(NOTE: I wrote this a few days ago.)

Wow…so this morning I finally got off of “suspension” from Facebook. For 24 hours I couldn’t do anything except observe on Facebook. I couldn’t like, comment, send messages and of course post. This was my first experience with being suspended (surprisingly.)

And all because I uploaded the video of that crisis actor kid David Hogg rehearsing his lines. This one.


(Luckily I had downloaded it because it has been scrubbed from almost every major platform now. I’m half wondering if WordPress will allow it being they also are owned by “them”.)

When I first uploaded it no one had really seen it yet. I found it in an article on beforeitsnews and it only had a few hundred views. I thought it was gold so I uploaded the video to my FB page…logged out…went and did some stuff… came back online an hour later and my jaw dropped.

Within just one hour the video was at 20k views and climbing fast…in less than 36 hours it had received 868k views and 30k shares!!

Yesterday morning when I logged in, the vid on my FB page was at over a MILLION views (in just 48 hours)

Not long after I saw that it had reached a million I was locked out of my acct. FB removed it and suspended me for 24 hours saying it went against their community standards.

Then it was a tad confusing because after they said it went against their community standards they then sent me a notice saying it was spam?

But it was kind of awesome to watch a video go viral that fast. Within 48 hours mainstream media was having to address it.

I’d like to think I had a small part in that. Feels good to know you’ve made a dent (however small) against that patient beast…the NWO. Of course the barrage of abuse and death threats that come with it are a tad disconcerting… but that just means you’re over the target.

Anyways one of my favorite new YouTubers Truth Happens made this amazing video about the whole thing. It was removed from her channel within minutes. Luckily I had already downloaded it. I love her vids. Here it is:

Subscribe to her channel. She’s REALLY good at making vids.

I’m really encouraged with how many “regular people” are paying attention this time.

But now Facebook has like assigned me my own personal “watcher” from the FB “team ” who appears to monitor my every move in real time.

Last night this person was going through my acct purging my posts left and right (this in and of itself is absolutely chilling). I’d get a notice every time another post was removed. They quit telling me which ones. I just got the notification. And now they are holding everything I post until it is reviewed and approved… by who? One of their liberal twats I’m assuming….stupid kids who don’t realize they’re participating in 1984. Aka their own demise. Useful idiots.

Another post of mine that was removed was one that pointed out that Rep Ted Deutsch who was front and center at that ridiculous “town hall mtg demanding guns be taken away, had been interviewed by our boy David Hogg in late January…just ONE MONTH BEFORE THE FL SCHOOL SHOOTING (the alleged one).

Here’s Rep Deutch, the star of the show at the “gun confiscation pep rally” aka the “town hall” they recently did which was one big propaganda show.

And what’s this you say? Rep Deutch gave an interview to a young journalist named David Hogg?? In January a month before the shooting? Why how totally coincidental!

Anyways just a couple min after I was let out of FB jail they had put me back in for 3 days. For WHAT??

Check this out:

Russian bots around every corner “hiding in the shadows”…Give me a freaken break.

This is Facebook’s sickening attempt at sugarcoating their tyranny in this vid which explains how they decide what stays and what goes:


That feeling you get when all your classmates die…..

These kids are way too happy….. reveling in their new found stardom.

And look at the faces of these Americans…

These are the stupid useful idiots cheering wildly for guns to be confiscated and ppl to be locked up without due process. These are the ppl who need to be rounded up and put in re-education camps and/or removed from the gene pool. Sounds harsh but think of it like a drowning person. They’re going to bring us all down with them. These idiots are the reason America is falling so fast.

These kind of people are also the first to be killed when the iron curtain drops. There is no honor among thieves.

Also just a side note….someone sent these to me….their friend sent it to them. Their friend is working for one of these crisis acting companies.

Oregon huh?….Get ready Oregon….Be on alert….

Since I wrote the above I have come to find out that my entire vimeo channel has been deleted. Just gone. These channels take years of work…. And then they just delete them because they don’t want you exposing their corruption? Just WOW. It really pisses me off. 50 shades of pissed off I am. Vimeo was the channel I uploaded all the videos to that would get deleted from YouTube (I’m on my 3rd YouTube channel now.) Man they are really really purging the internet now. It’s pretty unsettling. They write history it appears.

Well I’m going to continue to upload these false flag videos to various platforms to keep them alive. In fact my next post will be all the Parkland shooting vids that they keep taking down.

Check this out:

CNN tracks down an old lady who ran a pro-Trump Facebook group. Accuses her of being in contact with Russians. 😂😂 Omg my sides hurt.



