Is it just me or has Dave Hodges totally and suddenly changed? He always had cutting edge info. never a dull moment on his page…and you could tell he was legitimately passionate about it.

Now I can’t help but notice that every headline coming off of his site is some of the most boring, generic, mediocre stuff I’ve ever seen. It’s SOO unlike him to just use “filler”.

Recently Dave had a woman who allegedly knew victims in the TX church massacre (which I believe to be a huge hoax/false flag). This was my article on the fakery: Texas Church Shooter Killed Children Who Were Never Born

Anyways, this woman he had on was the worst actress I’ve ever heard. A FB friend sent me the interview and I had to turn it off after 5 min of listening to her.

It’s funny because I mentioned this interview to another FB friend and he said he had actually listened to it and done the same exact thing. He’d only been able to get through a few min of  it because of its nauseating blatant fakery. So that just confirmed to myself it wasn’t just me or my own bias.

During the interview, this guest of Hodges did a Robbie Parker where she huffed and puffed trying to muster up enough emotion before crying and telling her story. It was extremely uncomfortable… And I was really surprised Hodges didn’t catch that…or think it was odd. He’s a smart man. The entire show was very blatantly spitting state propaganda… just more fodder to add to the fire suppose.

I feel like something happened to him. What exactly? I don’t know… but he’s changed.

Makes me think back to this article he wrote in Feb of 2015 titled Government Sponsored Mind Control Will Soon Eliminate All Free Will where he spoke of a whistleblower who was trying to warn him about the nefarious plans they had for him.

Troubles me to say this…but I think that what he was being warned about in 2015 has now gone live.

This is an excerpt from that article Hodges wrote in 2015:


“Three summers ago, my son I were in the middle of a father-son golf vacation in Colorado. One night, while driving back to our hotel, at about midnight, I received a call from a man who said he wanted to be a whistleblower on government sponsored mind control projects being researched and developed at post-secondary institutions such as Arizona State University. I asked the man how he got my number, and he said I was on a list being maintained by the government which was stored at the place in which he was involved in research. The informant named myself, Alex Jones, Doug Hagmann, Steve Quayle and several others. He said the purpose of the list was to use some, if not all of the listed media personalities for remote mind control experiments and to turn them into unwitting accomplices to the NWO. At first, I thought I was dealing with a nut. 

The rational left side of the brain had a hard time fully believing this source. However, when I questioned him about the technology and how it was to be implemented, he had unusual knowledge of the brain and its functions and I realized that this man had very specialized knowledge and training. This source and I had several late night conversations, after my young son went to bed, about the technology and why he was so opposed to it. He told me something that seemed quite unbelievable at the time. He said that they were working on a plan to implement mind control over human beings using nanotechnology which would be delivered in a variety of ways. Vaccines were one part of this delivery plan. I feel the frantic insistence that everyone be vaccinated is connected to this plan. Also connected to this plan were specificed electromagnetic waves, tied to specific frequencies, which would elicit certain emotional responses and the inhalation of certain “smart particles”. 

In his role as a doctoral candidate research assistant, it was his role to observe and catologue mind control experiments. He was quite clear that the technology worked almost all of the time. 

I scheduled this whistleblower for a radio appearance on my show. When he asked me if I could disguise his voice, I told him that “they” already knew we were talking and it was an unnecessary precaution. I told him the light of day and massive media exposure constituted his best line of defense.

The next day, he called and said he was confronted at work and was told they did indeed know he was speaking to me. It was the last I ever heard from him. How did I know he was real? I have an excellent understanding of how the brain works and how external stimuli can be brought to bear to bring about mood and behavioral changes. This person had a level of awareness in this area that surpassed my own. To the neuroscientists reading this, he had great understanding of how this technology took advantage of brain lateralization and plasticity in terms of maximizing the effects of the external stimulus. 

-Link to rest of the article

I posted the above info on my personal Facebook page and asked my friends what they thought. Many of them said yes they too had noticed the change in him. Here are a couple of their comments in response to me (names have been blurred out):

I asked my friend what changes she had noticed in him….

Its funny because what she just described are the same changes I’ve noticed in Trump.

And regarding that I saw this posted on Reddit by user Abraham108. It was posted 6 mo ago but it’s still interesting. Pics were posted with it:

“I am a certified hypnotherapist who recognizes the signs of hypnotic entrancement that I’m seeing on Donald and others of his cabinet and staff. These signs include sore and reddened eyes from non-blinking, closed or near closed eyes, dilated pupils, glaring trance gaze, lethargic attitude, among others. Another affect of hypnosis is called Post Hypnotic Amnesia (PHA) which accounts for why Jess Sessions cannot remember his meeting with Russian Kislyak– Stephen Miller caused him to forget it. Miller and Kushner are out to destroy Donald, including removing honest members of his cabinet who endanger their agenda. The reason cameras have been banned for most of the White House briefings is so no one will notice how Sean Spicer’s eyes are red and non-reactive to the lights due to Stephen Miller’s entrancement. That could giveaway that Spicer’s under hypnotic influence, which Miller wishes to prevent. When Spicer’s eyes look better, that’s when cameras will be allowed. Donald is a patriot who wishes to help America; he needs our help to expose and remove Miller and Kushner before they can do anymore damage! Karen Scheibler and others have noticed this sign on Donald in situations where his pupils shouldn’t be.”

I’m curious….what do you think? You have to admit….its a relevant question.