This is what they were after (and always were after) with the false flag and hoax shootings.

Gun control bill introduced by eight senators in bipartisan effort 

But so and so has a friend who visits the Sutherland area and ohhhh it was real alright because his friend was an eye witness. Oh so your friend was an eye witness to the shooting or the fake memorials they put up? Did your friend witness any bodies or wounded being evacuated because if he did, he saw more than the press ever saw or anyone else who went there to record it. 


You have to drop all pretense of logical thinking to believe an actual shooting took place to state that as fact with no bodies no wounded no cars parked in the parking lot but cops and rescue vehicles…. 

Also no one went in and cleaned up the blood and body tissue that would have been all over the inside of the church with all those ppl shot by an assault rifle?

 They just come in and paint over it with WHITE PAINT……which is straight illegal btw. 

These are screenshots off inside edition.  Sorry for the poor quality. They were taken off a tv when Inside Edition showed the interior of the church.

The church in Texas has been repainted and is set to be demolished…  26 ppl dead in a crime scene …painted in less than a week…will be hit with the wrecking ball in 2 weeks.   But, there was not a crime scene cleanup crew trained in Bloodborn Pathogens on the scene since the shooting.  This is a clear VIOLATION of LAW.   The place must be cleaned by a crew in protective gear,and the area must be cleaned with a terg-o-cide  cleaner.  Any reason why they would not do this??

Technically the painters are walking and painting over blood? That is totally against the law.. You and I cannot walk on BLOOD Soaked floors….painter or not…  Crime Scene cleaners need to go in first. They never did..  Same thing with Sandy Hook….they never had crime scene cleaners. If someone like that doesn’t show up first, the place is OFF LIMITS to all traffic. 

Federal Regulation 29CFR1910.1030 states that no employee can be placed in a position to be exposed to blood spills without having first:

“Received blood-borne pathogen (BBP) training.
Have a written BBP exposure control plan.
Have been provided personal protective equipment.

Have been offered Hepatitis B vaccine and exposure evaluation and follow-up. Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the bio-hazardous waste in properly marked containers for disposal at an approved site.”

Every “t” should be crossed and every “i” should be dotted. I have dealt with bureaucracy for a long time in many areas, and bureaucrats will throw the book at you for one mistake. It gives purpose to their generally unimportant unneeded life. So when rules are not followed, and there are rules on the books….well…..theres something extremely fishy going on.

Have you heard the church in TX is being demolished? Why how convenient…This is how they get rid of evidence.  Or lack of evidence… like perhaps no damage or bullet holes to the front or inside of the church? (h/t RFB)

Texas church, site of deadly massacre, to be demolished 

Reminds me of Sandy Hook…

Also…This made me laugh 

…random Arabs 😂😂. I seriously love the “weaponized autists” on 

/pol/ at 4chan. They are freaken hilarious.

It was under this thread (see next 2 screenshots).

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DESCRIPTION ON VIDEO – “As with Sandy Hook, it appears from available records, that the children ‘killed’ in the Sutherland Springs Church “massacre”, were never actually born . It is known that the St. Rose of Lima church people helped out with attempting the Sandy Hook fraud. Is the Sutherland Springs church of the same ilk?

The John Holcombe and Crystal “pregnancy murder” story also appears to be bogus, as records show Crystal has NOT used the name “Holcombe” for some time now. Instead, records indicate that Crystal is with someone named Peter Hill now (hence the seeming confusion about real or fictitious children being named Holcombe or Hill).

Check this out…

We are so jaded now after all the completely fraudulent and absolute HOAXES they’ve pulled on us….some of the biggest events have had zero victims…events that were covered for weeks on end…. events that had very intense emotional effects on the public.

They traumatized the nation with these hoaxes.  Telling us twenty little 1st graders were shot to death in their classroom.  Turns out not a single one even existed. They’d used the younger pictures of children who were much older at the time of the event. 

Boston bombing….we even have it on video….not a single person was actually hurt or injured in this alleged bombing.  The one boy they claimed who did die was photoshopped into the scene. Never existed.  Never died.

The last church shooting in South Carolina last year or whenever it was….actors….at the pastors funeral they had an open casket and ACTUALLY used a wax figure of him at his funeral. All of the victims families were OPENLY PAID by our own govt. Since when does our govt pay families just because they were involved in a tragedy? No tears…forgiving the shooter the day after it happened. Nothing like real life. 

We are being asked to accept core narratives presented by mainstream media as truth until and only until you, the independent thinker, can mount up enough “proof” to debunk it. It’s a fallacy….an assumption that what the news says is true….UNTIL it can be debunked….when really it should be the other way around.

We are being bombarded with one psyop Gladio B staged event at a time. 

Operation Gladio, occurred throughout Europe mostly from 1960-1990.

But the current so called Operation Gladio B (which is also Northwoods II) is much more sophisticated. Gladio B, unlike Gladio A is being conducted in an era of mass psychological terror and deception made possible by technology, legalized propaganda, fake terror groups like ISIS and ANTIFA and a clear end-game scenario where the ruling elite know that faking an “attack” has the same effect as conducting an actual Gladio-style attack.

In other words, few are considering Gladio B which we should be in a highly technological AI era, and we must realize that it is a much more sophisticated operation this time around.

Our rogue government is now wildly slapping together one staged psyop event after another to keep the attention of the masses away from important things.

And then we are constantly bombarded with the govts AI troll program they’ve flooded social media with… And it’s ALWAYS the same thing. They ALWAYS use the “my best friend was there and her cousin died in the attack…so how dare you?” trying to shame ppl into shutting up. And I for one am just so sick of it. 

