Wow check this out…so this firefighter was on a ski trip with a bunch of his fellow firefighters in New York last Wednesday and towards the end of the day decided to do one more last run by himself since his friends wanted to go in.

He never came off the mountain. He straight disappeared almost as if into thin air. Search parties were all over the mountain looking for him for 6 days.

Then suddenly 6 days after he dissapeared off the mountain he shows up in my area yesterday … 2900 miles away……in Sacramento, California!! At the Sacramento Airport.

Stumbling around completely disoriented.


Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, 49, after being found by Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies.

Still wearing his helmet…his goggles and everything!

He can’t remember how he got there or what happened. He immediately called his wife and she told him to call 9-1-1.

He was treated at the hospital and police say there are no indications of mental illness or drug use.

Sounds like what happens to some of the ppl who go missing in the National Forests. They appear miles away from where they disappeared …only a short time later.. the ones who do show up later are disoriented and can’t remember what happened.

This firefighter from NY is no different. He says he doesn’t remember anything and has no idea how he ended up in Cali.

A story came out a day later saying he said he vaguely remembers being in the back of something that seemed like a big rig and that he “slept alot”….he also showed up with a haircut.

Another odd thing…why was the dept of Homeland security involved in a missing persons case to begin with. (They were involved in the search efforts which isn’t normal.)

Here’s a video secure team did about it.

Then he did an updated one thats also interesting.