What’s the logic here? Do they really believe that some old lady is the mastermind behind Trump?

Poor lady….she’s like “What’s this fool smoking?”

I’m thinking about identifying and purposely interacting with some Russians in order to try and bait CNN into an interview. 😂

They are blatantly harrassing regular folks for liking Trump. We need to go public on harrassing CNN for being involved in the hoax shooting in Florida.


Do they not realize how absolutely pathetic and ridiculous their fake “Russian panic” appears to the rest of us? I mean I get that they’re trying to whip everyone into a frenzy over it… but is it really working? I dont know because I don’t really hang around any liberals to know what they really think about it….and anyone who leaned left even in the slightest has dropped me as a FB friend so I dont see posts about it or anything. Do you guys know anyone who really believes all the stuff about “Russian collusion” and all that? Just wondering if they really still have an audience for these theatrics or if they’re just so far gone they don’t really care.

I heard on NPR this morning that in fact all opinions other than the official narrative for all shootings came from Russian bots. Everything is a conspiracy theory, and it’s all because Russian bots conspired to make you believe Russian lies.

They’re really losing their grip on the situation. NPR usually lays it on pretty thick, but usually they have some way to spin things. They’re coming unhinged.

Also, in case you didn’t know this, there aren’t any rapes or sex crimes or anything like that in Sweden.


Sultan Knish aka Daniel Greenfield one of my fav writers wrote a funny piece on this:

Monday, February 12, 2018
By Daniel Greenfield

“The Democrats have a bold plan for fighting Russia.

Accuse Republicans of treason, eavesdrop on their conversations and send them to jail. Overturn the outcome of a free election by saying that it had been tampered with by “foreign interests.” Demand that tech companies censor dissenting media outlets spreading “fake news” to protect “democracy”.

Good work, comrades. The bold plan is to fight Russia by… becoming Russia.

State surveillance, endless investigations and locking up political opponents under the guise of fighting foreign influences is how Vladimir Putin does business. It’s how they do it in Turkey, Venezuela and Iran.

But these days it’s how the Dems do it too.

Totalitarian states aren’t really fighting foreign influences. They’re suppressing domestic opponents. The Democrats, who were for appeasing Russia before they were against it, are doing the same thing.

The same gang of commissars, czars and apparatchiks that giggled when Obama wrote off Romney’s warning with, “the 80s called and wants their foreign policy back” now sees Russians under every sofa. Hollywood, which still weeps for the industry’s victims of McCarthyism, launched a “Committee to Investigate Russia” by Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner and Morgan Freeman. After several months of trying, the Committee members have finally found Russia on a map and are ready to reveal their findings on CNN.

Do any of these people actually care about Russia?

What have they done to check Putin’s geopolitical ambitions? What do they plan to do about the Ukraine or Georgia? Nothing. Their administration dismantled missile defense and gave Moscow everything it wanted. If the Dems get back into the White House, they’ll do it all over again with even more uranium on top.

And CNN and the Washington Post will go back to claiming that weakness is really a strength.

Their only answer now is to mumble about sanctions. Sanctions were a favorite tool of the Obama administration because they were a mostly worthless excuse to do nothing. There was never any fallback plan for what to do if sanctions failed. And when they did fail, there was no Plan B.

All the CNN hawks and the Democrats who suddenly care about Russia still have no post-sanctions plan. They have a plan to get Trump out of the White House. They have no proposals for Putin or Russia.

The leftists who can’t stop “Russianing” all over the place don’t want to fight Russia. They’re using it as a pretext to go after other Americans. The “Committee to Investigate Russia” and the rest of it is a shoddy pretext to lock up Republicans by a political movement that has been appeasing Russia since the 1930s.

After almost a century of appeasement, the doves have suddenly turned into bellicose hawks. And they’re eager to do anything to stop Russia, except build up our military, but they will fight Putin to the last Republican. And they’ll go on fighting until they win another election and freedom dies for good.

If you believe them, Russia’s Facebook posts pose a greater threat to democracy than the entire Communist movement did during the Cold War. And Russian bots are a more dangerous weapon than the nuclear bomb. The ideological movement that protested the execution of the Rosenberg atom bomb traitors would like to send everybody who ever spoke to a Russian to prison for twenty years.

Locking up people for meeting with foreigners was the sort of thing they did back in the Soviet Union.

No mainstream political figure during the Cold War spoke seriously of removing the President of the United States from office. The one member of Congress whom we know spied for Russia, a Democrat, retired comfortably into the bosom of his party’s political machine. Senator Ted Kennedy, who sent a collusion letter to Moscow to prepare for his presidential bid, never suffered any consequences.

