To My Friends Who Can See…

Almost ALL of the people I know in “real life” have blocked or unfriended me on Facebook (as well as in reality) b/c I don’t hold back. I am so interested in and passionate about the things I see happening that I finally crossed the threshold to where the truth matters more to me than what anyone thinks of me. And boy is that a freeing feeling. Not that I haven’t paid a heavy price for it though…socially that is. But I’d much rather be alone than in shallow company anyways, so it doesn’t bother me much.

Almost all of my Facebook friends (who have become”real friends” over the years) are people I’ve never met.

About a year ago one of my best friends from high school tried to have a “talk” with me saying “So what’s going on with you? Alot of people have been telling me they’re concerned.” (Because of my Facebook posts.)

I couldn’t help but laugh at her genuine concern….just wow…every day is just so bizarre…knowing and seeing these things plain as day and watching those right next to you see absolutely nothing.

I didn’t even bother trying to explain. I knew by now that was a lost cause. So I just replied “Its not my fault everyone’s brainwashed.”

The look she got on her face (she’s a liberal who lives in San Francisco) makes me laugh when I think back to it.

I told her “Someday I’ll seem like the most brilliant person in the world.” She shook her head at me…

In the 1960s, John Todd, one of the early Illuminati whistleblowers said something in one of his lectures that really stuck with me. It spoke to me because it’s what happened to me and I believe it to be true with all my heart. He said:

“Anyone who studies this stuff…the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the political side, the elite, Hollywood, all of it–anyone who goes really deep…finds God, the Bible and Jesus Christ. It’s all about Him. It’s a war on HIM.”

And there it is folks. That’s what it all boils down to. It’s such a profound statement because it’s so true! I truly believe that we are the last generation and that Jesus Christ will probably return within our lifetimes.. and that Satan knows he has but a short time…so he’s pulling out all the stops. He has been held back until now from destroying the earth. But we are about to witness the grand finale and it is going to be EPIC.

It’s a spiritual war, cloaked in deception. A battle more important than any before it in the history of the world..and WE have been specifically chosen to be a part of it. Our actions during it will echo in eternity and the implications of it are more important than we could ever possibly comprehend.


We are the Children of the End. And the true reality of what’s going on SMASHES fiction any day of the week. And that’s WHY this is all so fascinating to me.


When Obama appeared on the scene in 2008 campaigning for president I had an immediate & almost physical aversion to him. I never cared about or knew anything about politics until that man stepped onto the scene.

I was 28 in 2008 and up until that point I had been too busy partying to give any thought to politics or world affairs. But the appearance of Obama on the scene changed that for me…because of the unexpected physical reaction I found myself having to him. I’ve learned from experience that my gut feeling is always spot on and I had never had such a reaction like this to someone I barely knew. Something was up.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw him give a campaign speech on TV….I can’t explain why or how I knew, but the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I KNEW he was evil and here to destroy our country (I knew nothing about the Illuminati or NWO at the time). I thought he must be the Antichrist b/c it blew me away how no one around me could feel what I felt when I saw him.

I started trying to warn all of my family & friends…begging them not to vote for him….I became almost obsessed with it. Everyone got mad at me of course, telling me to calm down and shut up.


The day Obama was inaugurated to the presidency on January 21st, 2009, I was in an inpatient women’s rehab right outside San Francisco in Marin (trying to get off opiates) and the counselors who ran the rehab were all liberals. They canceled all of our activities that day so we could watch the inauguration and celebrate the first black president.

All of the girls excitedly gathered around the TV to watch. At first I tried to sit with them, but it quickly became unbearable. I had the same emotions one might have watching the execution of a loved one. I was nauseous and felt like throwing up. I left the “celebration” to go be alone. I wasn’t expecting to be so physically affected by his inauguration.

I remember it was raining and grey and how appropriate that felt on a day like today…it was as though the heavens were crying. I was so heavy & sad. I distinctly felt a shift in the spiritual realm that day and I knew that everything would be different from that day forward. I even saved that day’s San Francisco Chronicle b/c I knew that one day this headline would be prophetic. I still have it. Here’s a pic of it.

So when Obama was elected I knew without a doubt that we were in the End Times. I felt it strongly in my spirit.

I had always been fascinated with the book of Revelation as a child….I was always drawn to that book and I remember combing through every detail as a little girl, trying to figure out the meaning and imagining what those times would be like.

I’ve heard many others say that they too have always had something inside of them that knew that “something big” was going to happen in their lifetime, that they would be a part of.

In college I was living abroad in Madrid when Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind” books came out and I read through that entire series on my long rides to work and school on the Metro. They fascinated me.

I even went and visited the Vatican and Pope John Paul III happened to give a mass the day I was there. He rode within feet of me, waving to the crowd, in his bullet proof glass encased “Pope-mobile” and I remember feeling like I was living out one of the scenes in the Left Behind series.

This was in the year 2001 (I was only 20 years old) and back then I was not aware of how evil the Catholic system was at the very top but I do distinctly remember touring the Vatican and noticing that it didn’t feel good there. It reminded me of Vegas where the air feels thick and suffocating…..it’s the oppressive feeling of major demonic activity.

So when Obama was elected I thought he might be the Antichrist. (I don’t think so anymore) because of how everyone was so enamored with him. It was hard to find anyone else who sensed this man’s evil….who felt like I did. I had only ONE friend…another Christian man at my work who felt the same way, who I could talk to. The rest of my family and friends (many of them Christians) got mad at me… told me I was over reacting… I was a racist, and to “give Obama a chance”.

So of course with the appearance of this very obvious villain on the scene, I began paying attention…but I knew nothing then….I had no clue there were powers behind him…the “Illuminati” and their “New World Order” weren’t even on my radar…but that would soon change. My hunger for knowledge had begun…and I wanted to understand more.


And it’s interesting b/c looking back on my “awakening & learning process” I see that I HAD to have been divinely guided b/c I “randomly” came across the information in almost perfect sequential order. As though God was running a lesson plan and bringing me the perfect info at the perfect time, in the perfect order.

He started out by showing me that aliens were demons. I had never really thought much about aliens….at the time I was shocked to find out just how many people were actually having these abduction experiences. It all began when I ordered a book that I randomly came across…that at the time just looked interesting. I really have no explanation why I ordered it….except that perhaps I was directed to….it’s called “Unholy Communion” by Joe Jordan & David Ruffino.


These 2 guys started researching alien abductions and spent several years interviewing thousands of ppl who had been abducted. They were not Christians when they started this research but by the end of this project they had become Christians….b/c just like every ufologist or researcher who has ever done thorough research into this area…they soon discovered through their thousands of interviews…that the ONLY thing that has EVER stopped an abduction in its tracks was the person calling upon Jesus Christ. Calling on His name made these beings flee immediately.

An interesting statement they made in their book was that every secular ufologist knows this…it is a fact well known by many in the UFO community (that Jesus name is the only known thing to ever stop an abduction)…yet it is rarely spoken about because it doesn’t fit their narrative…and so it is dismissed.

So aliens are demons..but of course! Made so much sense. They steal kill and destroy.

Then I came across LA Marzulli (“UFO’s are real burgeoning and not going away”) where I learned the REAL reason for Noah’s flood…I had been a pastor’s daughter…had grown up in church my whole life…so I was BLOWN AWAY when I found out the REAL reason God flooded the earth.


God hadn’t destroyed every living thing on earth because “people were really bad”. He had sent the flood because Lucifer was about to wipe out His creation!!


Wow… If they had actually taught us the truth in Sunday school …about the Watchers, the giants/Nephilim and just the REAL reason God had flooded the earth…. Sunday school would have been SOOO much more interesting.


maxresdefault (1)

I was amazed. The Bible came alive for me in a way it hadn’t before…and things began to make so much more sense! Suddenly the long boring chapters carefully chronicling genealogy weren’t so annoying anymore. The bloodline mattered! Why had this information been kept from us? Why was it considered unimportant by the churches ? Had they missed the line in the Bible “As in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man”???

There is nothing new under the sun and Satan is still up to his old schemes. The problem is that the churches now only teach a watered down version of truth and people will not be prepared for what’s coming, when their pastors are preaching “generic self help sermons” every Sunday.

Then I came across Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle who were both instrumental in introducing me to a vast treasure trove of new information as well as some really awesome watchmen. I ordered & read Steve Quayle’s book “Angel Wars” which really opened my eyes.


I somehow came across one of Alex Jones documentaries online… and I’ll never forget the first time I saw the video footage of our govt and world leaders participating in that Satanic ritual at Bohemian Grove. That knocked my socks off and changed everything for me.


Because suddenly it all started coming together. Because NONE of this will EVER make any sense until you understand that all top world/govt leaders are occultists and are taking orders from the Fallen One.


All Christians know that Satan is considered the “god of this world” and yet still seem to have a hard time believing that those in power are ACTUALLY Satan worshippers….Satan worshippers who ACTUALLY do things like sacrifice babies and drink their blood in rituals….and on the list goes. Horrific things. Their god is demanding and requires much for his services. They carry out his master plan and he in turn gives them riches, and power, pleasure and prestige.


The fact that most of these bloodline elitists have been split and programmed since they were in the womb is one of the best covers for what they do. Because the average person cannot fathom how a well known politician could (for example) kill a baby in a satanic ritual and do all these horrific things say on a Tue night….and then by Wed morning be dressed to the 9’s, hair coiffed giving a wonderful speech to the public in Congress, appearing completely “together” and normal the very next morning.

The amnesic barriers between personalities protects their sanity and ability to function….while still taking part in horrific evil….committing acts that would drive the avg person to insanity.

All throughout the world’s history, even back to ancient Egypt, the bloodline Luciferian elites have “split” their children through Satanic Ritual Abuse. It’s the only way to continue doing what they need to do to please their god and still function and remain “sane”. So for example, the politician giving the speech in front of Congress on a Wednesday morning can appear so benevolent and sincere in the moment because they ARE. This person has no recollection of the atrocities they carried out and/or participated in the night before.

When I found out that the people in charge are Satan worshippers and what their goal was, I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. Especially because it all made perfect sense. The whole picture came into focus, suddenly all at once….This was when my paradigm completely shattered and I went through a period of mourning. Looking back I think I went through the stages of grief over it. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance.

I was pregnant with my first (and only) child at the time and I was mourning the loss of his future…. wondering what kind of world I was bringing him into….what kinds of things he was going to have to face. I was heartbroken. How was I supposed to raise him…to prepare him without taking away his hope?

It took about a year and a half to process it all and get past the depression and anger into the acceptance stage. It’s some heavy stuff to process. Your whole construct of reality must come down and be rebuilt again.

Today my son who’s just turned 7 knows the basic truths (although I keep it light). Most importantly he knows Jesus.

And when the veil began to lift for me I was so amazed with what I was finding out that I thought EVERYONE would want that know. The biggest shock of my life was when I found out that this wasn’t so.

I was so confused at the reaction I got when I would try to tell my family and friends the things I was learning. They would immediately bristle and become tense….. I was so confused. What was going on? Why did no one believe me? Why did no one want to know?

I felt a range of emotions….but mostly confusion….it was really hard for me to understand why people didn’t care, didn’t want to know, and just plain didn’t believe me.

The truth is so incredible and so epic that you really could not write this stuff if you tried.

I also think the truth has been supernaturally hidden using witchcraft and occult covering. They have a spiritual covering over it….that hides it from the masses.
Although I believe that when they “tell us what their plans are” or “hide things in plain site”, that they are following the spiritual law of consent. If they tell us what their plans are (using Hollywood and the media for example) and we do nothing to stop it, we have in fact passively given our consent….which then gives them legal right to proceed.
So it took me a couple years to understand and accept the fact that most people will not believe me, and will go out of their way to avoid me….because these things make them uncomfortable.
That’s why you kind of have to make a decision regarding things like your Facebook page. You either 1) post neutral things like pics of your dinner, your grandkids, and cute baby/funny cat videos, or 2) very mild truths hoping to warm ppl up, being careful not to alienate anyone…OR 3) you go all in and post whatever the hell you want. And if you go with option 3 then brace yourself for the outrage from friends, family and acquaintances. They WILL all block you. No..unfollowing your posts is not enough. Neither is unfriending you. They must block you AND make sure you know about it first. Which is silly…as if you’re going to start harassing them and sending them links via messenger. No they know you won’t. They just want to punish you for making them so upset. And if theres no truth to any of it like they claim then what is there to be so upset about? Reminds me of all those atheists who are so obviously mad at God.
I started Facebook out like anyone else. With a few hundred friends. All ppl I knew in real life. Now just a handful of “real life friends/family” remain (literally..like under 5 maybe). I watched as they all dropped like flies one by one. I managed to offend almost every single one of them. But the beauty of it is….that I really didn’t care that much. I am so interested in and passionate about what I see happening that I just know I can’t keep it in or hide it. And it feels so good to be able to be myself and not care what others think. Slowly but surely I attracted ppl who appreciated the same things and over the years I’ve collected quite an amazing group of people. Most I have never met in person….but they have all been such a blessing.
And anyways my main point was that looking back I feel like all of this info was shown to me in just the perfect sequence as though God was guiding me. And when you hear truth you know it. Well I feel like I do anyways. And since then I’ve come across so many others like myself (thanks to the internet)…but its always been a persistent question in my mind… Why is it that so few Christians understand the bigger picture?

It really bothered me that more Christians couldn’t “see”. My parents are amazing Christians and both have a very close relationship with Him that they cultivate on a daily basis. Why couldn’t they “see”?

One day God gave me the answer. And I know it was from Him because of the way it came to me. He tends to answer me by striking me with a thought that hits me a certain way right in my gut…as though I’d always known the answer, but just needed to remember it. And this one was a clear epiphany.

The reason they can’t “see” this stuff is not necessarily because they’re not spiritually discerning but because they weren’t “made” to see it. God didn’t create them with the type of personality to be interested in these things if that makes any sense. They have other gifts & callings serving here on His earthly kingdom.

I think that those of us who are interested in and deeply understand this stuff (it seems to come so natural to us) are this way because it’s a part of our calling. It’s a natural desire & wisdom that God created in us because somehow it fits in with what our ultimate mission will be, here on earth in these End Days. What that purpose is or will be exactly? I have no idea but I know it is real and that it is important.

And yes…Christians NEED to understand the plans of the enemy. Some of us have been called to do just that although it’s obviously not for everyone. Most can’t handle it and it just confuses them and puts them in fear. So my point is is that it’s really easy to get annoyed and frustrated w/ our friends & family who seem totally clueless…especially when they resent us for it and it causes tension. But I guess we just have to remember that not all Christians are called to the same purpose and that this knowledge/wisdom/discernment (whatever it is) is unique to us because we have a special calling. We will be warriors for Christ in a different way than most Christians. I look forward to finding out.


We are living in one of the most important days on earth right now. Part of the reason it’s all so interesting to me is just how bizarre and unbelievable this is…how they are able to pull this off and deceive ppl on this large of a scale. Ppl tell me to stop focusing on the “negative” but what they don’t understand is that it doesn’t affect me like that. I understand the bigger picture and I know at the end of the day who is ultimately in control. I feel safe in knowing that Jesus Christ really did pay the price to redeem us and that although we may still die a physical death, we will be restored to perfection and live in His presence for eternity. Eternity is a very long time.



This temporary reality we are living in and the spiritual battle that is being played out on the world stage right now is stranger than fiction. We have front row seats to a time in history that people have talked about, written about, thought about, and wondered about for thousands of years. I’m not going to apologize for being absolutely fascinated with what I see playing out in front of me in real time. Do you know how many theologians and men of faith would LOVE to have witnessed these events in their lifetime? To finally see how the mystery of these prophesies are actually fulfilled?

