. But to have it relayed first-hand like this makes it so much more real. The govt is shutting down roads, locking rescuers out and then blowing up damns to kill whole towns of ppl which they’ve locked in. They’re also doing this to wash all of the bullet riddled bodies out to sea. There are THOUSANDS of them according to eyes on the ground.

He says that the ppl who are getting on the FEMA prison ship/barges are being turned into fish food. Notice how we haven’t seen one single social media post from ANYONE in these FEMA “relief camps”? Why is that you think?

This guy relays a story about how about 1500 Texans at (I think he said who were taking shelter at George Mason high school?) refused to get on the FEMA aircraft carriers because it had been discovered that once these aircraft carriers left, they weren’t making their destinations. The Texans at the George Mason high school where this was going on almost started to riot because of it…and because of the way they were being treated.

This man’s story is incredible. His entire team of rescuers were brought into the TX area by a state official right before they broke one of the dams there. They were basically brought in there and left to die but this man’s fast thinking and survival skills made certain he actually set up an outpost on dry ground…and he got some calls out and began getting hundreds of armed militia members and three percenters in there under the guise of “dropping supplies”…but each trip they made he was actually using these trips to drop 3-4 heavily armed patriots (each time) in these areas to protect Texans. He believes he stopped the gun confiscation they were preparing to do…and also the murder of thousands more ppl. He got over 1,000 heavily armed patriots into these areas to protect Texans. This man is a straight hero. You can see how emotional he gets during certain parts of this story… You can tell he’s re-living these moments as he’s telling them…and it’s obvious he witnessed and knows much more than he’s telling… The look of disbelief and sickness on his face….as if he can hardly believe what it is he saw and what he now knows… You can tell he’s having a really hard time processing it all.

These govt officials and private contractors were out hunting people and still are. All of this is probably going on in FL right now also. Just like Katrina. They were also going into the wealthy neighborhoods and doing their own “govt looting”.

This man’s story is a MUST hear. It will have you spell bound.

After hearing this man’s story it makes you realize that that homeless man on the news WAS telling the truth. I’m assuming you guys saw the video of the homeless man? On live news?…A newscaster was in TX a couple weeks ago….interviewing a man who was weathering the storm on his own outside, taking shelter under some awnings. The newscaster walked up to him and asked why he was outside. The man said because Red Cross and another FEMA shelter were caught killing everyone inside. On live TV he said this!! The newscaster changed the subject very abruptly….the man then started saying how he was a police officer….he was cut off again. Here’s that
video if you missed it.

Also here are a couple videos that support the man (in the first video’s) claim. Why won’t they let rescuers in? Whats going on in there that they don’t want people to see?
Military and FEMA Take Over Kingwood, Stop Civilians from Helping In Rescue Missions

Cop Yells at This Man Helping Harvey Flood Victims and Says We Have Had Enough

Also, these are the FEMA prison barges the man in the first video spoke about. According to him if you get on one of these barges you’re likely to end up as shark food.

As chilling as it sounds this isn’t the first time FEMA has been accused of killing ppl in their care. Josh Coy, the talk show host of the largest FM radio station in Alabama started investigating the claims that FEMA was killing homeless ppl. He discovered that FEMA was picking up homeless ppl in blue vans and they’d never be seen again. He says it has to do with organ harvesting.

They tried to kill Josh Coy recently when he went in for a medical procedure. In the middle of the night multiple fake doctors came into his hospital room and tried to force him to take an injection. He was able to hold them off and survived the asassination attempt.

Attempted Medical Assassination of Josh Coy- FEMA Camp Whistleblower

His investigation into disappearing homeless ppl is also detailed in above link ^^

So it’s extremely disturbing when we see the homeless being openly separated from the general population and forced onto buses during these hurricanes.


Posted by a friend in a private group I’m in. She said this:

“This was posted by (name omitted), she is in one of my FB groups. She is a first hand witness to this. It is disturbing!!!

