Wow this is a really interesting story. Brenton Sawin had this couple on his show who owned a strip club back in the 90’s and started playing with a ouiji board after hours after they’d shut the club down. What started happening to them is pretty crazy. We all know how many demonic entities are inside strip clubs. Imagine playing a ouiji board in one. Its like ouiji on steroids. God had mercy on them because their story shouldnt have ended the way it did. They should have died. Its cool how Brenton ministers to them as they tell their story.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Wade and Shelia got bored and began messing with the Ouija Board for fun after-hours. This Ouija board lured them into the demonic realm. They ran a bar and spent all their time running the business so the lack of fun was getting them down but the evil that lured them was very tricky. 

We look at how this evil spirit ___or spirits ran the con game on Wade and Shelia leading to demonic possession and devils invading their club and life. The end of this episode has a twist.

Teaching on Deuteronomy 18:10 to show how and why this opens doors into one’s life and we also look at the basics on to get free of demonic activity and powers of darkness.