I understand that most ppl are not where I am and that many can’t see the whole picture. And that looking at this stuff puts them in fear & makes it too hard to function on a daily basis. I get it. Not only does it take faith in Jesus, belief in a spiritual war, and an understanding of prophesy, but it also takes a certain kind of right brained personality perhaps?….to be able to connect the patterns and appreciate the intricate layers of complexity and intrigue that makes this entire thing so fascinating.


So I guess I’m trying to remember that not everyone can handle learning about this. Of course when they can’t ignore it anymore they’ll have to face it then.

Here is one of my favorite C.S Lewis quotes.

“You may have noticed that the books you really love are bound together by a secret thread. You know very well what is the common quality that makes you love them, though you cannot put it into words: but most of your friends do not see it at all, and often wonder why, liking this, you should also like that. Again, you have stood before some landscape, which seems to embody what you have been looking for all your life; and then turned to the friend at your side who appears to be seeing what you saw — but at the first words a gulf yawns between you, and you realise that this landscape means something totally different to him, that he is pursuing an alien vision and cares nothing for the ineffable suggestion by which you are transported. Even in your hobbies, has there not always been some secret attraction which the others are curiously ignorant of — something, not to be identified with, but always on the verge of breaking through, the smell of cut wood in the workshop or the clap-clap of water against the boat’s side? Are not all lifelong friendships born at the moment when at last you meet another human being who has some inkling (but faint and uncertain even in the best) of that something which you were born desiring, and which, beneath the flux of other desires and in all the momentary silences between the louder passions, night and day, year by year, from childhood to old age, you are looking for, watching for, listening for? You have never had it. All the things that have ever deeply possessed your soul have been but hints of it — tantalising glimpses, promises never quite fulfilled, echoes that died away just as they caught your ear. But if it should really become manifest — if there ever came an echo that did not die away but swelled into the sound itself — you would know it. Beyond all possibility of doubt you would say “Here at last is the thing I was made for”. We cannot tell each other about it. It is the secret signature of each soul, the incommunicable and unappeasable want, the thing we desired before we met our wives or made our friends or chose our work, and which we shall still desire on our deathbeds, when the mind no longer knows wife or friend or work. While we are, this is. If we lose this, we lose all.”

– C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain

Thank you to all of you who’ve made me feel appreciated & valued over the last few years…by being interested in the things I post.

You’ve helped keep me sane and encouraged me in this Twighlight Zone we find ourselves in. … Because of you I can be confident that I’m not “crazy” or “out there” like my real life family and friends all think I am. 😉

I must end this with this amazing short film.

A friend sent it to me a couple years ago saying “You HAVE to watch this”. I did and since then I have probably watched it 100+ times because it’s so awesome . Check this out. (It’s short) but AMAZING.

P.S. My real name is Laurel. If you’d like to connect via Facebook plse send me a friend request. Make sure you send a quick message also or I may not see your request. I’m also on Twitter although not as much. Or you can email me at laurelglaze@gmail.com . Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and plse reach out and connect with me if you’re one of the ones “who can see”. It can be a lonely road for sure.

False flags: Why the elite always use the hoax model now instead of really killing people

If you’re anything like me…as soon as you hear the news about a big shooting or a terrorist attack in Europe or America, you roll your eyes and yawn. Then you go pop some popcorn and kick back in your recliner to watch the amusing theatrics that ALWAYS follow. Then you’ll go post something on social media along the lines of “Here we go again….”…….and within minutes people are jumping in and leaving comments like “Not everything is fake! Sometimes these are real events.”
And in response to that I say “Nope….today in 2017…anything that makes simultaneous nationwide headlines and is covered non stop for a week or even a couple days….is ALWAYS a faked hoaxed event. I can almost say this with 100% certainty. Ok maybe 99.9% certainty….but I’m pretty confident.
​I know it’s hard to swallow…that they would prefer to use a “hoax model over just really killing ppl. But they’ve been using the “hoax false flag” now since about 2008. And here is why they fake all of these events instead of just sending a patsy in and really killing victims.

The model that they like to use involves no real  victims. And no it’s not because they value human life…They view us as cattle. Killing people is what they do before breakfast every day…
The reason they like to use the hoax model is simply because its not nearly as messy as the alternative (and no I’m not speaking in terms of blood and guts messy).
When people don’t truly own their grief they can be controlled MUCH more easily.
The deep state learned their lesson after really killing ppl in the false flag of 9-11. The victims families could not be controlled or managed to say the things they wanted them to say or push the agenda they wanted pushed. The agenda 9-11 was meant to push was often overshadowed by the victim’s families demanding answers. Some of the very first “truthers” were the friends & family members of 9-11 victims.
Real people and real events “go off the tracks.” Real victims don’t follow scripts, can’t be controlled and get to be problems for the crime syndicate.
It gets WAY too messy and complicated when they really kill people and there is real grief and anger from loved ones….and they like these false flags to be real tidy. They are control freaks.
When your grief is not real and you are “in on it” you follow all orders…and you stick to the agenda and the talking points. You say whatever you’re told. You don’t become a pesky nag in their side demanding answers, or become an amateur sleuth who angrily starts revealing the holes you find in the story…on a quest to find out what really happened to your loved one.

No one will be sued (just like at Sandy Hook where not one of the parents sued the school or sued anyone for preventing the first responders from entering the building, etc.). Having ZERO lawsuits filed after that kind of “tragedy” is unheard of.
Real victims would mean that real lawsuits would be filed by their loved ones which means that real evidence would be poured over and scrutinized  in court with a magnifying glass and of course we can’t have that.

Fake victims/no real deaths = crisis actors playing loved ones. Crisis actors instead of real heartbroken angry loved ones = no lawsuits and NO QUESTIONS.

And THIS is why they almost always use the hoax model for all their false flags. And they’ve conditioned the public to shame anyone who questions the official narrative. As though asking questions is disrespectful to the “deceased”.
I say save your self righteous anger for someone else. Anytime there is a mass shooting being covered by our sold out govt controlled media for days on end you better believe I’m gonna take a good long look at it. They are proven liars who stage psyop after psyop on us. The default position must now be disbelief until proven otherwise.
We know that the New World Order is almost here and that no huge news story is randomly being told by coincidence. There is an argument to be made that if the government and media did that now that might be considered wasted resources. All big news stories now have a specific purpose.
Do NOT underestimate the PRICS (psychopaths really in charge). When you have unlimited money, resources, technology and power, and you are HELL BENT on conditioning the population you can and will do just about anything. They can and they do… Don’t be deceived.

My friend, the meme king Shane Bullis made this meme back when #blacklivesmatter was big.  I love it.  It makes me laugh. And it’s true. So true.

The following is a GREAT piece by one of my favorite writers Bernie Suarez. He really gets into the psychology of all of this and points out the obvious that no one really talks about. About just how bizarre this all is….being able to see that the govt is FAKING all of these events….

By Bernie Suarez
There is a new norm in America that is one of chaos, race wars and mass shootings that are supposedly all “real” … unless of course you can provide a mountain of evidence to debunk the official mainstream media narrative, police announcements or whatever Intelligence “sources” are “saying.” This new norm is even being contributed to by many alternative media sources in the interest of being “correct” and authentic about what they are saying. I discussed this major logical fallacy of “assumed truth” and how it contributes to core government deception long ago in an article about “How Small Lies Obscure Objective Truth and Simplicity” and I can’t help but to notice how more than ever we are being asked to accept core narratives presented by mainstream media as truth until and only until you, the independent thinker, can mount up enough “proof” to debunk it. I believe this single fallacy is one of the greatest obstructions to truth and one of the greatest psyop tools being used to sell every single staged shooting event we are now seeing in the news every day. This fallacy is allowing the transition of America from what was a country of law and order to one of chaos, fear and daily psychological operations being played on the general public.

The younger (millennials) generation may find what I’m about to say unimaginable based on the world we currently live in today, but believe it or not there was a time in America where people could plan a future. There was a time when there was actually a sense of normality all around us and there was a sense of justice and accountability at the government level even if it was mostly the perception of it. Once upon a time people had a (sense of a) personal private life that was distinguishable from their public life. There was even a time when you could comfortably plan on traveling pretty much anywhere in the world, especially here in the United States for business or pleasure without having to deal with the prospect of “terrorism” or another psyop mass shooting, terror truck drivers, snipers or lockdowns. You also didn’t have to worry about a violent police state, checkpoints, surveillance cameras, killer robots, government spying and 24/7 fear, death and destruction being put out by the mainstream media news. There was a sense of order, in other words, that many of us still remember and we remember exactly what it felt like. Obviously you can’t miss something or yearn for the days you’ve never experienced. This disconnect that the younger generation has to what some may refer to the good old days is important in the grand scheme of things because this chaos is all they know and it is a grand example of learned helplessness.

For the first time in modern American history we have a generation that doesn’t know what order, calmness and peace looks like. They have no idea what it’s like to NOT be at war or even to be in a war that has realistic scenarios for a possible ending date. And now, with the ruling elite moving as fast as ever to get their new world order done we are seeing a brand new level of chaos and fear slowly becoming the new norm that particularly the millennials are being led to believe is inevitable and the new unavoidable reality.
Many people would agree the term “in your face” is a good way to describe the nature of the Western cabal’s world order that is being pushed on us all both here in the US and around the world. Everyone is feeling it … and witnessing it with their own eyes. We are all watching a global government attempt to give birth and many of us are doing everything we can to stop this process by sharing information. Events are unfolding faster than ever before. Meanwhile, across the other side of the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin is making one urgent speech after another warning of the reality that is soon becoming an “irreversible” path to “nuclear war” due to NATO-US relentless aggression and taunting.
The chaos once almost exclusively limited to the Middle East that we’ve become so accustomed to watching on TV is slowly but surely carrying over to the United States one psyop Gladio B staged event at a time. No longer is chaos something happening thousands of miles away. It’s happening here in America; and notice I keep saying “chaos” because, unlike operation Gladio, which occurred throughout Europe mostly from 1960-1990, the current so called Operation Gladio B (which I’ve been calling for years Northwoods II) is much more sophisticated. Gladio B, unlike Gladio (A) is being conducted in an era of mass psychological terror and deception made possible by technology, legalized propaganda, fake terror groups like ISIS and a clear end-game scenario where the ruling elite know that faking an “attack” has the same effect as conducting an actual Gladio-style attack. In other words, few are considering Gladio B in a POST Jade Helm highly technological AI era and considering that it is a much more sophisticated operation this time around.
The speed at which they are now orchestrating events itself presents a challenge for truth seekers and alternative media who now have to deal with issues such as:
How many false flags and staged events can we cover at the same time?
How do we convince those still unaware that one event after another is staged?
How do we convince others that everything they are seeing and hearing on TV is a lie?
Since I don’t want to be wrong about claims surrounding an event perhaps I’ll stay quiet on this or that event.
This all may sound crazy but unfortunately it’s the reality we are now living in due to the speed at which the ruling elite are imposing their evil on humanity.
For the first time in American history the ongoing series of staged events and psyop shootings and psychological terror attacks designed to disrupt everyone’s lives and instill fear and disarray are now happening almost every day.
With our rogue government now wildly slapping together one staged psyop event after another to keep the attention of the masses away from terrorist and career criminal Hillary Clinton as she gets away with unspeakable crimes in her improbable attempt to become president, we can all see that the rule of law is out and the oligarchs they want to put into power (Clinton) are clearly well above the law. That is the kind of news they don’t want you to hear and it is another reason for the chaos and fear they are spreading.
This chaos and fear we are immersed in marks the end of America as everyone awaits the next “event” to quickly be followed by the next one and so on. All along, few are realizing that State-sponsored terrorism now comes in multiple forms potentially mixing various realities: false flag Gladio B operations executed by operatives, provocateurs and patsies, all-out staged psychological terrorism fake events and possibly mixed events. All of these events however have many markings of a planned event in one way or another and they are all missing the organic spontaneous reality we would expect in a real scenario.

Layering the psyops and conditioned behavior

To make up for the missing reality we are getting detailed crisis actor accounts, police conferences claiming to be the only true source of information (think Lt Paul Vance and now the Baton Rouge psyop shooting), virtual reality recreations of the scene (Orlando), songs written about the players involved (Sandy Hook), highly distorted video footage (Nice France truck attack, Paris attack), movies about the event, presidential speeches and on and on. To add to all of this we are dealing with a pack of new speak-terms such as “active shooter” “active shooter drills”, “mass shooting”, “lone wolf”, “domestic terror”, “sources say …”, “manifestos”, “lockdown” even phrases like “ISIS inspired” and on and on. All of these terms are part of the psyop which is contributing to the chaos, confusion, lies and fear.

To add to the ongoing chaotic psyop events, we’re now conditioned to expect presidential speeches following every psyop shooting event. We’ve also been conditioned to have presidential candidates chime in on false flag events as if to authenticate the reality of the event to their many supporters.

As I said at the start, of deep concern to me is the appearance that much of the alternative media is now quickly buying into the reality of these staged events even after seeing how fake Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, Virginia TV reporter shooting, Charleston, Orlando and other events were. This is perhaps the most disturbing development, but I digress.

In order to stop the chaos let’s stop judging these events on the premise that we have to somehow “disprove” whatever the mainstream media puts out as if they are putting anything out that is true. Ask yourself, can you truly handle the reality if it turns out that all of it is staged? Can you wrap your head around this? If you cannot, then you are already primed to be fooled.
Also let’s stop with the all-or-nothing fallacy which assumes that if anyone actually dies then the event is “real,” or that if someone claims that “no one died” and you think someone did die then the person claiming that no one died is dead wrong about everything. Realize that everything is being staged, that they are potentially mixing the events deliberately to confuse truth seekers. The Orlando event alone had multiple segments that screamed “please expose this fakery” as if they WANTED you to see the fakery.
Most importantly, realize that all of these shooting events have a political motive and are all planned by the State in various ways (mind controlled shooters, provocateurs, crisis actors, paid patsies and more) even ways we can’t imagine. Stop believing these events are so “real” and stop falling for the lies that those who control the information are telling you. In the times we live in there is no reason to believe that any of these events have any reality to them until you see the easily verifiable full-dimensional evidence without any secrecy. Stop thinking the event is not staged because you saw a doctor or a police officer or a soccer mom on TV. If that is all it takes to fool you then you are in trouble.

It’s time to see the bigger picture before it’s too late and stop the madness they are driving America into as all forms of perceived security, order and calmness is slowly eroding before our very eyes. Again, realize that this mass chaos is by design. As George W Bush said, the goal is to bring “order out of chaos.” Let’s make sure that the “order” that comes from this current chaos is true order that will seal the deal for those who have committed unspeakable crimes (Bushes, Obamas and Clintons) and remove these terrorists from our lives for good. Without question these criminals deserve nothing short of the life in prison or execution. Some day soon America will have to confront this reality and the longer it takes us to realize this the worse everyone else will be. Evil must be punished and the time to awaken from the chaotic spell they are creating is now before it’s too late. Stop trying to hold on to THEIR reality and become your own news-gathering organization. Then collect organic fully verifiable facts for yourself and see where that rabbit hole leads you. When you truly practice this you will find that these events you’ve been assuming are real are very far from being proven real. You will then finally realize this “assumed reality” I speak of. Many of you do know what I’m speaking of and it is up to you to help spread this.
Once you are fully awakened you will soon recognize government staged false flags in real-time. At this point you will know that the game has just begun. You will begin to understand how much work there is to be done. You will also realize how much we’ve accomplished and why we are slowly winning. You will realize that no one knows how this will end and you haven’t ever seen a movie this good. You will then look at others who rely on entertainment and mainstream media news for their sense of fulfillment and mental health and feel sorry for them. You will realize that as long as the masses don’t wake up they will never know the rush of seeing a staged false flag news coverage in real time.