This alternative newsflash has come in to me today (9 SEPT ’17) from Central Florida….

Homeless in Florida are segregated, deported to unknown locations as Hurricane Irma approaches…

Poor and homeless people who were standing in line to register at community shelters today have been systematically separated out from the lineups by police and transported to unknown locations.

An eyewitness at a school shelter in Flagler County reported this morning,:
“There were a dozen or so of these guys in line, mostly men and a few women, some of them in wheel chairs. The cops got on the blower and read out a bunch of names and told them they all had to get on the bus that just pulled up, it was a local school bus. One of the guys whose name was called objected and asked why it was only the homeless being put on the bus. Two cops immediately grabbed him and forced him on. A lady in a wheel chair started screaming and demanding to know where they were going. I asked one of the cops and he said to the local Salvation Army. But after they forced them on the bus and it left I called my auntie on my cell and she drove by the only Salvation Army in the area and there was no school bus there, the place was all locked up and boarded up against the storm.”

A staff member at a community center shelter in Volusia County confirmed today that an “arrangement” had been made to have anyone either homeless or on social assistance sheltered in “separate facilities”. But the staff member gave no indication where those facilities were or why the transportees had no choice in the matter and were forcibly pulled out of the lines by police.

Did you catch that? “OR ON SOCIAL ASSISTANCE”? So what? Now if you receive food stamps or welfare you’re also destined for the “bus ride to doom”? That wasnt totally clear…but the fact is it was stated…twice. Because if you look back…in the beginning, the article also referenced “poor” people.

Poor and homeless people who were standing in line to register at community shelters today have been systematically separated out from the lineups by police and transported to unknown locations.”

Freaky. That’ll make you want to get off govt assistance real fast.

Now watch this video of these homeless people being forced onto separate buses.

Now watch this video of these homeless people being forced onto separate buses.


Watching that video is absolutely CHILLING. Esp when the officer says “I’m sorry, we got the information after you got dropped off that there was a separate shelter for homeless.”

It’s heartbreaking watching these homeless ppl standing in line…looking back at that bus…perplexed about it. Then their heads kind of hung they file off onto the bus with all their belongings. Makes me sad…esp knowing they’re prob driving to their fate. I can almost guarantee you those people we see here in this video probably aren’t breathing anymore.

And here is an article written today about how puzzled the police are in Salt Lake City about where all the homeless people went.

Mystery In Salt Lake City: Where Have Hundreds of Homeless People Gone?

Excerpt from the article:

The streets around Salt Lake City’s downtown emergency shelter have long been home to hundreds of homeless people. In recent weeks, though, nearly all seem to have vanished following a police operation. Local residents are mystified as to where they’ve gone.

The Salt Lake City police chief, Mike Brown, said he had visited parks and the Jordan river, which threads its way to the Great Salt Lake and has homeless camps dotted along its banks, but he hadn’t seen an influx from downtown. Sgt Brandon Shearer has been up in a police helicopter looking for camps and seemed equally perplexed when asked where the people had gone. “I don’t know,” he said. “That’s a good question.”

Advocates, for their part, fear a humanitarian crisis is brewing.

The unfolding drama is all the more remarkable considering that several years ago, national media reports published claims by Utah that it had “won the war” on homelessness there, at least when it came to housing those who had been outside the longest. Jon Stewart ran a laudatory piece titled “The homeless homed”. But the picture wasn’t quite that simple.

In recent months, Salt Lake City has been convulsed by the situation around the downtown shelter, called the Road Home, located in a onetime warehouse district now host to high-end condos and shops.

Advocates and community activists are anxious about the months to come. Few of the people arrested and then released have returned to the Road Home shelter, and the freezing winter weather

While observers continue to wonder what has become of the population who lived around the Road Home until only last month, the state is transforming the physical landscape there, even though it plans eventually shutter the shelter and open three smaller ones in the region.

Any homeless people who want to return are welcomed back – but there are now 10ft high chain link fences and floodlights that at night render the shelter akin to a high-security border crossing.

