Wow…un-freaken-believable. I’ve been telling everyone that pretty much any story they see lately on the news is fake.

Check this out (its only a minute long). This is absolutely huge news.

How they were caught faking their biggest news story…one they’ve been covering now for weeks on end. Watch this:

Anytime there is a big story being covered by our sold out govt controlled media for days on end you can almost rest assured that its fabricated. They are proven liars who stage psyop after psyop on us. The default position must now be disbelief until proven otherwise.

We know that the New World Order is almost here and that no huge news story is randomly being told by coincidence. There is an argument to be made that if the government and media did that now that might be considered wasted resources. All big news stories now have a specific purpose.

Do NOT underestimate the PRICS (psychopaths really in charge). When you have unlimited money, resources, technology and power, and you are HELL BENT on conditioning the population you can and will do just about anything. They can and they do… Don’t be deceived.