Like being privileged to a movie screening that no one has seen yet, you will watch as the globalists Cultists show you in plain sight what they are going to do and yet most won’t see the message for what it is as your free mind does. This frustration of seeing people easily fooled will eventually turn into an awe of the process. That’s right, instead of being angry and frustrated that people won’t wake up, you will instead begin to be amazed by the phenomenon (of mass hypnosis) itself. This is the level of true mental freedom I speak of. This level of mental freedom will allow you to speak to hypnotized zombies with authority, indignation, confidence, assurance, conviction, and wisdom. This true freedom and mental health will then be seen in you by others. This is the light and the hope that many are searching for. Let your light shine.
What a rush it is to see what others can’t isn’t it? These circumstances that modern day truth seekers find themselves in are historic moments in the making. Harness the energy, the moment, the opportunity and the unique circumstances. Somehow I get the feeling humanity has played out this script many times. Let us be mindful and skillful in the game of life so that we play all the right cards when it counts. Let us know when to be courageous and when to fight back and let this amazing journey play itself out in a way that we can be proud of. Now moving forward you can experience true mental health and above all, you can truly live if and only if you come to grips with reality and let nature take over from there.
If you agree with this message please share with someone.

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

The Conspiracy Against Vaping: Why It's Being Demonized by the Media

Great video by ODD where he breaks it all down as to WHY vaping is being demonized in the press.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H54SU0piSoE&w=560&h=315]
Here is ODD’s description on his vid:

“If you smoke #cigarettes. Switch to #vaping. If you don’t smoke anything. No need to vape, but it’s up to you. There is a massive disinformation campaign against vaping because it’s a threat to the billions of dollars that #BigTobacco companies bring in each year. Don’t fall for the propaganda. When you #vape, you are not inhaling over 4000 burnt chemicles like you would in the average #cigarette. If you need help to #QuitSmoking deadly cigarettes, #vaping is the way to go. No doubt about it. Say no to Big tobacco. When it comes to vaping vs smoking, vaping wins HANDS DOWN. E-Cigarettes are a Threat to Big Tobacco and that’s all there is to it.”

I personally struggled with smoking for years but started vaping about 2.5 years ago and I haven’t had a cigarette since.  And I’ve been saying this! They’re trying to demonize vaping because their hands aren’t in the honeypot….and they’re losing money. Plus it slows down their depopulation scheme. Hence all the new restrictive vaping laws.

And it’s freaken CRAZY to see all of these articles in the news about how vaping is just as bad as cigarettes. They want us to just throw our common sense out the window. Such lies. But ppl believe it.

One more thing I found interesting when I switched from smoking to vaping was that even though my vape liquid had a really high level of nicotine, I still craved cigarettes. I realized that I was addicted to more in the cigarette than just the nicotine. They put addictive chemicals in the cigarettes! It took me awhile to get through the withdrawals from those chemicals. The “experts” always fail to mention THAT part of the comparison between the two (vaping vs smoking). Just a small detail to omit….the fact that there’s 400 plus harmful chemicals in cigarettes that are NOT in vapes.

And obviously I’m not promoting vaping or saying it’s a good thing to be addicted to anything. But for those of us who have struggled with addiction all of our lives replacements like vaping can be life changing.

And here are a few excerpts from the nonprofit organization“Not Blowing Smoke”.

Vapor products and electronic cigarettes are not just a disruptive technology, they are part of a disruptive economy. A disruptive economy that provides an alternative to deadly combustible tobacco products at the expense of many other interests losing their revenue from the harmful effects of those combustible tobacco products.
From the people who destroy public trust comes the notion that the vaping industry is the tobacco industry.
Nothing is further from the truth.

Vapor companies are NOT Big Tobacco.
Vaping is NOT smoking.

If legislators think vapor is smoke, how long til they shut down your tea pot? The California Department of Public Health refuses to investigate 10,000+ reports of elder abuse but spend our tax dollars to confuse you about the difference between smoke and vapor? The California Department of Public Health supports the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and American Heart Association, all of whom get billions of dollars a year from cigarettes and tobacco products.
“The California Department of Public Health is now protecting cigarettes and threatening the lives of vapers and smokers. Nearly every sentence in the California Department of Health’s e-cig report is false or misleading fear mongering propaganda.”
-Bill Godshall, longtime anti-smoking activist and the Executive Director of Smokefree Pennsylvania.

The available evidence indicates that electronic cigarettes are by far a less harmful alternative to smoking and significant health benefits are expected in smokers who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.”
Big Tobacco ignored vaping until it grew large enough to threaten it’s profits.
 California Department of Public Health while they use our tax money to do so is something everyone, not just users of vapor products, should be concerned about.
If you want to learn more about the reasons why you are being mislead, please feel free to browse our articles on the subject. We will be adding fresh content on an ongoing basis
 Not Blowing Smoke is a nonprofit corporation formed in response to the California Department of Health’s misleading anti-vaping campaign, which to date, has spent upwards of $15 million dollars of taxpayer money.
We are dedicated to providing the public and government officials with the truth about vaping. Not Blowing Smoke operates completely independent of industry influence.

And on a side note…if you havent heard ODD’s music you should. He’s a truther who raps about the matrix we find ourselves in. And hes actually REALLY good. This song of his is sick (sick meaning cool ;)). Love the George Carlin clip in the beginning. Theres a little bit of language but he also offers clean versions of his songs. This is one of my favorites of his.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT2oL6_r5x4&w=560&h=315]

Democrat operative David Brock's Hacked Chat Shows Trump Supporters May Have Been Murdered and That Someone Else Did Hillary Clinton's Debate For Her

This is VERY interesting. Especially the part where one of them refers to Hillary in her debate performance as “whoever that was. How tf did they do that?” And David Brock responds “I can’t talk. It’s very hush hush”.
Because while I was watching that first debate between Trump & Hillary I KNEW without any doubt whatsoever that that wasn’t Hillary. She was way too sharp…she was completely unfazed the few times Trump hit it out of the park with his personal blows against her. And THAT right there especially was suspicious to me. Shes a fragile narcissist which is one of the reasons she was so shielded from any live TV appearances or interviews where she might be taken off guard and not be able to mask her rage/displeasure. So anyways I knew without a doubt that it wasn’t her. I wasn’t sure how they were doing it, but the elite have technology today that the public can’t even begin to imagine. Organic robotoids, consciousness transfer….the public has no clue….but this confirms what I had strongly suspected about her that night. It wasn’t her.

Seth Rich Was Huma Abedin's Liasion to Leak Clinton Emails After She Was Blackmailed by Anonymous. Huma was the leak!

I know the Seth Rich murder has been covered ad naseum. So I’m gonna make this brief and to the point.
I just wanted to point out a couple things that I saw reported back when it happened that I havent heard a word about since.
In August of 2016 I was browsing through a 4chan forum and I took this screenshot of a conversation (screenshot below) where Anonymous was claiming that they had hacked into Huma Abedin’s personal computer and had intercepted Huma in real time, sending the Saudis a compromising video that she had taken of Hillary. It is not stated what exactly was on the video but my guess is that it probably had something to do with the sexual abuse of a minor.
(Apparently Angela Merkel was also in one of the “compromising videos” with Hillary. God only knows what it shows them doing.)
Huma Abedin’s family is in Saudi Arabia and this is where her loyalty lies.
Anonymous confronted Huma and faced with the threat of being exposed, she agreed to give them info (the emails that were later printed by Wikileaks) if they agreed to keep quiet about what they found her doing. 
According to Anonymous, Huma told them that she would give them the info they’d asked for via an insider…a liasion.
Guess who that liasion was? SETH RICH!!
Now does it make sense why they are trying to confuse this story?
Anonymous then gave the emails to Wikileaks to publish.
Here is that screenshot from 4chan. This was big news back then in forums like 4Chan and GLP…but it never seemed to reach any of the mainstream alternative sites and it seems to have been forgotten about since.
(Also note…the news about all of the sensitive files marked “Life Insurance” stored on Huma Abedins and Anthony Weiner’s computer didnt come out until months AFTER this in November. Which gives Anon’s story here more credibility and shows they had foreknowledge of information that was proven true months later. I remember thinking back to this story I had read on 4chan (about Anon blackmailing Huma) when the news broke months later in November about the huge amount of emails and files marked “Life Insurance” on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s computer and thinking to myself “Ah there it is. They finally got her.”

And think about it. Do you really think a small fry like Seth Rich would have had the access or the means to obtain all of this info on his own? No…it was Huma Abedin…. covering her own butt. Using Seth (who she probably chose because he was already disgruntled and outraged about the pay for play scheme he had discovered days earlier.)
The disgusted closet Bernie supporter was the perfect “errand boy” to do the dirty work and take the blame if they got caught. 
And this is probably why the DNC is in such a scramble to confuse and convalute this story.
Because God forbid anyone find out it was actually Hillarys CLOSEST AIDE who leaked it all…especially after they had whipped everyone into a frenzy squealing about the “evil Russians”.

So I just now tried to go back to the original link on 4chan where I had originally taken the screenshots of this conversation Anon had about Huma. And it says it “cant be found”.
So I tried to access the link in the wayback machine and it tells me that:

“Sorry. The url has been excluded from the way back machine”

which is something I’ve never seen before. Only way that could happen is if it was intentionally scrubbed.  

And if it’s not true then why worry about scrubbing it?  Good thing we still have the screenshots.
This was my original Facebook post about it last year in August.
Also there are some pretty important details covered in the following article. The day Seth Rich was killed the Russian intelligence backed site whatdoesitmean.com put out this story.  (I know people diss on this site but in the few years Ive followed the site I have never ONCE read something there that I later found out to be untrue. They are always the first to break stories.) And there are some very important tidbits in here that have been overlooked in my opinion.

July 13, 2016
Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team”
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
A somber Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that a top American Democratic Party staffer preparing to testify against Hillary Clinton was assassinated this past Sunday during a secret meeting in Washington D.C. he believed he was having with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, but who turned out, instead, to be a “hit team”—and who, in turn, were captured yesterday after a running gun battle with US federal police forces just blocks from the White House. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, SVR “electronic specialists” performing counter intelligence “missions/operations” noted on 7 July an “enormous/gigantic” increase of computer and telephonic traffic between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in Washington D.C. and the Clinton Foundation (CF) offices in New York City.
Upon a “deeper/broader” investigation into this “odd/strange” increase in communications between these believed to be separate organizations, this report continues, SVR analysts determined that the original initiating person responsible was a 27-year-old DNC official named Seth Rich who was that political organizations Deputy Director Data for Voter Protection/Expansion who had helped develop a computer program for the Democratic National Committeeallowing people to type in their address and get a map to their polling place.

DNC official Seth Rich, assassinated 10 July 2016
What had drawn the concern of DNC official Seth Rich causing him to contact the Clinton Foundation, this report explains, was his discovery of a “pay-to-play” scheme that involved people seeking jobs with a new Hillary Clinton presidential administration to funnel money to the Clinton’s through their foundation with various US federal government positions being designated by the dollar amount it would cost to buy them.
As the “cash for favors” lifestyle of both former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have long been known about, this report continues, SVR analysts, while preparing to document the results of their 7 July probe into the Clinton Foundation concerns of DNC official Seth Rich, became alarmed when they discovered that his “micro computer system” (cell phone?) had become “infected/virused” by “killers/assassins” working for the Clinton’s—and who the SVR had previously documented as being involved in the assassination of the husband of the State of Georgia prosecutor investigating Bill Clinton for child sex crimes and the murder of American pop singer Christina Grimmie and massacre of nearly 50 gay pride celebrants.

Fearing that the life of DNC official Seth Rich was in danger due to his being “tracked/targeted” by this known Clinton “hit team”, this report says, SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov authorized an emergency contact between his agency and the US State Department—but, and shockingly, when Russian diplomats presented the SVR findings to US authorities, on 7 July, they were immediately expelled from the United States.
Causing even greater perplexity to the SVR about these events, this report continues, was that in expelling these Russian diplomats from the United States, the US State Department thanked Russia for the information stating that it would be “taken care of”, and then formally requested that the matter remain secret.
However, less than 24 hour later, this report notes, the Washington Post wrote a “made up story” about what had actually happened causing Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov to publically state: “I can confirm that […] the US government did demand the departure of two employees of the Russian Embassy in Washington DC without presenting any complaints to the employees themselves. Furthermore, the State Department strongly asked us not to make this fact public. As you can see, it is customary for American diplomats to keep their word.”

Three days later, this report grimly states, SVR fears that the life of DNC official Seth Rich was in danger proved true when, on 10 July, he was gunned down in Washington D.C. at approximately 4:19 am.
According to the official US police report of DNC official Seth Rich’s murder, this report explains, it says: “Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred in the 2100 block of Flagler Place, Northwest on Sunday, July 10, 2016. At approximately 4:19 am, members of the Fifth District were patrolling the area when they heard gunshots.  Upon arrival on the scene, members located an adult male victim conscious and breathing, and suffering from gunshot wounds.  The victim was transported to an area hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.”

This SVR report, though, says that DNC official Seth Rich was “lured/enticed” to his murder by this Clinton “hit team” who portrayed themselves as FBI agents wanting to secretly interview him—and that the expelled Russian diplomats had given the US State Department “electronic access” to so that they could be found.
Curiously, this report continues, US authorities, and while being able to track this Clinton “hit team” since 7 July, only confronted these assassins yesterday—and who before being captured, engaged in a gun battle with US federal police forces firing their fully automatic weapons before being trapped and surrendering just blocks from the US Capitol and White House.

Clinton “hit team” captured by US federal police forces on 12 July 2016
SVR intelligence analysts contributing to this report speculate that this latest assassination ordered by the Clinton’s has enraged FBI Director James Comey who barely a week ago allowed Hillary Clinton to walk free from her many crimes committed against her own government and people—and that he had no choice to do because of his own involvement with the Clinton Foundation while he was the director of the notorious HSBC money laundering bank that funneled hundreds-of-millions of dollars to the Clinton’s.

FBI Director, and former HSBC Director, James Comey
To what FBI Director Comey will now allow to happen to this Clinton “hit team” who assassinated DNC official Seth Rich this report doesn’t speculate upon—but it does conclude with a presentation of the many stunning facts regarding the Clinton Foundation that shows it to be nothing more than a “Clinton slush fund” that violated an agreement Hillary Clinton signed with Obama regime in her failing to report millions of dollars given to it by foreign governments, has over 300,000 contributors, and that the prestigious Charity Navigator organization refuses to even acknowledge it helps anyone but the Clinton’s themselves.


So those are just some things to think about.
Also just a couple other things to add to the strangeness.
ReallyGraceful recently did a video on Seth, where she points out how completely unemotional and unaffected Seths parents and brother seem in the family interview they gave right after he was murdered. A stranger who doesn’t give a damn couldn’t give an interview that calmly and nonchalantly. 
Everything Strange About the Murder of Seth Rich – YouTube
And then I saw this on /pol/ reddit’s twitter feed that I found kind of interesting. 

“Skype account of #SethRich briefly logged onto IP of D.C. General, a hospital abandoned since 2001. 
Was he taken to an abandoned hospital?”

And it was kind of strange how the doctor said he was fine and then suddenly he was dead and no one was allowed to go in his room at the hospital?