Or perhaps a prison. While officials describe part of a recently blocked off street in front of the shelter as a “safe space” where vulnerable, drug-free people can get help, social workers have taken to calling it “the yard”.

And of course during these hurricanes in Texas its extremely disturbing to hear the leaks that they were killing animals….of course they completely denied it when word got out to the public.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this on my page today:

“My girlfriend of 18 years went missing two days after the hurricane. She is disabled and needs her meds. She would have made attempts to call me but hasn’t; it’s been 10 days now & no word. She’s in Jacksonville. I filled out a Missing Person report, posted flyers, drove up & down streets, emailed the news station 3 times with no response; I’m very worried. She did not take her purse,extra clothes, ID… nothing. No one knows anything… (?) I don’t know how or if she’s eating & if she doesn’t do her meds soon, she will go full blown manic. I had stayed with her during the storm & she was stable. We were without power for 2 1/2 days but I had propane stove, lanterns, flash lights, etc… Then I had to go to work Wed.; she didn’t call Thur or Fri, so when I went to her house again on Fri. afternoon, all her lights, a/c, tv… were on & the front door was ajar. The little puppy I bought for her birthday came out front to greet me which was unusual as she is always with him. I searched the house, yard, called some neighbors but no one saw her. I stayed at her house Fri, Sat, & Sun. I called police. Officer came out & told me to wait a few more days, so I did. I called them again on Tues. & then I filled out the MP Report. Don’t know if FEMA was here but probably, as we were hit pretty bad here; lots of damage, downed trees, & flooding. If you want to go to my page & scroll down, you’ll see the MP Report on it; yes, please share. I’m going to stay at her house again this weekend, post some more flyers, & drive around.”

Update: FEMA DID go through her neighborhood he found out.

Here is her picture.

She is just one of the thousands of missing people after the hurricanes in TX and FL.

And dont forget the fact that Red Cross is absolutely NOWHERE to be found anywhere in the midst of these “disasters”. Yet they’re raising money non stop from gullible Americans

A Houston city councilman had strong words about the Red Cross.
In fact, he’s begging people not to donate even a penny to the group.

Hear what he had to say about New Orleans and San Antonio:


This is a GREAT Black Child video. Check this out…this really puts things in perspective. These famous rich ppl arent raising money for hurricane victims like they say they are. Where’s the money really going? This is freaken insane.

So taking into account the above… we already know that during Katrina it’s been admitted by many that they were killing ppl instead of saving them. Here is my article from a couple months ago:

BlackWater Snipers Killed Many Of the Katrina Victims!

The truth now emerging about the cold blooded slaughter of Americans during the Katrina disaster is very disturbing to say the least. I ran across the following testimony on Steve Quayle’s site this morning. After doing a bit of research I found corroborating testimony of this story from none other than Kyle Bass himself.

Aloha Again Steve,

I learned some very disturbing details from about a nearly decade old event that has been kept a secret from me by a member of my own family.

Hurricane Katrina.

My sister is a nurse and back then when she renewed her nursing license she checked a box on the form stating that she would be willing to help in disaster relief if needed. Well she got the call when Katrina hit New Orleans and went down there to help.

She said that when she got there the first couple of days it was pretty normal. Treating persons with broken bones, cuts, stitching people up and other minor injuries but then came the body clean-up.

She was in the Super Dome and every day they gave her a small tin of Vicks to smear under her nose and a big pack of gum to chew all to help with the smell of the dead. She said that she has a strong stomach but she never dealt with anything like this before.

She went on to say that there were THOUSANDS of bodies and most all of them were shot. The first ones they put in the body bags would be labeled as drowned or something else and she said, “Hey these have bullet holes in them.” But she was told very firmly that they drowned. Nobody else saw the bodies because they were all bagged and disposed of. Thousands of them! Killed by the “contractors”.

