A video has surfaced of a former Chicago gang member, claiming that he witnessed the government dropping off crates of guns and ammunition in the black community with his own eyes.

“I’m telling you right now, they’ve been dropping the guns off in crates for years. I’ve seen it twice in my lifetime. I saw it in 1990 and again in 1999.”

The man in the video claims that this is how the guns keep getting on the street and why the wars do not stop.

He said:

“I kinda want to make people aware of some things you don’t know, cause you never really been out there and you wouldn’t know it and It’s going to be hard to believe. But…myself for a fact, and several others I ran with, know this to be the truth. Growing up in Chicago in the early 90’s the same situation was happening.”

Chicago has some of the most strict laws on gun control in the United States…but they also have a huge body count…with over 3,000 deaths as a result of gun violence just this year.

The man formerly from Chicago asked viewers to acknowledge what he believes to be the core problem with gun violence in Chicago:

“That’s the part people got to focus on. And gun control…how are you going to control something if you’re still putting it down there? That’s propaganda when they saying there’s gun control…when we are lobbying for gun control. You’re not trying to control nothin when you’re still putting guns out there. They given it to them.”

The former gang member says repeatedly for onlookers to ask themselves:

”Where are the guns coming from? There are no gun stores in Chicago.”

Many of the weapons, including fully automatic hand guns, and exotic guns you cannot buy in a gun store, were said to be in these crates along with matching bullets.

“Almost everybody in the hood have a gun. There is a plot and plan that is strategically against the black community,” He claimed. “They don’t have a gun license, so how are they getting the guns?”

One individual on Reddit commented on the post claiming:

“I can believe it, I was involved with gangs as a teen. I never met the guy but my friends that were above me mentioned once that the AKs and grenades we had on tap came from an FBI guy. But then again, I couldn’t prove nor disprove what I was told.

Also…the ex-gang member in this vid was saying the guns they’re dropping in the hood are exotic fully automatic guns that you can’t even find in a gun store…that shoot like 100 bullets at a time. He said that’s why so many innocent bystanders die in places like Chicago… because these kids can’t even control the weapons they’re using. This is by design

Listen to him talk about it in this video. It’s pretty interesting.