Wow! So the Paddock brothers are known pedophiles (with convictions) and now it has been discovered that they are the long time owners of 2 homes that sit on the Northwest edge of Bohemian Grove. One of the homes is on the north access road and is within walking distance of the Grove (0.9 miles). Jake Morphonios

So this investigative report from Jake Morpheus and his “Blackstone Intelligence Network” ( formerly End Times News Report) just came out and it is HUGE.

Jake is extremely interesting…I was expecting to have to listen to the usual filler just to get to the few good pieces of info but surprisingly I was actually enthralled the entire video. He’s very interesting and I was not bored with one minute of this.

This is the first time I’ve really noticed Jakes work and I’m very impressed. I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to notice him.

This is HUGE info… Jake relays an inside source’s first hand account of what went on behind closed doors in the jail with Paddocks brother and what happened after the CIA set Stephen Paddock up in this false flag.

He also reveals the fact that the Paddock brothers owned homes practically inside of Bohemian Grove! (As close as one could possibly get to the property).

Now what are the chances of the Paddock brothers owning houses NEXT TO the Bohemian Grove… like right there on the border of it…

I’m telling you…the info in this vid is FASCINATING. Entire vid.

And then the Google street view car caught photos of a man and some children standing in the window of the Paddocks house….which is creepy as all hell. It’s very clear too.

Are Children Inside The Paddock Home at Bohemian Grove?