Sure it could be because they murdered him there but more likely than that is that he was put in the witness protection program by the white hats (think Steve Pieczenik’s group perhaps?)
I don’t trust Pieczenik but that’s another subject for another day. The fact is is that there are warring factions among the intelligence agencies who had a lot of stake in that information getting out in order to stop Hillary.​​​​​​
​​​Perhaps no doctors were allowed in that room, and no code was called when he died because HE WASN’T IN THE ROOM. 
Perhaps he was taken to the abandoned hospital while in transition which is where he logged onto his Skype acct briefly in order to reassure his parents he was okay and that he was being taken into protection. This would explain their completely unemotional interview right after he was killed.
Is it possible Seth is still alive? Is this why his parents didn’t seem too torn up right after his death? Is this why they don’t want anyone looking into his death or talking about “conspiracy theories?” Pretty strange behavior for family members who just had a loved one murdered in cold blood.
I dont know…just something to think about. Just remember…anything is possible in the Twighlight Zone we now find ourselves in.

Dave Chappelle's Cousin Says He's Been Killed And Cloned- Speaks Out For First Time 

The YouTube channel that conducted the interview with Dave Chappelle’s cousin said they contacted her after seeing her comments on several YouTube videos. She was willing to tell her story but she uses a voice changer because she is afraid for her safety. This is the first time she has spoken out. ​
She was very close with her cousin Dave Chapelle. She tells the story about why he went to Africa…what happened before that, and what happened after.  She says they killed and cloned him not long after he appeared on the Oprah show. They lured him into a meeting with the TV executives and that was the last she ever heard from him.
The next time she saw him on TV she knew immediately that was not her cousin….whom she’d known since they were born. It looked, acted and sounded nothing like him.
And in order to avoid the questions his family would have when they sent a clone home instead of him…she says they killed and cloned his entire immediate family. His wife, his kids and his mother who were all living on the farm with him.
This is a fascinating interview. And it makes sense. Chapelle was trying to get away from them. He was speaking out. Then suddenly like someone snapped their fingers he’s back in the game.
And don’t forget….they kill these ppl first. If you think the idea that they clone ppl and replace them is ridiculous then you are WAY behind the curve and you need to do some research.
The original video interview with Chapelles cousin was posted a few weeks ago by the JT Anwom youtube channel on April 26th, 2017. And it was quickly taken down by YouTube. This was their description on the original video before it was taken down.

“Had to re-upload this because YouTube took the sound off the first video for some odd reason, so we’re re-uploading it. We saw numerous comments from a woman named #1 Original Negan Girl on YouTube, who made several comments under multiple videos regarding Dave Chappelle. Comments stating how Dave was her cousin…on videos that were done by those such as The Vigilant Christian and others. So upon us seeing her comments everywhere on YouTube, we decided to contact her to ask her to share her facts about what she knows regarding Dave, and she said she would if we made her voice anonymous, for fear of her safety, which we did. So this is her story.”

(It was removed by YouTube but I finally found the video online and re-uploaded it. It may get taken down again so download it if you can.) Here’s the interview:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dj9BWCH-1E&w=560&h=315]
An before you dismiss the cloning thing as some “crazy tin foil hat” conspiracy theory plse listen to this short explanation about how organic robotoid clones are made (this is the type of clone Dave Chapelle’s cousin says he is), how they work, and how they take a holographic picture of the persons brain and are then able to upload a person’s memories into the brains of these organic robotoid clones who are programmed just lIke a computer. The technology the elite possess now has been given to them from the fallen angels and it is hundreds of years more advanced than they show the public.
The following video is a short clip I took out of a longer video. It is a clip from the documentary “Boys From Brazil”, a documentary that was made in 1978 about the cloning programs Josef Mengele was conducting on victims in the Nazi era. If they had this technology back in the late 70’s just imagine how much more advanced it is now.
There are different types of clones and different processes used to make each one. Dave Chapelle’s cousin says he is an organic robotoid clone. This is a 6 minute clip explaining organic robotoids and is a must hear if you want to understand what they are capable of today. In their inner circles they refer to them as “the others”.
.[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqDjufw2CW0]
This is a fascinating story that appeared anonymously online shortly after Dave’s Africa trip. The author said he worked in Hollywood and had heard the real story about what happened to Dave. He posted the story anonymously on a website he had created. It was quickly removed and they tried to say it was a media stunt but what this person had to say didnt sound like any media stunt. It also connected ALOT of dots…and if true…Hollywood is darker than we could ever imagine. Check this out: Its called The Dave Chapelle Theory:
[wpvideo qTswqJyV]

Clone Dave throwing Illuminati symbols

Real Dave

Real Dave

images (2)
Clone Dave

download (1)
Old Dave vs New Dave

Clone Dave

images (3)
Clone Dave (left) vs Real Dave (right)


The following is a post on Above Top secret from 2015.

Cloning Conspiracy – Has Dave Chappelle been cloned?
posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 01:12 AM
Dave Chappelle, for those who are unaware, has recently been appearing in the media. He was even on the cover of GQ, Letterman, being photographed by the paparazzi & clearly back in Hollywood again after his famous disappearance to Africa and subsequent statements regarding the ‘sickness’ of Hollywood …..all but screaming Illuminati from the rooftops. 
He looks and acts COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! The old Dave Chappelle was VERY slender, with very narrow shoulders. The impostor is much larger with much broader shoulders….a very different chin/jaw. He looks muscular and not just like he has been working out and gained some weight. He is of a darker complexion…his eyes are different and very creepy/lifeless. He has a totally different body and also appears taller. His jaw is different…he appears swollen like clones tend to….he dresses differently (since when does Dave Chappelle wear a flashy suit with an expensive ass looking watch & ring like some mega-douche? 
This is the interview 
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDUeJyDbJ1Y?rel=0&autoplay=0]
This Dave Chappelle beats around the bush too. He answers none of the questions directly in the interview. His personality which used to be very direct, carefree, honest and refreshing is now flat and lifeless. He is certainly not charismatic, quick witted and charming like Dave was. He has retracted the (unapologetic, truthful, uncensored) statements he originally made in previous videos. The conversation focuses alot on his trip to Africa. 

The video below is of him talking about Hollywood. This is awhile after he got back from Africa and went to live in Ohio on a farm. This was 2010/11ish? Why would this man come back to Hollywood?! There is no way that the real Dave Chappelle who is not a soulless clone would ever willingly join the Illuminati. 
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdz5KunxWOE?rel=0&autoplay=0]
The new Dave Chappelle is also not funny. His voice is noticeably different and he exudes a very different energy/aura, like it’s not the same person.
If you’re a Dave Chappelle fan I swear, watching this Letterman interview, you’ll probably tear up a little like I did… I’m not one for idolizing celebs but Dave seemed like a good bloke. He had an awesome sense of humour and was a very talented man.
Last year at his Radio City Music Hall performance (where he hung out with Kanye, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kim Kartrashian, all the usual characters… there’s photo proof of this too btw of them all hanging out) he actually got booed off the stage and it was a very awkward scene.He’s definitely not funny in the interview with Letterman or his other late night videos (he’s been doing media rounds). He’s apparently getting back into the industry and becoming another Hollywood clone….an Illuminati puppet. 
I’m devastated that they finally got him. Nobody knows what went down but it must’ve been serious. He ran as far away as he could. He probably should’ve stayed there  
Dave has definitely been replaced. Anybody who watches the two videos and compares will see it.
Watch him walk out… they clearly know he is a bad clone and are trying to hide it by making him wear sunglasses and sit facing away. The interview feels fully contrived… like it was pre-scripted.
I am so pissed off that Dave of all people is now just another soulless brainwashed clone who will never ever measure up to the original in any way.
For anybody who doubts this, do you really think cloning could’ve been around for this long (since the 60’s when they first successfully cloned a pig) and the evil rich elites wouldn’t try and use it to their advantage?
This sh** goes on all the time in Hollywood. Some even say that all US presidents are also cloned. GWB looked noticeably different over the years as well.
The clones are never exactly perfect. They’re good enough to fool most people but the people closest to them always notice the difference and so apparently they just off and clone them as well to cover it up.
Its said they can do it by using a host body and transferring the DNA & memories via a brainchip that has the original’s memories downloaded onto it to be transferred into the host. The technology for this stuff is widely known to exist. They’ve ‘hacked’ our brains and these microchips send a pattern of our brainwaves which are able to be decoded; messages sent AND received.
​​​​RIP DAVE CHAPPELLE (and presumably his close family as well considering how obvious it is).
What a damn shame.

This is a very interesting video showing a clone malfunction on TV.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgGygcdfVBQ]
Here is a link to an extensive list of articles about cloning I found on the Bibliotecapleyades website. There is a wealth of info here and some really fascinating articles. It is called “Robotoids, Parasites and Artifical Humans”. This stuff will blow you away and make you realize just how close we are to the end. God cannot allow this evil to continue much longer. This one in particular called Doubles, Robotoids and Replicas is about organic robotoids and how every person in power has been replaced multiple times. It’s quite interesting.
And the following is just an interesting article about clones that was written by Fritz Springmeier.


Original contents HERE


1890— A rabbit embryo was successfully transplanted to a foster mother rabbit’s uterus.

1944— A human ova was fertilized in vitro, that is in layman’s terms an egg was artificially inseminated in a test tube.

1952— Briggs & King in Indiana University clone a frog.

1970s— Rand Corporation predicts that “para-humans” will be genetically created to do menial tasks in the future. In a totally different affair, Lord Rothschild, who is a physiologist who has studied genetics, warned that self-centered fanatics might set up cloning shops privately. Lord Rothschildsuggested to genetic scientists that a clone controlling organization with world wide jurisdiction to license cloning be set up to protect the world from evil men who might want to clone people for evil purposes. He called his suggestion ’Commission for Genetical Control.”

1977— Announcement of the first successful cloning of a person, which was done for someone very wealthy. This whole affair came under strong attack by the establishment. The book giving the shrouded details came out in 1978. The author went into hiding, and our Congress had a parade of establishment research doctors testify at a hearing to debunk the book and to reassure the public that medical researchers were too concerned about ethics to clone people. The author was convinced of the veracity of the cloning event, although the media/establishment doctors claimed the author wrote the book merely as fiction.

1980— Twinning (bisection of an embryo), which is a form of cloning was successfully done with horse foals, sheep and cattle had -already been cloned in this fashion in the previous years.

1981— Mice are cloned. And embryo transfer for cattle becomes a thriving business.

1983— A water buffalo embryo was successfully transplanted to a foster mother buffalo.

1984— A human embryo was successfully transplanted and born with a human foster mother.

1997–A successful human clone is publicly announced.

Scientists working in secret got serious about cloning in the early 1960’s. Abortions began to be performed wholesale at this time to provide fetal tissue for their cloning work. The young generation of Americans are asking, ’When will cloning of people take place?” The answer is that it already has long ago. 

An article recently written by Andrew Kimbrell that was placed in many leading daily papers across the U.S. is quite revealing. He comes right up to almost telling people what has been going on. The article was entitle,

“Science is about to Deliver.” (June 22, 1993)

“…most Americans are unaware of the real-life exploits of current genetic engineers, science facts which in many cases are as chilling as any science fiction…. Pigs have been genetically designed to contain human-growth genes in the hopes of creating “super pigs” that would have more meat. “…

U.S. government and private researchers have expended billions of taxpayer dollars in the creation of tens of thousands of genetically engineered animals never before seen…. One prominent scientist predicts that we may soon see,

“five-ton cows and pigs 12 feet long and 5 feet tall.

“Genetic engineers.. .have cloned higher mammals, including cattle….

One writer notes that “genetic engineering has the potential to create a vast army of identical clones, each produced to some preset specification. Canon fodder, scientists, opera singers, all could be manufactured to order…” 

“The New York Times has editorialized, ’Life is special, and humans even more so, but biological machines are still machines that now can be altered, cloned, and patented.’ ” –(WOW! Readers do YOU REALIZE THAT BETWEEN THE LINES THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT BIONIC ROBOTOIDS — the robots that are now being created to take the place of people in high places. And the chilling idea that human-like machines will be produced that will not be treated as anything but machines–that is a chilling idea too.

In this author’s September, 1993 newsletter there were two article by this author on cloning, one entitled “Clones, Synthetics, Organic Robotoids, and Doubles” and the other article “Dulce Genetic Research/Cloning Facility.” In the month following my September ’93 newsletter’s release, the establishment came out with stories about humans being cloned.

[I felt that this was confirmation that God’s had directed me to publish the information I had on cloning 1/2 months before the secular media came out with their stories about the “first” laboratory duplication of a human embryo.] 

This ’93 cloning was the first publicly revealed & publicly accepted human cloning, but the truth is that it had already been done for about 30 years secretly. In December, 1993’s newsletter I had a followup article on cloning where I reviewed what the media was telling people about cloning after the ’first” human cloning had been announced. My article also discussed the novel Multiple Man which is about how exact copies of the President are made. The book has some surprising similarities with what they actually did with President Carter! 

Finally in September of ’96, this author’s newsletter came out with its fourth article on cloning. This appendix is not the final word on the topic. The whole topic about clones, synthetics, robotoids and doubles could have a great deal more said. 

This appendix is merely a review of what those four articles contained. Cloning also relates in a big way to the cranial/body manipulation that was introduced in this book. It also relates to the group mind/proxying that is being done.  Perhaps at some point this author can go into the deeper intricacies of cloning, but for now this appendix will provide its information in the following format:

  • Section A. The “Future Shock” that this topic subjects the common person to

  • Section B. Instructions on how to clone a person

  • Section C. The four types of “clones” that are used by the Illuminati

    • 1. actual clones

    • 2. synthetic people

    • 3. organic robotoids

      • a. How the memory of a person is transferred for the organic robotoids

    • 4. doubles (look alikes)


  • Section D. Secret cloning sites (See also Appendix B, where D.U.M. bases are listed.)

Section A.

The “Future Shock” that this topic subjects the common person to

What happens when a technologically backward people are suddenly confronted with a technologically advanced people? What happens is that people are called on to change, in many cases the stress is what Alvin Tofflerdescribed and called “Future Shock“. The over-stimulation of new ideas, new decisions, new ways of looking at things can cause great distress to the mind and body. Radical changes to adapt to the new situation are demanded. In the case of the Navajo, one can see pickups parked beside hogans. In Nepal where I lived, the Nepalese had never gone through a horse and buggy era, so they had no word for drive in their language. When cars suddenly appeared – the first was carried into Katmandu on the backs of porters -, they had no word for “drive”, so they used the words they had “sit and go.” So where we say “Let’s drive to town.” They would say literally, “Let’s sit and go to town.” 

The American people have in general been kept in the dark about the limits of scientific developments. The known reasons people have not learned are varied. The Cold War was one reason. Capitalist corporate advantage is another reason. They call it trade secrets. Scientific pride and the ability to outstrip other researchers is another, and for the public just their technical jargon is enough to prevent people from closely watching the level of research going on. But underlying most of the coverup is this: that the overall satanic plan is to keep people ignorant of these scientific advances BECAUSE they are being used quite often to control and manipulate the world.

What has developed is a situation where the American people are no longer in touch with where the elite’s secret technology is. It is clear that the elite know this and are aware that some of the “Future Shock” needs to reduced if they don’t want to self-destruct society. You need to be aware (mentally prepared) that most of the readers of this will experience future shock when they read that cloning of humans is possible & has gone on for decades. The elite had a dilemma. If society isn’t moved forward to match their secret scientific advances, it will soon be like cave-men meeting modern-day men. Society won’t be capable of adjusting–only self-destructing. On the other hand they certainly can’t tell us what they are already doing, because they are using this technology against us to control us. For this reason they are giving us movies that show us things that they have already invented — but these are put forth as fiction in these Hollywood films. They hope to lesson the Future Shock, which their own secrecy has greatly contributed toward creating, while maintaining control over the general population.


