So an old friend of mine I used to work with who now lives in the mid- west has written me 3 times over the last six months to tell me of strange things going on at the hospital he works at.

Some info is redacted to protect privacy of person as he is really scared about what he’s seeing and doesnt want to be identified. He’s worked in security (in management) at this hospital for several years now.

April 21st, 2017

Friend: We have had some strange things we have been doing here the last week with Joint Commission. We are _____ hospital in ____ (somewhere in the Midwest). We have a lot of BLSII and BLSIII stuff here and have gone on lockdown 3 times in the last week…What’s going on ? We are using alot of our emergency systems like Communication to communicate with other Hospitals and Police Depts and Fire Depts as well our emergency room has had to use their MCD Mass Cauality Disaster system which we have never done before.

Joint Commission is the controlling system that controls all Hospitals and Medical Colleges…In the lockdowns we are going to full code Yellow Which is Mass Casualty Disaster status.

Things have really been crazy with this stuff the last week.. Then I see about operation Gothic Shield is next week…Makes me go HMMMMMM

Something else that happened​ that’s not normal…We only test our back up power once a month and only switch a unit or 2 over…. We have tested it 5 times over the last 2 weeks with last week going to Full code Orange where we move the entire Hospital over to back up power and go completely off the grid. And they are giving NO reasons for all of this.”

Then he messaged me again last month

Sept 8th, 2017

Friend: Hey lady… Something strange is going on again here. We’ve had two mass casualties exercises and an active shooter drill this week… We had a full switch over to generator power last night went completely off the grid included Communications using joint commission satcom. But probably one of the strangest things that I have seen in my 3 yrs as a supervisor here happened Wednesday of this week. We are part of the FOP Fraternal Order of Police and are under that contract. On Wednesday they added MC-33.3 in which in an mass casualty or natural disaster we can be sworn in as peace officers by the chief of ______ police at any given time for the needs of the safety of the ______ Medical College. That’s unprecedented language and almost CRAZY

Me: What happens if you get sworn in as peace officers? What does that mean exactly?

Friend: Means we are now officers of the state of _____ and will also become armed…it would more than double the number of armed officers we currently have.”

And then he messaged me again last Wed:

Oct 25th, 2017

Friend: Things are getting trippy at my work again

Me: What’s going on? Sorry meant to share your last story but got really sidetracked

Friend: We are doing things we have never done before. Testing communications with short wave radios. Added 3 more vehicles and 4 more guards to our staff.

We have had several active shooter drill and lock down drills over the last 2 weeks.

They made one of our rooms in our dispatch and HQ a secure room with a double locking system that only the Director of Security and University Chief of Police can open. No one including mgrs or shift supervisors know what’s in there. Not even the lieutenants on the University police know but the University Police just got all new radios, tasers and sidearms… Suspicious minds think it’s all the old equipment but don’t know for sure or why it would be on our campus.

All of our DLAR labs have gone on lockdown and are back under badge only access.

DLAR is where we hold all of our Radioactive stuff and all of our bacteria is like Eboli measles mumps Anthrax and so on… It’s where we do all of our testing on lab animals.

All of our ER nursing staff just had to go thru skills training for Mass Cauality effectiveness. I also found out we have underground cold storage to hold up to 350 casualties in our health and science building… That building has limited access.

That building is very strange…the ground level is actually floor 6 and as you go down underground 6 floors down you get to the first floor…. The last four floors are key and badge access only.

Does it fit with anything you know of that might be coming?…because it’s almost like we are preparing for something.

Me: Yeah…it sounds like there’s some wicked stuff that goes on in your hospital. Many hospitals do mk ultra experiments, tune ups, if they’re experimenting on “animals” it prob means they’re creating hybrids and monstrosities. Sounds like your hospital links into the underground tunnels which connect underground…theres a high speed rail that is like technology we have never seen which goes across the country through these underground bases. There are underground cities all over. Hospitals…esp in big cities are linked up to these.

Friend: This tunnel system you are talking about has me intrigued..all of our buildings connect via tunnels and Sometimes when your in them you feel this shaking like a bus is going over and making the tunnel shake but there are no buses on our campus. It’s really strange.

Me: Yeah that’s the underground rail system they have that you’re probably feeling. It’s kind of like light rail but faster. They move all sorts of stuff that way beneath the country. All super Wal-Mart’s and home depots have underground hubs. Connected to the tunnel system…and many hospitals..and colleges.

Friend: We are both a hospital and a college. We are a life sciences facility.

Later he said this. “Hey…Last Night you asked me what BSL was….Here you go.”

 “We have alot of BSL2,  BSL3 and 2 BSL4. In the building where most of this is…You have to have a key to even use the elevator and have have a special key to be able to get off or even go to that floor.

I will send you a pic of the entryway to one of the BSL3 and all the crazy stuff it says like you MUST be gloved to even touch the door.” (He never did send me the pic). 

So after I posted the above on my FB page and also on Reddit and Twitter,  I got a few more interesting comments from ppl. Sounds like my friends hospital is not the only one running these drills. 

I told her no he’s not in Denver. Then this one:

And this:

So definitely something to add to the other puzzle pieces now coming together. Personally I believe they’re preparing for the chaos that’s about to begin from Nibiru/Planet X. I’m going to write another article on that next. I have ALOT to say on the subject.