Her husband also told us that he was stationed in Gulf Port Mississippi at the same time and that there were bodies everywhere.

I always thought that Katrina was some kind of social experiment but I was wrong. It was genocide.

The official death toll is greatly under stated and the real count is easily ten times that number.

I just want to say…. beware the next disaster. ”

— (Posted on SQ, Jul 9, 2014)

Someone who read the above post added the following…

Steve, I’m a former US Army helicopter pilot that was flying in the gulf of mexico for the oil industry. I got to know a former Army Blackhawk pilot there who swore he dropped sniper teams on rooftops in downtown New Orleans during Katrina. He told me this years ago but thought I would say this now to give credence to the other intel. This pilot was a standup guy, not given to boasting. I believe every word he said.

-Matt  (Posted on SQ, Jul 10, 2014)


Here is the Kyle Bass corroboration…from this link

In early 2012, I had an unexpected conversation with my friend Chris Kyle (author of American Sniper) about the Katrina debacle. I had heard rumblings about Special Operations (mainly SEALs) snipers being deployed to New Orleans to support the effort to restore order. He confirmed the rumors and shared his own intimate knowledge that close contacts of his, many who were apparently still serving on active duty, took leave to work for the controversial PMC (Private Military Company),Blackwater.

Chris went on to tell me that the bulk of the guys he knew directly had racked up over thirty kills between them near and around the Super Dome. I asked him about Rules of Engagement, and asked, “Who were they shooting at,” and he just gave me a big Texas shrug and smile. I figured out really quick that it was 180 grains of due process (usually to the head at 200M).

Steve Hynd is understandably upset.

Coming from such a source, these accusations have to be taken seriously – accusations that US military snipers killed US citizens inside the US with no due process of law whatsoever, acting as judge jury and executioner. The Bush administration would have to have signed off on the whole thing.

This is why the recent debate on Obama’s signature killing program has focused too much on the method of killing – drones – and too little on the lack of constitutional justification. You don’t need a drone to perform extrajudicial killings, not even of US citizens. If this story is true, then yet again Obama is only following Bush’s lead.

Webb writes that he is bothered by what Kyle told him. I’ll go further. I’m horrified and angered. Those who set up this program are criminals of the highest order – but so too are the supposed heroes of special forces who participated. Even if they were ordered to do this, they should have refused.


It is also important to remember that nursing home patients were euthanized for the convenience of medical personnel:

“Dr. Ewing Cook said that as staff at Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans were struggling to evacuate patients from the flooded building, he gave the order to give Jannie Burgess, 79, who was dying of uterine cancer and kidney failure, a dose of morphine that he knew would kill her.”

‘Cook also described another area of the hospital that was crowded with patients on cots and stretchers where he considered euthanizing the ones that had “do not resuscitate (DNR)” on their charts. “We didn’t do it because we had too many witnesses,” he told ProPublica. “That’s the honest-to-God truth.” ‘

Thirty-four patients died in Memorial Medical Center following the Katrina disaster, more than in any comparable-sized hospital in the drowned city.

A coroner’s report stated that more than half of the bodies taken from Memorial tested positive for morphine or midazolam, or both. Robert Middleberg, the director of the toxicology laboratory where the autopsy samples were tested, said the high drug concentrations found in many of the patients stuck out “like a sore thumb.” –article link

I saw a video on ..I think A&E…. about Blackwater, and they mentioned the places they had been deployed to. One of those locations was North America which stunned even the interviewer. When he asked where in North America he was told New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. They even show pictures of men on the streets there. I remember watching a live TV report out of New Orleans in which they were showing people being offloaded from a military truck. The reporter was saying how these people were rescued, etc., etc., and the camera swung to the right a little and a soldier could be seen with a rifle at the ready pointed in the direction of those being “rescued”. The camera swung back to the left quickly, as if they weren’t supposed to be showing this. The “elitist” mentality isn’t limited to those at the top of the pyramid. Its evident in the attitude of many in this nation. – Comment on article

A soldier told me he had barge trash duty one day during Katrina but when he reported to the barge there was no trash on the barge. There were 2,000 black men that had been shot in the head. He said they dumped them deep in the swamps for alligator food.
The soldiers all should have reported this. Saying they were following orders is pure BS. When they are no longer needed the government will get rid of them too.”