  • Clone — cloning

  • Jurassic Park — cloning

  • Genesis II — underground genetics laboratories that are connected by tube shuttles

  • Terminal Man — brain stem implants

  • Star Trek — various items.

In addition to some of today’s secret technology being shown, the attitudes and beliefs shown on the two series, especially Star Trek the Next Generation are the attitudes the Satanic elite want people to have.

READERS PREPARE FOR FUTURE SHOCK The Scriptures give strong indications that genetic monsters, the half-breed Nephilem will exist in the end times. God’s Word also forecasts that the mark of beast will be needed for buying & selling. 

One item conveyed by the Bible’s book of Revelation is that totally unexpected sudden change will characterize the end times. Christians need to be prepared for unusual big changes. So great will these changes be that the nations will be distressed, and men’s hearts will fail them for fear (LK 21:25-27). The Bible predicted that knowledge shall increase in the last days before Christ returns. (DN 12:4) But that knowledge will be used for evil, because the Bible also says that the world will be totally corrupt as in Noah’s time (MT 24:37)–which was a time of the genetic monsters, the half-bred Nephilem. It also says men and horses will be out of work. (ZEC 8:10) And it is believed that Nahum 2:3-4 must be describing automobiles, and that Isaiah 31:5, and 60:8 are describing and prophesying airships in the last day. The description of the “mark of the beast” is startlingly accurate in describing the microchip which is being inserted into people’s hands and foreheads. The information that is allowed out for the public to access has been heavily censored.

Still in spite of all the intense secrecy, if a person takes the time to dig and to find key items written by scientists, enough of a shadow picture develops to allow a person to realize that they already can produce several things the public is unaware of. Many times the articles will discuss only a tiny aspect of a larger process, or will say we have the knowledge to do such and such but the actual doing is years away. And somehow people swallow that we could have the capability to do it, but aren’t.

For instance, in a book that was published in 1979,Robert Gilmore McKinnel, Professor of Genetics and Cell Biology, College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota, wrote,

“It has been reported that mice and some large domestic animals have been cloned. Humans have not. Because the reproductive biology of humans… is similar to that of mice and other mammals, it is likely that humans could be cloned.”

Some of the men who know what is actually being done, are afraid to tell what they know. However, I do not have neither a professional reputation nor a job to guard. I have never taken any oath of secrecy to any of these organizations of the establishment. I can simply tell you the truth without fear.

Section B.

Instructions on how to clone a person

For those who want the medical description of just one way that cloning of people can be done (and this capability has been around for at least a decade–and much longer secretly.) The idea that we don’t have the knowledge to do it is simply a myth for public consumption. Any microbiologist worth anything knows that we have the knowledge and the means–they can only claim that cloning of humans hasn’t happened because supposedly no one wants to do it.


The ovulation and ovaries of the woman can be monitored. Just before natural ovulation, there is an increase of luteinizing hormone which is called the luteinizing hormone surge. This can be detected by either blood or urine samples. The growth of the follicle can be monitored by visualization with ovarian ultrasonography. Ultrasound diagnosis will reveal on which side of the woman’s ovaries the ripening follicle is found. This procedure will allow people to know when the follicle is ripe for the retrieval of the oocyte. When the time is appropriate a hollow aspiration needle is inserted into one or several ripe follicles under visual guidance of the laparoscope.

The oocyte is removed with some follicular fluid. Experienced laparoscopists have a success rate over 90% in recovering the oocyte. Prior to this, it is likely that the woman will have been given Clomiphene citrate, or this drug used in combination with another drug so that there will be several eggs that can be retrieved at one time. The oocytes obtained from the ripe ovarian follicles are not fertilized when retrieved, although another process would be to fertilize first, before extracting. If they don’t fertilize first, then they can take the harvested oocytes and incubate them in a culture medium for several hours to get maturation.

They need maturation because they have been taken from the ovary before ovulation, and are not as mature as spontaneously ovulated ova. Thawed or fresh semen is washed and centrifuged so that it will be diluted to the proper concentration to fertilize in vitro. The in vitro fertilization is carried out. After some amount of hours, (about 12) both pronuclei are identifiable for enucleation. The enucleation is accomplished with either one of two well-established methods. One method is to surgically enucleate it with a micropipette, another is with a bleb of cytoplasm containing both the male and female pronuclei. Either method has worked fine.

These nuclei by the way have been obtained from the inner-cell mass of an early human embryo. This again is a well established practice. Let us digress slightly and explain the method to obtain the nuclei. The zona pellucida must be removed from a cultured embryo, the trophectoderm separated from the inner cell mass, and then, the cells dissociated with an appropriate enzyme in a calcium-and magnesium-free salt solution. Going back to the cloning process, there are several methods for joing a donor nucleus (obtained from its source using the just mentioned method) with enucleated cytoplasm (obtained from the woman’s in vitro fertilized ovum).

One might be to surgically implant it with a micropipette, another is fusion with an inactivated Sendai virus. Whichever way is considered most viable by those performing this will be used. And then the human nuclear transplant will be cultured until it can be placed into a human foster mother. When the clone has reached the 8 – to 16 cell stage it will be transferred into the foster mother. If needed, the transfer can be done later, and the clone is simply frozen. When the transfer takes place, the clone is drawn into a fine plastic tube (a catheter) which, then in turn, would be introduced through the cervical canal into the interior of the uterus. — This is just one process for successfully cloning humans. Other more refined techniques may well be in use.

Section C.

The four types of ’clones’ that are used by the Illuminati:



Actual Clones

This is a person who has been grown from a test tube (called “in vitro”) or implanted womb, which has the identical genetic makeup to another person–an identical twin so to speak in terms of genetic makeup. The genetic coding has reproduced, and a new person who is an identical twin is now in existence.


Synthetic People

These are “persons” who look every bit as real, as a real person, but simulate human beings. Certain tissues extracted from cattle are the starting point. (This is part of the reason for cattle mutilations.) The process is an advancement of a process discovered in the late 1950’s. This 1959 experiment was reported in a book in 1968 called The Biological Time Bomb by Gordon Rettray Taylor

Taylor describes the experiment done in France,

“They had extracted DNA from the cells of the khaki Cam phells and had injected it into the white Pekins, thinking that just possibly the offspring of the latter might show some character derived from khaki Campbells. To their astonishment the actual ducks they injected began to change. Their white feathers darkened, and their necks began to take on the peculiar curve which is a mark of the khaki Campbell.”

The scientists working under the auspices of the Rothschilds, developed this process by working at secret breakneck speed. They developed an advanced development of the process they discovered with the DNA chicken experiment. By the late 1970’s, synthetic people could be produced bythe Illuminati.


Organic Robotoids

This is an “artificial life” form that is created through processes that are totally different than cloning or synthetics. 

Organic robotoid technology is being made to make exact as possible copies of important people such as Presidents and some of their staff.  For instance, the Jimmy Carter who came to Portland a few years ago who I stood two feet away from and examined visually was not the Jimmy Carter that had run for President. On Easter, 1979the first robotoid model of Jimmy Carter replaced the man Jimmy Carter. By the time “Carter” was seen by me, they must have been on at least robotoid no. 100. This is why a friend of mine who was recently in Washington D.C. almost bumped into President Clinton jogging. My friend was surprised by the lack of security.  Kaiser Aluminum News which is put out by Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation put out a series of articles to a specialized audience in the 1960’s. This material was also published under the book title The Dynamics of Change (Prentice-Hall: Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1967).  Under the title heading “GENETIC MANIPULATION” we read,

“The ability to control the formation of new beings may be one of the most basic developments of the future. Recent discoveries about the nucleonic acids, the basic building blocks of life, have led to the belief that man may some day be able to treat genes in such a way that desired characteristics can be realized…”

Under the heading “MAN-MACHINE SYMBIOSIS” we read,

“…Computers exist which can learn, remember, see, seek goals, reason, walk, sing on key, talk, be irritable, play games, grasp, adapt to an environment and even design improvements in themselves… man-like computers may one day contain plasma circulating through a viscera-like envelope, allowing them to be self-healing.”

Under the heading “HUMAN ROBOTS” we read,

“…An electronic circuit that imitates two neurons, the cells of the human brain, has been built, and has enabled a robot to deal with some unexpected situations, but the neuron structure was bulky. The brain has billions of neurons, meaning an incredible miniaturization job will be necessary before truly ’human’ robots are developed.”

As the reader knows since the 1960’s when this was written an incredible miniaturization job has been done in computers. What the public knows of that miniaturization is incredible and that is only part of what has actually occurred. In fact, scientists are now able to manipulate DNA to create computers

A basic thing that is needed to create a computer is material that will consistently change given some type of “signal”. This is because the computer works off of base two–or what is simply an on–off switch system, or a 0 or 1 system of numbers.  Living biological material is superior to other material for making computers because the heat created by the methods in conventional computers slows the speed. For super-computers to work at great speeds they need to use biological materialthat will not heat up. This type of miniaturization has already been done. It creates computers far beyond what we are familiar with.  Organic robotoids are amazingly humanlike, so humanlike that it is hard for the scientists who have created them to get used to the idea that they are not humans. Biological computer brains for the robotiods came as a result of research intoholograms If you tear up a conventional photograph you ruin it, but if you tear up the film that produces a hologram, each piece still contains almost all the same image. This is why part of the brain of people can be removed and the brain regain what it had lost. A holographic image of a person’s brain is made, and then when the brain of a robotoid is made, the biological computer in its head is caused to form according to the holographic record of a person being copied. Some deviations from the holographic record are needed, because the “person” is a robotoid and not a person.

The brain of the robotoid has almost all of the correct memory of the person reproduced, but the robotoid brain is really a computer made from biological material which is programmed, it is not a human brain. First, “Clinton” has the energy to jog because it may well be a robotoid, and second thing, an assassination of a robotoid is not so serious. These robotoids have a biological computer-brain that is programmed. They can think in the sense a computer thinks, but secret advances in understanding the human brain, have allowed the makers of organic robotoids to have the memory of a person at a given point in time transferred to an organic robotoid. The key then for making what appears to be a clone –but they are not a real clone– is to capture the person to be copied and make aholographic copy of the brain memory and transfer that to the robotoid.


How the memory of a person is transferred for the organic robotoids

In order to successfully make human organic robotoids –in a sense to make bionic robots— the ability to simulate the personality of the person being copied was necessary. 

The only viable solution was to learn how the brain coded memory and duplicate that process. The brain is entering into its memory about 10 million bits of information a second. The incredible storage capability of the human brain which weighs on the average 3.25 lbs in human males and 2.9 lbs in human females is incredible.  The brain can easily store 100 million billion bits of information. It’s no wonder we don’t use it all. All the computers in the world put together do not compare with one intelligent person’s brain.  Numerous tests and experiments from many different angles all showed investigators that the brain stored information as a hologram. The place in the brain where a memory is stored isn’t in just one location. Memories are stored in synapses in sequence, but they are stored in a holographic method From what I understand, rhythmic pulses radiate from a small area of the brain like a stone creates ripples in a pond. Waves go through the cerebrum, in the way that laser light is used to create a hologram. Different frequencies are used by the brain and different neuron impulses are used to reference (tag) the different details. These tags are the brain’s own codes or reference standards for cataloging information.  The brain has to be able to access the encoder/decoder (holographic code standards) for a particular piece of information to be retrieve for the conscious. Brain injuries can destroy one decoder, and leave other decoders for a memory intact. When a multiple (a person with MPD/DID) is created layers and layers of amnesia walls (actual walls) are built into the brain, and then specific codes are created which cause the mind to bring these compartments of memory to the surface. Each compartment is built into an alter (personality) or a functioning part of the System (built somewhat like a series of computers). Where a normal person may be aware of a conscious and a somewhat subconscious track running simultaneously, the mind of a multiple runs several tracks at once. On a local level within the brain, researchers have called a memories storage unit an engram. Polypeptidenucleic acid holds a piece of information, such as a trauma memory. Proteins and other substances are involved in the memory process. How a person eats can influence their mental abilities. But it must be born in mind that a memory is retained holographically in countless locations in the memory storage area of the brain, just as the ripples of a stone dropped into water flow throughout an entire pond. The mind will have a number of reference points from which a particular memory can be decoded. The information that is stored in the brain is both dynamic and holographic. It is not stored like a book. If the dynamic impulses of the brain cease, so do the memories. Freezing and reviving a human brain will serve to erase its memory. I will try to explain things in clear terms if the reader will bear with me. The reason that we recognize objects so quickly is that the brain performs what is similar to what researchers call a Fourier transfer. Messages are transmitted through Fourier-transform messages. What is a Fourier-transform message? A Fourier transform is a mathematical method where a complex wave, or a complex pattern is broken down and converted into a basically longer, but precise signal of simpler frequencies. In other words a squiggly line is hard to communicate, but via the Fourier transform it becomes a string of numbers which is quite easy to transmit. In other words, a complex squiggly line and a straight line after the conversion are both just as easy to record. The brain stores information in a form similar to a Fourier transform, so that when it must look for similar patterns, it can quickly overlook everything but another identical Fourier transform pattern. A mental comparison is done so quick that it gives the ability to the brain to “instantly” recognize people who one hasn’t seen for years. The Holograms of memory that the brain makes are transmitted through Fourier-transform messages. Holograms are hard to destroyfor each piece contains the whole. Rip a holograph in half and you still have the same picture. Rip it in half again and the same picture remains. After a great many cuts in half the holograph begins to get a little fuzzy, as it loses some of its detail, but the entire picture is still there. That is why memories begin to get somewhat fuzzy, because we are only puffing up a small piece of brain that recorded the memory. However, if we can pull up more of the holographic image of the memory we get a more distinct detailed picture. It was secret research into holograms that gave Illuminati scientists the ability to copy the memory of an entire brain. A holographic image is made of the host’s brain and that is transferred into the biological matter functioning as a brain of the robotoid. Since the body and brain of the robotoid are not identical to the original person being copied, adjustments have to be taught and programmed into the mind of the robotoid. The entire process is sophisticated, but then so are many manufacturing processes today.


Doubles (look alikes)

There is an ongoing program to find look alikes for prominent people, as well as a program to create secret identical twins (which are separated at birth and never see each other). George Bush’s double was promiscuous, while George Bush is a pedophile. His double was living in France after Bush was no longer President. By the use of doubles, (or one of the synthetics or organic robotoidsthe elite are able to sneak away and perform satanic rituals. 

On certain occasions, if Clinton or Bush only needed to do low level tasks in front of the public, they could have their double substitute for them. The Illuminati working with several organizations has had a look alike operation where doubles of certain key people are found and then used.  In the book Desert Shield and The New World Order pub. by Northpoint Tactical Teams, Topton, NC, if you look on page 32 you will see a picture of the original FDR who had a mole over his eyes and then you will a see a picture of the double of Roosevelt who they used, who had no mole and had different ear lobes. Roosevelt may have died prior to when it was actually announced. Over the years I have seen numerous photos exposing either the Robotoids or the doubles that they use.  This author’s previous S’ ’93 article had some pictures about the dead Pope Paul VI, who my Be Wise As Serpents book said was murdered. This recent Pope was replaced with a double who had had plastic surgery. As a double gets older the plastic surgery will not look as convincing, because time changes people differently. One ex-Catholic said the whole thing sounded like science fictionIt does sound far out at first, but the evidence is there for people to see. For myself, the ex-Illuminati have told me about the double’s program. From what I understand the double or look-alike program has been more successful than the robotoids and synthetics. The reason is that people live longer and are more dependable in some ways. The project to find look alikes for prominent people has been very successful. Plastic surgery has also been done to help touch up the doubles.