His great-nephew even delivered the Democrat response accusing Russia of being “knee deep” in our democracy.

But it’s the Democrats that are “knee deep” in tyranny.

The same political movement that believes that one of history’s greatest outrages was that a handful of Hollywood hacks had trouble getting work for a few years because they were Communists would like to remove the President of the United States because his son once talked to a Russian

The anti-Communists were trying to save us from Communism. What is Hollywood’s new McCarthyism trying to save us from? What ideology are they fighting and what terrible evil are they resisting?

That’s when they mumble something about “interference in our elections” and then go back to studying diagrams of Trump hotels in Kyrgyzstan or Alma-Ata. The interference consisted of $100K worth of Facebook ads and some hacked DNC emails. Or they call it in Chicago, Wednesday.

It was never about Russia.

Shouting “treason” isn’t how you fight foreigners, it’s how you delegitimize your political opponents. Sometimes they might be illegitimate traitors. But most of the time the traitor-shouters just want an excuse for getting rid of their political opponents. Domestic politics has limits. War doesn’t.

If your opponents are traitors, you can spy on them, entrap them and imprison them. You can overturn elections, censor the press and take any measures you need to defend against a foreign threat.

And that’s exactly what the born-again Communist patriots of the left are doing.

To save us from $100K in Facebook ads and their own hacked DNC emails, they had to eavesdrop on Trump officials, bring them up on charges and run an endless investigation of the President of the United States. Obama and Clinton supporters in the IRS, State, the FBI, the DOJ and the NSA broke a few rules. But they were protecting us from the Russian menace lurking in Trump Tower.

Just ask Putin. It’s how he does it. It’s how every dictatorship does it.

Waterboarding the mastermind of 9/11 is not “who we are as Americans”. So said the politician whose regime spied on members of Congress, pro-Israel activists, reporters and the Trump team. But Muslim terrorists didn’t represent a grave threat to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Republicans did.

To Obama, ISIS was just a jayvee team. The worst it could do is kill a few thousand Americans and a few million middle easterners. The left’s real enemies are the ones that threaten its policy agenda.

The definition of treason is one important difference between a free country and a totalitarian state.

Treason in a free country is a threat to the nation. In a totalitarian state, it’s a threat to the ruling class. The tighter the tyranny, the narrower that definition of treason becomes until it’s reduced to one man.

The American left rejected the presidential victories of George W. Bush and Donald Trump. It treats Congress and the Supreme Court as illegitimate institutions because it doesn’t control them.

Legitimate government in its eyes doesn’t derive its authority from the consent of the governed, but from its ideology. Any elected officials who don’t believe in global warming, open borders, freeing criminals, socialized medicine and appeasing terrorists are traitors against the authority of the left.

Tyrants accuse their enemies of treason to the nation, when what they’re really charging them with is treason against their politics. It is the enemies of tyranny who are true patriots while the tyrants are the traitors. And so the tyrants have to portray the patriots as a foreign threat.

The average lefty stopped caring about Russia once it stopped being the motherland of Socialism. You couldn’t get Bernie Sanders to honeymoon there again if you offered him his choice of Stakhanovite brand underarm deodorant in icy gulag or spicy radioactive varieties.

Russia in America now serves the same function as America in Russia. It’s a casus belli for delegitimizing the supporters of a free society as catspaws of foreign interests who must be suppressed. Like 1984’s Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, leftist interlinked tyrannies collaborate even while they pretend to fight each other as a pretext for repressing their own populations. Or as Obama once told Russia’s Medvedev, “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

The left would like this to be the last election so its leaders can have maximum flexibility.

Not to fight Russia, but to fight America.

The political movement that once took its marching orders from Moscow doesn’t want to stop Russia. It wants to pretend that its political reign of terror, the illegal eavesdropping, the investigations, the censorship, the sudden raids against its political opponents, and the rest of the KGB tactics are a necessarily evil in the face of a “constitutional crisis”.

There’s a constitutional crisis and it isn’t Russian bots. It’s the left.

When leftists who don’t believe in the constitution speak about a “constitutional crisis”, what they really mean is that we need to suspend the constitution to deal with this emergency. Obama’s illegal KGB tactics of surveillance and investigations have already bypassed the most basic constitutional norms.

Now the Democrats are signaling that they’ll have to suspend all of it to deal with this “crisis”.

The left doesn’t want to fight Russia. It wants to turn Americans into Russia.”