Comment on article

So IF you end up in the storm….DO NOT TAKE SHELTER with Red Cross, FEMA or the Salvation Army.

(Here’s a little fun fact for ya…the Salvation Army is owned by the Rothschilds. Rothschild means “Red Shield” in German. download (1)It’s founder William Booth was a freemason and he was funded by…you guessed it….the Rothschilds…to start up the Salvation Army.) These organizations all use the cover of goodness to do great evil.

They’ve used these organizations as fronts for many years. Doing good on the outside in order to cover for their activities on the inside. And of course NEVER donate to any of them.

It’s been reported that many TX hurricane victims were taken to Wal-Marts which were set up as FEMA relief shelters. But it’s also being noticed that not one person has posted anything about it on social media….no pictures…nothing…Are these ppl okay? This reminded me…last Christmas Eve….my son’s dad and I arranged to meet at a local Walmart Supercenter in Roseville, CA (the one off Pleasant Grove) so I could pick up our son from him. He was doing some last minute shopping and so when I got there in the parking I txted him I was there and where was he exactly. No response. I waited and waited. I started getting upset because I thought he was just ignoring my texts/calls. So finally I just said “Eff it…I’m gonna go inside walmart and get a couple things. Maybe he’ll reply while I’m shopping.” So I go into the Wal-mart and as I’m in there I tried to call him again. My phone had absolutely ZERO service. No internet, texting, calls, nothing….I couldn’t use my phone at ALL. So I walked back outside the wal-mart and did a little bit of testing….and I realized that they were using some kind of technology that completely blocked any cell service within about 20 feet of the wal-mart entrance doors. I had to walk pretty far out into the parking lot just to be able to use my phone. I finally found my ex inside the store. He’d had no idea I was calling because his phone didn’t work at all inside the store. I asked some of the employees there what was up with that?? They just shrugged and looked apathetic. But it was a really creepy feeling. Just a few days ago I was inside that same Wal-mart and again I noticed my phone was useless inside the store. I wonder…is this even legal? For them to block you from using your phone like that?

So this is probably the reason we havent seen one social media post from the ppl that have been taken to Wal-mart relief centers (aka FEMA camps). Are these ppl okay? Are they still alive? The question must be asked.

Just yesterday someone by the name of “Sharon” left this comment on my website on my blog post I linked above (BlackWater Snipers Killed Many Of the Katrina Victims!) Here’s what she said :

September 5, 2017 at 4:04 pm

“I was living and employed in a local government 40 miles above NOLA when Katrina hit. I was a member of a group who was undergoing ‘leadership training’ for future government organizations. We were the ‘up and coming leaders’ for that area of S. Louisiana. After Katrina, we were unable to meet for a while but eventually did. In our first group meeting, we were allowed to just talk with each other – without supervision – and try to decompress from the madness our lives had become. During that time, one of the group who had been in charge of a local airport told us about the 10,000 body bags that had been delivered and then the U.S. General who told him that those would not be enough and more were going to another location for distribution. A second member of our group then shared that her husband – a coroner – had not been home in weeks because he had been conscripted to handle the dead bodies that had been shipped to another parish approx, 150 miles away. Her husband stated there were ‘many thousands’ of bodies that were still unprocessed at that time. Nothing like this information was EVER made public but none of this group would have lied…. they were all too raw and wounded from the whole Katrina debacle themselves. A week after that meeting I left S. Louisiana and moved 2,000 miles away.”


Also this is a GREAT article from All News Pipeline about the disappearing homeless all over the country. The proof is all there. Also read the comments on this article. Some interesting things there.