Section D.

Secret cloning sites

(See also Appendix B, where D.U.M. bases are listed.)

Ada, Oklahoma’s underground facility is being used to clone humans. The other cloning facilities are turning out weird creatures. Due to the processes involved they give off lots of gamma radiation (Gamma is at the far end of the electromagnetic wave spectrum–it is even a longer wave than ultraviolet). 

Because they give off Gamma radiation, these facilities must be deep underground. The cloning is done at level 7. The average depth (according to one of the men who built these Deep Underground Facilities – D.U.M.) is 5,600’. The secret government has been building them no stop since W.W. II.  I personally have only been in an underground city in Oahu, HA, but I have spoken to others who are wanting to save humanity and stop the NWO, and these witnesses know a lot about the underground facilities. One of the men who betrayed the human race and helped with the cloning was Austrian born Simon Wiesenthal. Simon Wiesenthal, was a US intelligence agent with a photographic memory (perhaps a scarred brain stem). Wiesenthal seriously hunted Nazis that were not on the CIA’s payroll or CIA associated groups. Simon Wiesenthal, under the disguise of being a great Nazi hunter, actually assisted protecting the FBI’s and the CIA’s agents who were Nazi criminals. Wiesenthal tried to stop CBS from doing a show exposing the FBI-Nazi connection.  Jewish Intelligence (the Mossad) knew all about the hundreds if not thousands of Nazi War criminals that worked for American Intelligence and the FBI, but never went public about it. Instead they occasionally used the information as leverage against American intelligence.  One of the code no.s for Simon Wiesenthal given by a Monarch slave was something like 063 097. If someone else knows the full and correct code for him, go ahead and share it.  Unholy Trinity is a book written about how the Vatican, the US State Department, and MI-6 smuggled Nazis out of Germany at the end of WW II. An entire book could be written about the thousands of die hard Nazis who have been working for American intelligence, however Simon Wiesenthal’s name is mentioned here because he helped start the cloning for the worst elements of the NWO.


In at least one of my newsletters, the secret cloning facility at Bull Run near Mt. Hood, OR was discussed. Bull Run is a large tract of forested land with some water reservoirs/lakes that is set up to help provide water for the Portland Metro area. My house on Lincoln St. was also near 8 reservoirs that were built at nearby Mt. Tabor. These reservoirs at Mt. Tabor were for Portland drinking water too. The Mt. Tabor reservoirs have simple single fences on their perimeter, and people are able to throw garbage into these reservoirs if they want to be nasty. 

However, the Bull Run water supply which is very isolated is extremely well protected. It is rare that people would stray up into the area anyway. People are told that this large tract of land is simply for Portland’s water supply, and yet several years ago a Patriot military unit reckoned the area after getting info from me. They were able to identify 3 strongly guarded rings of defense at the Bull Run reservoir. The area has lots of electronic surveillance, etc. It is either the most valuable water on God’s green earth, or there is something else in the vicinity of Larch Mountain (south of the famous Multnomah Falls which sit on I-84) — something besides a water reservoir.  Of course, those in the know, know that it’s an underground facility which the CIA use. It’s not an accident Tektronics here in the Portland area does work/research with holograms.


My article about Dulce [which I investigated in person on foot] also sparked a small group of dedicated Christians to try to retrace my steps and find the Dulce facility. They reported back to me that they found nothing and that the reservation police and the local people claimed they’d never even heard of any underground facility. All I can say is that, doesn’t that strike you as fishy that all kinds of people have been up in that area looking for the site, interviewing the Jicarilla Apaches that live in the area for years, talking about Dulce over Art Bell’s Radio show, etc. and locals have never heard anything about it?? At the very least they should know that other people looked for the site. 

The reservation and town of Dulce, NM have a small population. There is little that everyone doesn’t know about what goes on in the area, and yet they are surprised by the topic of an underground facility? The whole thing smells like the key people in the area have been convinced to keep their mouths shut & pretend they know nothing. My comments: sometimes when you’re looking for a rat, you’ll smell it before you see it.  According to someone who has worked in the Dulce Underground Facility the openings on the north and SW face (Aztec Cliffs) are still in use. Actually the cliff that has a face that looks like an Aztec on Mt. Archeleta has been cemented shut because hikers kept straying into the area. A deep needle detector which could detect metal or magnetism deep down could reveal the Dulce Underground Facility — but people who get this close often disappear.

SUMMARY OF THE FOUR METHODS This Appendix covers 4 different methods that have been used to make copies of people, these were cloning, creating synthetic duplicates, creating organic robotoids, and finding look alike doubles. [Programs for all four of these methods have had almost unlimited funding by the intelligence/Illuminati elite.] 

Next, the basic principles for creating a synthetic human were covered. Synthetic humans were in some ways found to be superior to the robotoids that were created. The first few years of robotoids were fraught with problems. [Since my inside information is somewhat dated, I cannot give readers the status of current robotoid abilities, however, I believe from what I’ve seen that the program continues.] The synthetics were people who had their genes altered to look more like the person they were to copy.  The robotoids were the formation of new beings that look human but are actually bionic robots. Their memories were created by using living “brain tissue” which is some type of programmable living biological matter, and programming this material as a sophisticated computer. In order to get the memory of the person being copied, a holographic image of the person’s brain is made and transferred to the robotoid. Because the robotoid “brain” is not functioning like a human (although the end result is nearly identical so that viewers have to know what differences to look for), there are of course someadjustments that have to be made after the holographic image of the host is transferred to the living biological matter that will function as the brain of the robotoid.  Lord Willing, this author may write some more on this topic later. The ability of the Illuminati to copy people using the 4 methods listed above, are not going to be the deciding factor in their moves to control the world, but it does give them a great deal of flexibility in their operations. This author frequently reflects on the words of the Illuminati Grand Master who told Cisco (Cisco Wheeler)  who was then a child, while touring a cloning facility,

“Never, never think you are seeing who you think you are seeing.’

Investigator Hired By a Bloodline Elite To Find Out If His Triple Helix DNA Damns Him

Note: This article first appeared on March 21, 2013 on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report under the title “Life As An Investigator Is Like A Box Of Chocolates”.

“My friend never got the money for his investigative research as the donor was found dead in his apartment a short while later. The death was ruled a suicide by hanging, even though his feet were found to be barely touching the floor when he was discovered.  Very strange.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann

21 March 2013:  The following is a true story. You’ll really just have to “trust me” with this one – and stay with me through all the twists and turns the following account has to offer. There are many, to be certain. If you’re like me, you might want to save this information, read it more than once, allow it to sink in. I had to. After you fully grasp the content, you might never look at certain things, people and even your own belief system the same way again. Note: this was first published by Steve Quayle here.  The following is an updated and slightly expanded version.

Part  I: How it began

An investigator friend was telling me a story to which I found easy to relate. He began,  “One time, I left home on a lazy Saturday evening to grab some comfort food.  I told my wife ‘I’ll be right back,’ as my dog, having heard the car key’s jingle, dutifully pushed his way through the door to assist me on my mission.  He instinctively knew I’d forget his doggie treats if he wasn’t right there to help me. Minutes later, as I was walking out of the store with my booty, I saw a man whom I’d been searching for as the subject of a complex embezzlement scheme.  He was walking to a rented moving van and towing his classic car on a trailer behind it. Nine days and 3500 miles later, I’d completed my field work and handed the investigation over to several federal agencies for what had now become a federal case.”

My friend continued: “I returned home to my very distraught bride of six months.  We were supposed to have left on our already twice-delayed honeymoon cruise the previous Sunday morning. We didn’t have cell phones in those days, and I didn’t have a radio in my personal car; my handheld was on the charger at home when I’d gone on my quick trip. My first call came during a brief fuel stop at four o’clock the next morning.  The hurried explanations fell on incredulously deaf ears–between her astonished and uncharacteristically numerous expletives. For some months I’d been telling her, ‘Third time’s a charm.’  Guess I was wrong, again!  She was not amused.”

He concluded his hour-long story stating very matter-of-fact:   “I guess I sort of. . . understand why she divorced me. . .I sure do miss her.” He then proceeded to explain how this life lesson had led him to understand one of his many “Laws of Investigations” which, like a box of chocolates, were offered in no particular order and are only predictable by their unpredictability.

I then proceeded to break what is now one of “my” laws:  “Never ask this guy a question without having first taken a bathroom break!”   He tends to be pretty long-winded; but the stories are generally worth it. So, I asked, “What are some of the other laws you’ve come up with?”  I knew the moment the words came out of my mouth, I should have restricted my question to just one law—hard to do with good chocolates.

Belief is the driver of action

Without breaking stride he says, “Belief is the driver of action,” and proceeded into another long and winding story in order to give me his historical rationale for the law.

“About 20 years ago. . .”  (Oh, boy!  My first clue.  This was gonna take awhile!)  “I had recently completed my latest physics project at a location that uses a number for a name. A colleague from my time was an Air Force OSI agent, specializing in advanced sciences and technology.  He had heard I was heading to England for a long overdue vacation and asked me if I’d volunteer to help him while I was there. He needed a witness on a simple mission to collect some evidence.  Unwittingly, I said, ‘Sure, no problem.’   (Oh nuts!  I’d just violated a law every service member knows all too well:  NEVER VOLUNTEER!   The smallest chocolates are always the ones with the nuts, usually).”

My friend continued his recollection of events. “We went to a private city within the city.  Security was well concealed, but omnipresent to a trained eye. We went to a private office and met with a man whom I later came to know as a member of one of the wealthiest families on the planet. He talked with us briefly about funding for a scientific investigation my friend was going to pursue. He invited us to dine with him at his residence later in the evening. In the interim my friend proceeded to tell me how the man had apparently had an NDE (near death experience) during a medical procedure. He’d apparently had a Pauline-like angelic encounter, during which ‘opaque and serpent-like scales’ had fallen from his eyes in the presence of a Divine Messenger! Layer after layer of lies and deceptions dissolved before him. At its conclusion, he came to believe his entire life was one big rubber-band roll of tangled lies—every new one bigger than the last. He’d resolved to turn to a new ‘way’ and set out to change his life; and the world.”

“After dinner, we collected blood, tissue, hair and oral swabs. He’d recently had a dental procedure and had saved a tooth, which he dutifully preserved in a small paper bag in his freezer. I videotaped the collection process as the evidence was bagged and tagged.”

My investigator friend continued his narrative: “On the plane ride back stateside, my friend, who at the time was one of the most knowledgeable DNA researchers on the planet, pulled out the biggest piece of mental jerky I’ve ever gnawed on! His benefactor/test-subject ‘believed’ that, while most of the ‘Sons of Adam’ had double-stranded DNA, he had been told by his family that he and his blood relatives were distinctly different and that he, like his fathers before him, had triple-stranded DNA. He wanted my friend to secretly prove once and for all if this was true… or not. The subject claimed that his extended family and their cousins who are kings, queens, princes and princesses as well as leaders of industry and banking worldwide, believe they are children of an other-worldly race of ‘Humanoid Beings.’ He’d been taught by his tutors that once upon a time, his ancestors had fallen to earth after some cosmic calamity in the time before the Garden. He believed that while their ‘Ancestral Mother’ was Eve, their ‘Ancestral Father’ was not Adam!  He was torn to know if a ‘Child of Cain’ was actually genetically different and whether he could be saved!”

“My friend never got the money for his investigative research as the donor was found dead in his apartment a short while later. The death was ruled a suicide by hanging, even though his feet were found to be barely touching the floor when he was discovered.  Very strange.”

“My friend’s wife gave me all of his research and notes upon his own untimely death some years later, leading me to bite into another chocolate in the ‘Law of Investigation’s” box:  ‘Fact is often stranger than fiction!’”

Part II: The beginning of a previously unexpected trip “down the ‘rabbit’s hole!’”

My investigator friend continued his tale after my return from an overdue bathroom break.

“It was a long plane ride home.  The funeral had been difficult for me; losing a close friend at such a young age was not easy. Because of the nature of his work and mine, our talks had mostly been cryptic and necessarily—too few and too far between. His young wife had only been with him a short while. Much of his early years and most of his real life were completely hidden from her.  ‘Need to know’ type stuff; and she didn’t, so she didn’t.”

“Flash drives weren’t common then.  A removable hard drive sat in the open briefcase on the seat next to me in what originally had been a box for Christmas cards. A lone card sat on top of the unusual assortment of contents.  It pictured a cat which had apparently licked the socket of a strand of Christmas lights that its owner was stringing atop a tree. It was a snowy setting in front of a festively lit home. The cat was amusingly adorned in a tangle of colored lights as it hung midair between the starry heavens and its hell—every limb painfully extended in a different direction, and every hair standing on end under the shock of electrocution. A similarly shocked dad was teetering atop of his now tipping ladder next to a window where small children and the wife, mouths agape, watched helplessly. An old hound dog laid on the porch nearby, barely raising one eyebrow to take in the entertainment. With the crowning Star of David blazing brightly in his hand, only moments from the completion of his task, dad was now headed on a previously unexpected trip, and so was I.”

“Although the sticky note affixed to the top of the box stated simply, ‘Juan O. Saven,’  an operational code name I was once known by, the card when opened stated only my Christian name with the following brief message:   ‘Do what you do; I’ll expect a complete report when you get here.  Since you’re reading this, I’ve already gone ahead!’  He signed the card ‘Slowpoke.’  That was a name I had given him once when we were young and brimming over with life and innocence. Reading the note, my eyes uncontrollably began to tear up. I suddenly felt much, much older and alone. I dwelt on the card, his note, and our very unusual lives, for the rest of my long trip home.  Good friends, old friends, aren’t easy to come by.”

“When I arrived in my city, I was very backed up in my work, and I couldn’t really look at what I had for some time. For one thing, I didn’t immediately know how to access the hard drive, and when I did, the information was password-protected.  He seemingly hadn’t included a password with the box!  It was quite some time later that it occurred to me that he actually had, and that was the true reason for the catchy card at the top of the box.  Yeah, he was right, and I WAS slow!”

“It was all there—his contacts, his drawings, and descriptions. 
His technical analysis was not easy to read, but I had enough—more than general knowledge—to follow his work. He’d traveled covertly to meet with specialists, including one Nobel Laurieate, to get their opinion of his observations and analysis. He’d even met with some very prominent religious authorities of varied beliefs to get their take on the possible implications of what he believed he had found. He was exceedingly careful and always traveled under some other ‘role and purpose’ and only as a peripheral inquiry brought his real questions to bear, conscious of the dangerous sensitivity of the subject at hand.”

“Near the end of his notes, I came to a page titled ‘Conclusions’ followed by these lines: 

’This is a Murder Investigation’ which was then followed on a separate line written all in capitals ‘OF MURDER, BY A SERIAL MURDERER.’  He then went into several pages of a long diatribe of identifiers and details that only recently have begun to make sense to me.”

He continued: “Under a new heading, ‘Follow the Blood Trail.’”

“At first he noted that the DNA strands he was examining seemed to be wound more tightly than normal.  You see, there are normally ten rungs per complete twist of the double helix strand in normal human DNA. In his analysis of our subject’s DNA taken from his blood samples, he found intermittent sections which appeared to be wound more tightly, with only nine rungs per complete twist, nine being an unusual and noteworthy number, always turning and returning to itself.”

(I thought to myself, that doesn’t seem to be that unusual…everybody I KNOW seems like they’re wound too tightly.)