I know it’s hard to swallow…that they would prefer to use a “hoax model” over just really killing ppl. But they’ve been using the “hoax false flag” now since about 2008. And here is why they fake all of these events instead of just sending a patsy in and really killing victims….

This model that they like to use involves no real victims. And no it’s not because they value human life…They view us as cattle. Killing people is what they do before breakfast every day…

The reason they like to use the hoax model is simply because its not nearly as messy as the alternative (and no I’m not speaking in terms of blood and guts messy).

This right here is the main reason they use the hoax model….pay attention now…


The deep state learned their lesson after really killing ppl in the false flag of 9-11.

The victim’s families could not be controlled or managed to say the things they wanted them to say or push the agenda they wanted pushed.

The agenda 9-11 was meant to push was often overshadowed by the victim’s families demanding answers. Some of the very first “truthers” were the friends & family members of 9-11 victims.

Real people and real events “go off the tracks.” Real victims don’t follow scripts, can’t be controlled and get to be problems for the crime syndicate.

It gets WAY too messy and complicated when they really kill people and there is real grief and anger from loved ones….and they like these false flags to be real tidy. They are control freaks.

When your grief is not real and you are “in on it” you follow all orders…and you stick to the agenda and the talking points. You say whatever you’re told.

You don’t become a pesky nag in their side demanding answers…or become an amateur sleuth who angrily starts revealing the holes you find in the story…on a quest to find out what really happened to your loved one.

No one will be sued (just like at Sandy Hook where not one of the parents sued the school or sued anyone for preventing the first responders from entering the building, etc.). Having ZERO lawsuits filed after that kind of “tragedy” is unheard of.

Real victims would mean that real lawsuits would be filed by their loved ones which means that real evidence would be poured over and scrutinized  in court with a magnifying glass and of course we can’t have that.

Fake victims/no real deaths = crisis actors playing loved ones. Crisis actors instead of real heartbroken angry loved ones = no lawsuits and NO QUESTIONS.

And THIS is why they almost always use the hoax model for all their false flags. And they’ve conditioned the public to shame anyone who questions the official narrative. As though asking questions is disrespectful to the “deceased”.


I say save your self righteous anger for someone else. Anytime there is a mass shooting being covered by our sold out govt controlled media for days on end you better believe I’m gonna take a good long look at it. They are proven liars who stage psyop after psyop on us. The default position must now be disbelief until proven otherwise.


We know that the New World Order is almost here and that no huge news story is randomly being told by coincidence. There is an argument to be made that if the government and media did that now that might be considered wasted resources. All big news stories now have a specific purpose.


Do NOT underestimate the PRICS (psychopaths really in charge). When you have unlimited money, resources, technology and power, and you are HELL BENT on conditioning the population you can and will do just about anything. They can and they do… Don’t be deceived.

Also, people always ask me…if it was a hoax false flag and no one died then where do the victims go? Well sometimes the victims are completely made up people that never existed…like at Sandy Hook….but often these ppl make deals beforehand and go to the underground cities or to another country where they change their identity, etc. 

I don’t usually pay attention to psychics because I know they’re getting their info from demons… but demons don’t always lie. Esp when telling the truth benefits their mission in the long run (dragging another soul to hell). 

The screenshot below is an article from the woman who runs psychic focus about what happened to Alison the reporter who was fake killed in the Virginia shooting on live TV.  (See last paragraph in screenshot below about where Alison allegedly ended up (the news reporter who was “shot on live tv”).

This would make alot of sense as her parents were happy and laughing with no tears in the millions of interviews they did RIGHT after she was supposedly gunned down live on TV. Man they sure got over it fast and started beating the gun control drum.  Only way that would make sense is if they knew she was safely tucked away and they were millions richer. Hard to hide your excitement then I’ll bet.

Also, you know one thing that I heard that made alot of sense to me…. the YouTuber “Crisis actor” lived near Newton at the time of Sandy Hook and actually was familiar w/ many of the ppl involved.  His videos were fascinating and he always had really interesting insight being so close to it all as he was. 

Anyways…one of the last videos he did on the subject….he was really shaken up….he had just spoken to someone and wouldn’t reveal any details…but he had found out that these crisis actor parents and crisis actor family members at Sandy hook had all been informed about the incoming planetary body….the one theyve known.about since the 80s which is almost upon us now….anyways they had been told about it and promised a spot for they and their families in the underground cities….the ones they’ve built funneling billions of our tax dollars to all these years. 

So finding out about this cataclysm thats coming….and being promised a spot on the ark if you will…along with money….the govt launders the payment through the go fund me and any donations gained from the public are icing on the cake. 

If you had the choice what would you do? I know I could never do what they did no matter what…but if you’re a liberal who already thinks guns should go then it’s prob not that huge of a moral decision…esp if it means your family will be safe.  

Also they’re told it’s for the greater good that guns be confiscated before the cataclysm as “they’ll only cause more death and violence when society breaks down.” (Of course we know the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And bad guys will always have guns.) 

But anywyas he made that video a few years ago and it was the first he had heard about Nibiru so he was really shook up over it as you can imagine. 

But it makes sense that perhaps this promise of safety… is the carrot they are dangling in front of these crisis actors….one that is huge enough and important enough for these ppl to continue the charade no matter what.

Either way..they have billions of our tax dollars to spend on these hoaxes. Stand by for many more  America is being attacked from the INSIDE.