White Vans Taking People Away, Never To Be Seen Again! Are They Slated For FEMA Camps, Extermination In ‘Smokies?’

Excerpt from above article:

ANP received a reader email about white vans taking homeless people away in Oklahoma, never to be seen again, with the reader asking if this was happening in any other communities? Sadly, after researching this, the answer is yes and it is an alarming trend indicating that the homeless that are disappearing may just be the beginning of a systematic purge as part of the depopulation agenda.

What better segment of the population to start with than those with no family, no one to report them missing, no one other than other homeless to even notice this disturbing tend?

We’ll start with the email, then provide the information uncovered while researching this issue.

I live in a suburb of Tulsa OK and I have noticed an alarming trend, our homeless are disappearing. I was out early a few days ago when I noticed unusual white vans around town. These vans had no windows, markings, or license #s on vehicles. All driven by muscley thirty somethings all with like passengers.

Then I noticed a shopping cart abandoned on the major street through town. Homeless people rely on those carts for survival and do not just walk away from them. That shopping cart remained there for more than a week. Where are the others who would have taken those cans?

My mother who lives in Tulsa also said she noticed the homeless disappearing. She helps them by providing odd jobs, so she was concerned for their welfare. After about 2 weeks she found one of the men who helps her and asked him about the homeless disappearing. He told her that the county offered a program that would allow them to take care of warrents at no additional penalty. He said they sent “vans” around and picked them up. Seeing how our county jail is bursting at the seems, she asked where they were taking them? He said to a shelter on apache (north of town). He said this facility could hold 200 people. Seems kinda fishy to me. Even though this man is homeless, he was once a preacher and has his wits about him. I believe he is telling the facts. He is worried about his friends and so am I.

None of them have returned so we are not sure of their fate as of yet. I will try to send pics of the white vans. I was wondering if this was happening in any other communities?

My first search was for shelters in Tulsa, specifically looking for any on an Apache street, road, avenue or drive… and found the Tulsa Urban League on East Apache street, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Upon calling the Tulsa Urban League , ANP was told they offer GED programs and work programs but they do not house the homeless. Furthermore, according to Shelter Listings Org the Tulsa Urban League “is a HUD Housing approved Housing Assistance agency,” they offer a variety of assistance programs, but not actual housing for the homeless.


Many have seen reports over the last few years about states criminalizing being homeless, other reports making it illegal to feed the homeless and even more disturbing reports on homeless being forcefully taken to “facilities,” drugged and being placed under armed guard….. again, many of those reported by ANP back in August 2014, have never been seen again.

Via that August 2014 article:

Call them whatever you like, for the purpose of this article, they will be referred to as FEMA camps and there are reports surfacing that homeless people around the country are simply disappearing, yet we know from previous reports that some cities and states have criminalized being homeless and made preparations to forcibly take them ff the streets with a choice, jail or FEMA camps….but wait, officials are not “allowed” to call them FEMA camps, according to a recent report.

“We will approach them on the street asking if they need or want help usually offering food to get their direct attention, if they come into the office it makes our jobs twice as efficient,” said the supervisor. “In most cases the decision is already made for them unless they become combative or belligerent in which case we send them in for a 72 hour psych evaluation and then transfer them while under sedation or heavy medication to the “facility.”


According to a paper published in June 2015 by the American Enterprise Institute, the official numbers showing that the number of homeless individuals sleeping on the streets declining rapidly, is misleading due to “drastic changes in street counts in particular communities account for the majority of the national reduction, suggesting that miscounting may be playing a major role.”

The Abstract from that paper continues on to state:

An alternative explanation for large count changes is that increasing homeless criminalization measures are leading more of the homeless to stay out of sight. Another red flag is that sheltered homeless counts, which are much more reliable than street counts, have been remaining steady.

Between criminalizing homelessness, and making it illegal for organizations and people to feed the homeless, the local, state and federal government has limited the number of witnesses that would be deemed “credible” to the trend of the disappearing homeless.