“Simultaneously he observed and documented what he at first believed to be the foretold third strand of the subject’s DNA. Upon closer analysis he came to an entirely different and unexpected conclusion:  Our subject had been lied to!  IT WASN’T A THIRD STRAND AT ALL!  It was a silvery threadlike, semitransparent, serpentine-like parasite of infinitesimally small proportions. He observed that it was entangled, intermittently hopping back and forth between the normal double helix strands;  it appeared to him that as the parasite grew, it continued to wrap itself like a bean or ivy-type vine plant will attach itself to any available protrusion. Unlike a normal snake or worm, this parasite had little hook-like protrusions that did seem to lend themselves to a gripping type attachment all along the strand.  His notes described them as alligator or dragon feet—but only for his amusement, not because they were that actual form. Occasionally he noted that it appeared that some of the threaded parasites seemed to connect to adjacent parasites, creating what appeared to be tiny nets, cross circuiting between the different sections and strands of DNA.”

“In his notes, my friend penned some personal thoughts after having considered his observations and the source of his DNA materials. He thought of the Vatican’s pronouncements that ‘aliens are our cousins,’ and the Vishnu teachings of a time when ‘gods’ flew in spaceships and destroyed whole cities in a single blast. He even had notes about Elijah being caught up in a Chariot of Fire! Maybe he had misread or misunderstood the entire history of his Bible! Maybe—from Genesis to ‘Revolution’—it was about some far more tangible and real fallen angel alien cousins than the ghost-like destroying angels he’d always pictured in his imaginations.

He gazed at ‘it’ and studied ‘it’ in shocked disbelief and asked to himself, ‘Is this pathetic little blood-sucking worm, the tiny origin of the tyrannical destroyer of so many lives and worlds?’  But he could not escape the fact that small as it was, the DNA strands that it/they were attached to WERE JUST AS SMALL! And both had the informational encoding to make ‘good’ or ‘evil!’ Yes, the DNA, and the serpentine creature entangled in it potentially bore the information/knowledge/blueprint to create good or evil!”


My investigator friend continued, “I remembered the time I had sat with a hard cold desk under my arms as I stared back into the false Cheshire grin surrounding that mouthful of fake pearly whites.  ‘He’ was staring me down from his ‘Star Chamber Seat,’  waiting for my answer from in front of the concealing screen which provided me only partial anonymity from the rest of the gallery. You see he thought he’d caught me in a lie, with what I had told his ‘in-house investigator,’ but his investigator’s authorizations and clearances were not the same as the Senator’s!  I replied, ‘As you know, Senator, the lie is different at every level!’  And so it was, and so shall it always be—in this life anyway, from the highest thrones in this world and now, here again, right down to the tiniest strands of DNA:  It’s lies, lies, lies all the way down!  The truth is, the so-called third strand of DNA that somehow could make ‘THEM’ superior was just another lie from the ‘father of lies.’ In the end it was just another lecherous parasitic alien hitchhiker on the road of life, trying to deceive the vulnerable into forfeiting their birthright for a bag of magic beans!”

“My friend tried—and was trying at the time of his death—to determine if there was a way to separate the writhing and gripping entanglements of the demon seed’s form from the host DNA without destroying the host. He also speculated on possible ways to identify the reptilian’s hosts who walk among us while living in the grip of ‘The Reptilian Seed’s Alien Possession.’”

hqdefault (1)

“It was here that I began my work, picking up where my friend had too abruptly left off.”

“Deep in my thoughts,” my friend continued, “Once again, I’d reached into life’s box of chocolates. Interesting thing,” he noted, “There’s usually some chocolate-covered jellies with red colored sprinkles on top, in life’s little box o’ chocolates, and I like those; but this time, it seemed like I’d reached instead for the three pastel-colored, hard-shell, candy-coated nuts at the center of the box. I did remember clearly, that it seemed like just as I closed my eyes and started to munch, I began to feel dizzy and for only a moment…before I felt myself begin to spin and teeter over.  And down.  Into the Rabbit’s hole!”

Part III: “To Serve Man…”

There are more “Laws of Investigation” my investigator friend brought to my attention, and he began quoting them to me. “First, belief is the driver of action,” which bore repeating. He then seemingly digressed, saying that “the smallest chocolates are always the ones with the nuts.”And of course, a “law” I had come to understand, “fact is frequently stranger than fiction.”

Becoming increasingly more animated, my friend then said something that really made me think:  “The lie is different at every level –  and so it was, and so shall it always be, in this life anyway; from the highest Thrones, in this world, and now, here again, right down to the tiniest strands of DNA, it’s lies,  lies, lies all the way down!”

My friend then cited “Pellegrino, Powell and Sir Isaac Asimov who penned the “Three Laws of Alien Behavior:”

Law No. 1

Their survival will be more important than our survival.

“If an alien species has to choose between them and us, they won’t choose us. It is difficult to imagine a contrary case; species don’t survive by being self-sacrificing.”

Law No. 2

Wimps don’t become top dogs.

“No species makes it to the top by being passive. The species in charge of any given planet will be highly intelligent, alert, aggressive, and ruthless when necessary.”

Law No. 3

“They” will assume that the first two laws apply to “us.”

And so my colleague continued. “My friend told me how his dizzying mental fall was eventually arrested by a very hard floor. In the mixed box of ‘investigator’s laws’ my friend calls ‘life’ —those three pastel-colored, candy-coated and chocolate-covered nuts can apparently(?) be some very hard pills to swallow.

He raised his voice:  “Doug!” he shouted, rousing me like a freight train.  “Doug, it hit me like the hard ground we’re standing on! It’s all around us—everywhere! They think of us like aliens, but they’re the aliens! Don’t you get it?! They’re laughing at us. They ‘THINK’ they’re the children of space aliens from another world, marooned on this tiny blue orb. They’re just doing time till they can figure a way off this rock so they can get back up to their Death-Star Moon Ship; figure out how to fix it and head back home to mommy!”

I sat there, listening as he continued to talk: “I looked at the heart-shaped Valentine’s box of chocolates I’d given my wife earlier in the week.  Sure enough, when I opened it—she hadn’t eaten any yet, but she had humored me with a perfunctory  ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and a peck on the cheek. I guess it’s some kinda high-brow, female, smarter-than-everyone-else, nonfat thing.  Anyway,  sure enough, there they were, the delightfully showcased evil omens—three  large, pastel-colored, candy-coated and chocolate-covered nuts—just as my friend described! ‘Forewarned is forearmed;’  that’s what I say. I picked a safe, fat and round soft chocolate, or two, before I put the lid back on the box. I wasn’t ready to drink the Kool-Aid yet, but I also wasn’t shutting him down either.”

It’s all about the blood

He continued, “See, the way I see it, it’s all about the blood.  They marry and intermarry to keep the alien blood pure. That’s why all the incestuousness in these elites, royal cliques; they’re keeping it all in the family.” He then explained how he’d found that this guy and that girl were actually related to some other guy who wasn’t the guy we were all lied to about, who was so-and-so’s official father or mother. After awhile, it actually started to make some kinda sense—or maybe the blood sugar was just starting to kick in and make me a little tipsy.  Anyway, “whatever,” I lazily thought to myself.

I stared off into space, deep in my hypoglycemically induced, contemplative thoughts. On the shelf beside the TV in my den, an old VHS video box sat, its title staring back at me, I was a Zombie for the FBI.  It’s a campy ’80s black and white “B” movie some college kids made about some brothers who discovered sunglasses that, when worn, allowed them to see aliens masquerading as humans and plotting to destroy the real humans and take over the earth. A more well-known movie version is They Live. As I adjusted my reading glasses, I had a few new thoughts of my own:  “What if. . .”   “What IF?”

Then, rousing me again out of my darkness with his now booming voice, my investigator friend said “IT!” And then he said “IT” again, more slowly and decisively.  And just then, “IT” struck me!  “IT” struck me like a silver bullet to my politically incorrect brain! The haze half cleared, and for a long moment I realized exactly what he’d been trying to say all along.  The clouding scales began to fall from my eyes also, just as they had for our subject in his NDE! I briefly wondered whether I was I on the verge of my own diabetic-induced coma. Perhaps like our original subject, maybe I was having an NDE of my own!

Belief REALLY IS the driver of action

I reached for the water on the table beside me, but it was actually the grandkids’ Kool-Aid.   I drank it anyway as I thought to myself, “It doesn’t really matter what I believe! It doesn’t matter what the lying ‘facts’ say! It doesn’t matter what any technical analysis reveals! It doesn’t even matter what the religious sages thought or believe!

It only matters what “THEY” believe, because our original subject and his relatives—who are kings, queens, princes and princesses as well as leaders of industry and banking worldwide—believe and act as though they are children of an other-worldly race of “humanoid beings,” but not human only…hybrid human…more than human…superior alien/humans!

Our subject and his kin had been taught by their families and tutors that once upon a time, “their” ancestors had fallen to earth after some cosmic calamity in the time before the Garden. He believed that while their “Ancestral Mother” was Eve, their “Ancestral Father” was not Adam! THEY BELIEVE that they are our “humanoid cousins,” superior hybrids, part alien and only part human. They once reined from Olympus and were pharaohs. Whatever the real truth of their history, their “belief” is the driver of their actions!  Being the “true believers” they are, they will continue to operate in accordance with their belief and the laws of alien/darwinian-type survival. That’s why they interbreed, passing the garter in order, from one bridesmaid to the next to maintain the purity of the bloodline.  That’s why they secretly meet and connive, continuing to pass power between themselves. That’s why they must manage the rest of mankind, fooling them into focusing their life energy and ingenuity on wars of self-destruction and debt, so that we may be forever enslaved to their lusts on this “prison planet,” ’til death do us part. More than afraid, they know in their black hearts this is their fight for survival.  THE fight for survival!

It had begun, just as my friend had said, as a “Murder Investigation,” starting with the first murder when that luciferian demon dad had first whispered the evil deed to his willing child, Cain!  It has since continued down through time with Atlantian devolutions.  And God, wiping them off the earth in the days of Noah and the sons of Adam repeatedly fighting for their own survival, by destroying the aged, reptilian cross-bred giants in Caanaanland… and later, David destroying the hybrid Goliath and his four hybrid brothers. And now, as in the days of Noah, the hidden giants, the true believers—hiding in plain sight, so powerful, so important, and so, so afraid.

I was reminded how in the mountains of Afghanistan the people will say their cousin lives on the other side of that mountain then, in the next breath, remind you that the word for cousin is interchangeably the same word meaning “enemy.”

Interchangeably?  These earthbound, half -cousins of ours continue to laugh, but it is a nervous laugh at that! They have a joke or two at our expense, re-creating their lying father’s “fall to earth” and flashing their heretofore secret gang sign/hand signals to each other right in our face. I know now how dangerous their beliefs are, and I know that they are being driven by their beliefs, taught to them by their real father, the father of lies. And even now he knows “the truth” and whispers in his initiates’ ears just as he first did in Cain’s ear:  The “Sons of Adam,” as long as they live, are dangerous.

Just then my friend began to cite another law, stating, “And when you’re finally out of chocolates, it’s time to make stew!”

I begged his indulgence for a few minutes as I wandered down the hall to the restroom. I was wondering to myself, “Where did I leave my ladder? I gotta get outta this rabbit’s hole before the bad guys figure out there’s no rabbits for the rabbit stew they’re dreaming of for their caldron. They might decide to change cookbooks to suit whatever else they might find.”

“Ummm, yes.  There it is,” I thought.  They’d thought. . .”To Serve Man.”


My notes: Hagmann and Hagmann first posted the above story in May of 2014 saying it was show prep….”required reading” to prep you for the interview they did with “W” who is an “Anonymous Special Insider” from the May 3rd 2014, show.

This show with “Special Insider W” fascinated me and I probably listened to it at least 5 times. This man has been “rubbing elbows” with the elite his entire life. He doesn’t reveal much about himself. Just that he’s a Christian in a very prestigious industry who deals with these people regularly. They have tried to recruit him but he stands fast in his faith. But the things he has seen and the things he knows are insane.

It’s about DNA and why the elites believe their bloodline is different…and why it IS different (that third strand of DNA that they have). And how they are actually being deceived by ancient beings who are using them via their DNA and communicating with them through their occult rituals to carry out their plan (the fallen angels/demons) to take over God’s seed (us) via transhumanism…ultimately ending in the final battle in Revelations.

So in “W’s” interview you’re going to hear about that third strand of the Luciferian bloodline’s DNA that they thought was a parasite in that last story. It IS parasitical, but it’s NOT a 3rd strand of DNA. 

According to “W” It’s actually a type of “antennae” that the Ancients (fallen angels/Nephilim/ancient aliens..whatever you want to call them) bred into their own (the elite bloodline) so that they could “connect” with them via rituals (the elite always do their occult rituals during certain astrological times which has been hammered into them (the rituals and when they should be done) down the family line. 

This is b/c during certain movements of the moon, the stars, this antennae (the parasitical strand shown in DNA tests) is more easily connected with the “consciousness” of these ancient evil beings and it is then that they can more easily “download” their “instructions” to their ancestors (the elite). I feel like my language is crude in explaining this or even doing it justice b/c the way “W” explains it is almost scientific and way easier to understand. 

But basically, the end result is that these “ancient evil beings” who were around during before the flood of Noah are controlling the actions of today’s elite and “downloading” their instructions to the elite (via this “antennae” (which is attached to their DNA) and instructing them what to do next.

You know that one of Satan’s promise to these Luciferians, is that they can live forever, bypassing death, and in bypassing death, they will bypass God’s judgement.
What “W” explains is that scientists have now secretly figured out that “consciousness” is separate from the body (duh) and they have figured out how to actually download a person’s “consciousness” (their entire memory) onto a computer and then into another host. Which could be a machine (like a robot) or another human host (they can actually duplicate people using their DNA…making clones.) They’ve somehow learned how to “grow” the duplication very fast, into adulthood. He explains how but I can’t remember.
So basically a living person can have a duplicate of themselves. A living breathing human who IS them. Except this duplicate has no soul. B/c it was not created by God. It’s just a duplication of DNA. In these secret circles they call these duplications, “the others”.
So basically any consciousness can be downloaded into these “others” and you would not be able to tell the difference, except these duplicates need to be “reprogrammed” every so often b/c they have “glitches” and such. (And of course these “bodies” can more than likely host other “entities” which is scary all in itself.)
Now THIS is how the elite plan to live forever. By downloading their consciousness to a computer and when their human body gets old and wears out, their consciousness can then be downloaded into a robot or another human host (perhaps a duplicate) grown just for them.
So, my above explanation doesn’t even do it justice and there’s much more covered than just that. I’ve just NEVER heard this depth of detail and info about the “elite bloodline” (their third strand) and how it fits into Revelations. This broadcast was one I listened to multiple times (which I have never done) b/c it was stuff I had NEVER heard anywhere else about DNA, the fallen angels hybrids (the elite). This stuff will blow you away.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ8J_VwLurQ&w=560&h=315]
Note: After I published this article by Doug Hagmann someone commented below with a link to a story about the death of Amschel Mayor Rothschild in 1996. He was found hanging by his towel rack….an obvious murder made to (kind of) look like a suicide. Here is the link to that story.

Predictive Programming: In the TV show "Jericho" a Nuclear False Flag is Blamed on North Korea

Watched a video by TruthMediaRevolution titled “Forget Gotham Shield….Operation Jericho is in full swing” where he talks about a video he made in 2015 about the really popular TV series “Jericho” that aired in 2006. 

In this 2015 video he had gone into how “Jericho” was simply predictive programming….programming the public for what’s to come in the future. Planting ideas in the subconscious mind of the masses so that when they actually happen later, they are more easily accepted. 
The show aired eleven years ago in 2006, which seems far enough away for plausible deniability if the exact scenario just happens to play out in real time.
What he then points out (in the video he just made) is how he just noticed that in “Jericho” IRAN AND NORTH KOREA WERE THE SCAPEGOATS for a nuclear false flag pulled off by our own govt. 