What is left is eyewitness accounts much like the reader email shown above and random accounts from other homeless individuals, such as the one found at Reddit from 2014, where someone claiming to be  a homeless man says he uses the libary to access the  Internet describes the disappearance of those he was familiar with – Key quotes shown below:

Martin, a small, quiet man disappeared last week. He usually sat near the bottom of town, behind the train station – with a large bottle of cider and a battered coat, dozing off as people walked past him and chucked him a few pennies. Of course, people don’t notice when we disappear. I mean, who honestly knows the names of anyone homeless in their city? And furthermore, who would care if they left? It might even save you some change.I was walking past Martin’s usual spot when I noticed he wasn’t there. His coat, and his hat which he left turned up as a makeshift pot for change however was. Of course I could have gone to the police, but they don’t care about us.

Often people you know will up and leave without saying anything, moving on to another city quietly, but not without their belongings. I assumed he’d wandered off somewhere and passed out, but over the next week he never returned. His hat and coat were stolen at some point, and I never saw him again. I assumed the worst, a drunken fall into the river. At least, that was the worst I could think of at the time. I hoped he’d moved on to a new city, perhaps reconnected with family and had a home, but I knew that was just reckless optimism.

Yesterday, a friend of mine – Annie – disappeared. We were close, me and Annie. She was late into her fifties, and we’d often share beers, or a bag of dope to kill the cold nights, telling stories of our past lives of just sitting in silence, passing a can between us as darkness fell. It was Tuesday morning, and hungover I decided to slowly trudge to her usual spot. I expected to see a shock of red hair but instead all I found was her coat, and her dog. Her dog was her eternal companion. He was a mangy mutt, always shivering and barking but she loved him as only an owner can. Apart from me I think he was her only friend. I’d seen her refuse a bed at the night shelter when they told her he couldn’t come in and so I knew something was wrong.

She’d never leave without her dog. Puzzled, I bent over and went to stroke him, talking softly so he knew it was me – when he leaped at me. Snarling, baring teeth he pulled on his lead and snapped. His haunches were raised and he had this ferocious look in his eye. Something had terrified him, he was no longer a friendly, yapping dog but had reverted to his animal state. He growled low as I backed away, his tiny hind legs shivering. If her dog was still tied up, then I thought she’d be about.

He talks of speaking to yet another homeless man named “Rick” which in a follow-up entry asserts that “Rick” also went missing

Also if you want to get really creeped out….read this post on Reddit from 2014. A homeless man began posting about what he was seeing…..what was happening in his city ….

Part 1
Part 2



Reports of homeless simply disappearing have been going on for years, in 2009 we see claims that “Approx.3,000 Homeless Have Disappeared from San Francisco” and other claims include 2,000 homeless that disappeared off the streets of Utah were being sent to FEMA camps, slated for extermination.

Other examples include Denver, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and other areas.

While some may believe these claims are over-the-top, it is a fact that homeless are disappearing. It is a fact that in some areas they are being “rounded up.” It is a fact that some of these people have never been seen again by those who knew them.

After receiving the initial email shown at the top of this article, I reached out to a background source with access to high level military contacts and was told yes, this is happening in other communities and the reason these people are never seen again is because they are “being picked up and executed, bodies cremated in 18 wheeler portable crematoriums called ‘smokies,’ under the cover of night, leaving no ash, smell or smoke.” We are also told this operation started in 2005, that the term ‘smokies’ is what they are called in the black ops world and “they come and go from underground bases.”

“I reached out to a background source with access to high level military contacts and was told yes, this is happening in other communities and the reason these people are never seen again is because they are “being picked up and executed, bodies cremated in 18 wheeler portable crematoriums called ‘smokies,’ under the cover of night, leaving no ash, smell or smoke.” We are also told this operation started in 2005, that the term ‘smokies’ is what they are called in the black ops world and “they come and go from underground bases.”

And being we all know these hurricanes are engineered….the 666 is a nice touch…