Well what a coincidence. 
In the show it is eventually revealed that it was neither a foreign nor domestic terrorist act, but a conspiracy by “unknown perpetrators” within the highest levels of the U.S. government. (So they also like to tell us of their criminality in advance. Comes back to the spiritual law of consent. If they tell us of their plans in advance and we do nothing to stop it, we have in fact passively consented, which then gives them “legal right” to continue.)
“Jericho” was set in a small town in Kansas, in the aftermath of a limited nuclear attack on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States. The series begins with a visible nuclear detonation of unknown origin in nearby Denver, Colorado. 

Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Kansas City, San Diego, and several more cities not named are all attacked at once. Following this an EMP attack takes out all electronics. (New York was one of the cities supposed to be nuked but in the show the attack on NY City was foiled by alert New York City Police Officers who shot the would be bomber before he could detonate the nuclear bomb that he had hidden in the back of a van.) On a side note is that how they plan to detonate these nukes that they then plan to blame on North Korea? Out of the backs of vans? You never know. Just something to think about, being they like to inform us of their plans sometimes via Hollywood. 
Also in the show Wal-Marts are used as FEMA camps which we know they are doing now.

Just thought it was pretty coincidental that Iran and North Korea are blamed for a nuclear false flag followed by an EMP that is pulled off by our own govt.

Predictive programming? Or just a coincidence? 


Brent’s Story (highlights)
Brent was approached by the Indiana Department of Children Services who wanted him to sign away his “rights” to an “Abigail” of which he had no prior knowledge of. Brent was surprised to hear that he had a four-year-old little girl that he knew nothing about.
Abigail had been taken into custody by DCS because of allegations of 14 incidents of sexual rape and sexual molestation. DCS wanted to adopt Abigail out. Brent refused to sign the required papers for DCS to do so. But for no apparent reason, DCS refused to give Abigail to Brent.
In fact, DCS turned around in revenge, and accused Brent of being the perpetrator. DCS did this, knowing that Brent had known nothing about Abigail’s existence up until the point that THEY had informed him of it.
Brent was forced to defend himself in court against these malicious “charges”. This was really all about draining Brent financially for what was to come.
Brent took his claim to Abigail to a District Court and won, forcing DCS to give Abigail to him. Brent was successful in beating them in court a second time, but DCS had much more in store for Brent.
Over the past 5 years, DCS has continuously terrorized and maliciously persecuted Brent. Brent has refused to give DCS any involvement in the raising of his daughter. He simply wants to be left alone and to be allowed his and his daughter’s God-given right to the pursuit of happiness.
Brent had gone to court and won the rights to raise his own daughter. Abigail was safe from her former life of abuse…happy and thriving in her new home. Until everything changed….
Brent and Abigail
DCS came to Brent’s house one day, armed with a SWAT team but NO WARRANT and took Abigail, in order to return her to the home where she had endured the rapes and sexual abuse.
Conveniently, DCS, “Judge” Marilyn Moores, is married to a man on the SWAT team. As many of us have learned, these agencies are run by people who believe they are above the law. And in fact, they are! It is very difficult to hold them accountable when they occupy the highest positions in our judicial and political systems. They frequently violate their own laws and their peers make sure they get away with it.
Screenshot from Brent Swaller’s Facebook page
Brent Swallers Facebook post, 10-21-15
How does Marilyn Moores get away with stealing our precious little ones? She does so by impersonating a judge. Marilyn Moores is not a judge, and is not listed on the payroll of the county or state. How can this be? Marilyn uses the social security number of Ruth Garwood who died at the age of 87, on March 3, 1984. Marilyn has used multiple social security numbers in the past. WHO IS MARILYN MOORES? And who is she in collusion with? Why does she refuse to give Abigail back to Brent?
Proof Marilyn Moore is using a deceased woman’s SS#
DCS violently took Abigail from a safe and loving home and put her back into the house where she had endured 14 incidents of sexual molestation and rape.
When confronted with the evidence of their crime, DCS claims they know nothing about the documents they originally used years ago as their evidence to take Abigail in the first place. DCS now claims that the home where the sexual molestations and rapes took place has been investigated and “found to be a safe place”.

Indiana DCS is an agency under Governor Mike Pence. Governor Mike Pence has been contacted repeatedly by Brent who has pleaded for Pence to stop this rogue agency of his and to return Abigail to her home where she was thriving until DCS unlawfully seized her.
Mike Pence and “Judge” Marilyn Moores both receive financial bonuses for each child DCS takes and holds.
Upset that no one seemed to give a damn, and tired of being harrassed, Brent took lawful action against everyone that had a hand in the violent taking and carrying away of his treasured child. Brent opened cases in the court to prosecute the thieves and placed liens on their private property holdings and began to hold them liable in their private capacities. Mike Pence was now a DEFENDANT, one of thirty-six.
Brent Swallers vs Mike Pence
They responded by arresting Brent and “charging” Brent with six felony cases for fighting back.
Screenshot from Dan Swaller’s Facebook page (Brent’s father)
Screenshot from Dan Swaller’s Facebook page (Brent’s father
On Friday, July 15th, 2016, Donald Trump announced that Mike Pence was going to be his running mate, for the office of Vice President of the United States of America.
Just one week later, on July 22, 2016, the FEDERAL MARSHALLS SERVICE blasted into Brent’s home wearing bullet proof vests… armed with assault rifles and flash bangs and took Brent into custody. They also searched his property and confiscated all of his court documents which named Mike Pence as a defendant.
Screenshot from Dan Swaller’s Facebook page (Brent’s father)
Screenshot from Dan Swaller’s Facebook page (Brent’s father)
Why would the Federal Marshalls service, come on a Friday, using full force and do such a thing? They took Brent on Friday because the following business day on Monday, Brent was scheduled to testify against Mike Pence in a court of law. What would it look like if Pence had to leave Trump on the campaign trail to come and testify in a case such as this one? And possibly even be prosecuted for this crime of utter disregard and clear negligence in his home state? Pence knew that for him to secure the opportunity to be Vice President of the United States of America that he would have to dispose of Brent Swallers first. This is tampering with a witness.
And if it wasnt such a big deal then why would the Federal Marshall’s Service specifically seek out and confiscate all of Brent’s court documents regarding his case against Mike Pence and these thieves? This is tampering with evidence.
Screenshot from Dan Swaller’s Facebook page (Brent’s father)
Screenshot from Dan Swaller’s Facebook page (Brent’s father)
Eight months later, Brent is still locked away without indictment, without any charges and without a conviction. In fact, the Federal Marshall’s Service shuttled Brent from Indiana to Kentucky and hid Brent. Brent doesn’t even show up on the “inmate roster list” of the facility where they have him hidden.
Screenshot taken from Brent Swaller’s Facebook page (written by his father Dan Swaller)
Marilyn Moores is the judge that stole Abigail and refused to give her back, even though she has said from the bench that she knows how much Brent loves Abby. She told Brent, “It’s just that you and I have a different belief system”.
She’s an imposter who uses a dead woman’s SSN. And she is married to a man on the SWAT team that illegally came without a warrant and stole Abigail.
Then, Pence had Brent kidnapped and shuffled out of state on the Friday before they were to go to court the following Monday. Brent has been held almost 8 months without a trial. He has not even been given a date for the possibility of a trial. This is probably because they know there is nothing that will stand up in a court of law to keep him in jail. And they also know that Brent will not stop seeking justice for himself and his daughter if released. 
It’s quite chilling wondering why our own govt has put so much time and effort into getting Abigail. What could their motive possibly be? Well with the revelations of pizzagate I think we know the answer to that.  And if Mike Pence is such an upstanding guy, why has he not jumped in to help this poor man…who simply wants to protect and care for his daughter? It appears Mike Pence is only concerned about his image….which is why Brent Swaller’s has been “taken care of”.
Source (Brent’s Story)
Screenshot of Facebook comment by Dan Swaller (Brent’s father)

Also, there have been serious allegations against Pence as being involved in child trafficking, rape and murder. These allegations were made by Tory Smith, a victim himself, turned activist, who began making videos in 2015, outing the corrupt politicians and people who were raping and killing children in Milab bases.
Well on May 19th, 2016, Tory Smith began outing the wrong politician….Mike Pence, and less than two months later on July 10th, 2016 Tory was dead. Is it a coincidence that Tory died the same week that Mike Pence was publicly announced as Trump’s VP pick? This was also the week that Brent was taken. Sounds like someone was cleaning up some messes for Mr. Pence.
Here is Tory Smith’s story:[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl3Q2vKiOzE]

Another great video on it:[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSNF8uWhqzw]
And in case you missed it, I’m reprinting my blog post that I wrote about Mike Pence a few months ago below. Make sure you watch the video in this blog. It’s the most important part:
What You Don’t Know About Mike Pence: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
The following is a clip I took out of a video that I think everyone needs to see.
Mike Pence did something during Bush’s administration that outs him as another establishment, globalist puppet. This is VERY important to know. The establishment is hoping Conservatives don’t remember what he did right after 9-11.
I took this 7 min clip out of Anthony Antonello’s 2 hour video called “What you don’t know about Mike Pence, Election Day 4”. Its very short and IT IS A MUST SEE.
[vimeo 203040267 w=640 h=360]
The main point of this blog post is the video above. 
The following are just some of my extra notes about Pence:
Mike Pence is BFF’s with Paul Ryan which is huge clue #1. Did you see how excited Paul Ryan was when Pence was selected for VP? It is my personal opinion that Trump had to make a deal with the Republicans. He agreed to run with one of theirs as his VP in exchange for their support. Which was a crappy deal because he never got their support anyways.
The establishment chose Mike Pence because his loyalties have been well hidden and he has not done anything overt (except for what is exposed in this video which happened over a decade ago) to betray who he is and who he truly works for. If you remember, Pence was named as Trump’s VP right after Trump met with Henry Kissinger.)
During campaign season if you looked at the body language and non verbal cues between the two, it was obvious to anyone paying attention to details that Trump and Pence didn’t even seem to really like each other. Dave Hodges spoke about this alot after Trump chose Pence as his running mate.
I don’t blame people for doubting Trump is the real deal after we’ve been burned so many times but I’m confident he is real. And he will get things done…but he really made a bad decision choosing Mike Pence. Because with Pence next in line for the presidency we are one bullet away from another globalist puppet in the White House. And it is WAY too tempting for the PRICS (psychopaths really in charge) who are pissed their plans have been derailed.
Some more of my notes on Pence-
Pence has done nothing for abortion. He was FOR Obama care. He SUPPORTED the TPP and easily gave into gay rights bullies. Same thing happened with Reagan. He was forced to take a deal to use Bush as his VP running mate and not long after they tried to assassinate him.

“At the Republican National Convention in 1980 Reagan promised a small group of delegates led by Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, that he would not, “under any circumstance, have that man,” George Bush, as his running mate.
The next day Reagan announced Bush as his vice presidential selection. The small group confronted Reagan with the contradictions to which Reagan responded before walking away, “Had one Hell of a night with David and Henry.”
I reasoned that the establishment found it necessary to work with Reagan because of unplanned popular support and could drop their intense opposition to him if he would accept their man, a former CFR director, as his vice president. 
The CFR could still govern indirectly through Vice President George Bush on the things that mattered most to them.”Source

They chose Pence because he’s a closet globalist. Ppl don’t know much about his connections or his record and many things about him have been hidden which was why he was the best choice to force on Trump as a running mate. Also right before he was announced as VP after Trump met with Kissinger all of Pences congressional records were suddenly sealed.

“Pence recently sealed his congressional library until 2022. The records could be unsealed if the governor were to die before that date. That’s 12 years’ worth of records from his time in Congress. Michael Cherkis of The Huffington Post spoke with the archives director, Dina Kellams, at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, where the records are kept. She said, “It’s not standard but it’s not unusual. A vast swath of Pence’s public records have been sealed off from reporters.
Papers from Pence’s time in Congress, spanning 2001 to 2012, are currently housed at Indiana University in Bloomington. According to the library’s website, the collection comprises “23 cartons and approximately 70 GB of electronic records.” But under the donor agreement, the public is forbidden from seeing these materials until either Dec. 5, 2022, or the death of the donor ― whichever is later.
His archives could offer an important glimpse into the governor’s experience in Washington. Pence served on various House committees and subcommittees regarding everything from farming to international terrorism to the judiciary. He held leadership posts and was involved in some of the critical legislative battles of this century ― battles that resonate in the current election ― including immigration reform and the Wall Street bailout.
Pence’s communications office did not respond to a request for comment. “Source

Anyways watch the video posted in this article above titled “What You Don’t Know About Mike Pence” to see what role Pence played after 9-11 that outs him (in my opinion) as “one of them”. It’s very compelling.
Please don’t forget Abigail and her father Brent who has now been locked up for 8 months without a trial. 

Mike Pence is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

Attempted Medical Assassination of Josh Coy- FEMA Camp Whistleblower 

Written by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show
Two weeks ago, I interviewed Joshua Coy, a researcher and popular talk show host at WYDE- 101.1-FM radio, the largest station in the state of Alabama. We discussed our independent sources which highlighted the fact that Project HAARP is involved in behavior modification experiments at an Alaska FEMA camp facility.
Extreme Interference
Before the interview was concluded, the conversation was terminated by an external force of unknown origin. For two days, Josh and I attempted to re-establish communication and all attempts, via cell, email and text were unsuccessful.
The interview had external noises placed in the conversation, externally inserted and it was done after the fact. That was the conclusion that Josh came to as he had the sound engineer at his station run a diagnostic test on the noises which consisted of dishes clanging, a woman screaming and satanic music in the background.
The conclusion was that these noises were externally placed independent of the broadcast. Josh Coy and I are both experienced talk show hosts, if we had heard any such noises, we would have stopped the interview and called attention to it. The obvious intent of these interferences was designed to disrupt our conversation on the aforementioned topic.
Here is the original interview which prompted the controversy.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0-HoxK1DQw&w=560&h=315]
The Attempted Assassination of Joshua Coy
Josh Coy has a serious kidney condition for which he was hospitalized last week. He had discussion about a CT scan and use of a radioactive dye, as part of the process known as “Contrast”. Josh and his primary doctor decided against the procedure because it was contraindicated for someone with his condition.
The following night, Josh received three visitors. To his hospital room from the time frame of midnight to 3AM.
The first visitor was a nurse with the bedside manner of Genghis Khan. She walked into his room with a vile of “Contrast” and demanded he take substance and he would be taken for a CT scan at midnight. If this sounds out of the ordinary, it is. Josh steadfastly refused and cited his doctor’s objection to this procedure. After a lengthy argument, the so-called nurse gave up and exited the room.
A fake doctor entered his room at 2am and demanded he take the substance and they would instantly wheel him down for the scan. Again, an argument ensued and Josh refused to take the substance.
At 3AM a large fake doctor entered the room and attempted to physically intimidate Josh into taking the substance. Further, the two fake doctors carried the vile of the “Contrast” with a nurse present. When does that every happen? At 3AM?

The Real Doctor’s Reaction

The next morning, the real doctor visited Josh and he relayed what happened the night before. The real doctor was stunned and said we agreed not to do these and he had no idea who these other “doctors” were.
What is the conclusion? Before you answer, consider the fact that I suddenly came down with pneumonia on the same day as Josh on the night in question. The onset of the symptom were acute and dangerous.
I interviewed Josh about his experiences in the following video.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pWwni3ZwJs&w=560&h=315]
Perhaps we should pay more attention to the Alaskan FEMA facility and their behavioral modification experiments.