I was saying to someone just yesterday that I’ll bet they’re gonna hit us with several more tragic school shootings one right after another….until the public clamors for something to be done.

Parkland was just the beginning. Mark my words.

Reffering to Bill Cooper after Columbine:

“Watch for the rose presented at a future school shooting, it is then that the NWO will make it’s move”.

“Bill Cooper’s broadcast after the Columbine shooting. In this (two hour) broadcast, he talks about “the rose”, and when we see it in a future school shooting that it was a symbol that the New World Order was ready to make it’s move. We saw this rose come forward with the “valentines day shooting” in Florida, but everyone thought it was simply done because it was valentines day. Not so, the rose, according to Cooper, is the symbol of the New World Order, the birth of their new world order, when it is finally realized. Cooper also goes over how the shooting would be used to take our rights away, and how secret societies were involved with Columbine. Keep in mind Cooper said this 20 years ago“.
-Jim Stone
So it appears that not only was a rose presented at the Parkland shooting
Florida’s mayor holds a rose at a memorial for the fake victims
….but they have presented that rose at SEVERAL major false flags since Sandy Hook.
Sandy Hook appears to be the first one they used the rose at….
….which makes sense….they truly believed Sandy hook was going to be the one that successfully got the guns. It worked in Scotland. The Dublane Massacre. The School Shooting that the public was so horrified by that they didn’t protest the new laws and gun confiscation that followed. The Dublane Massacre was a fraud..a fake event used to take away the guns. Sandy Hook was modeled after the Dublane Massacre. They thought it would work here too….they were mistaken
A friend of mine has a family member who lives in Newton who played a major role in the Sandy Hook fraud. (I promised him if I ever spoke publicly about this that I wouldn’t give any identifying details…so forgive me for being vague).Anyways my friend told me that back in 2008 this family member suddenly had loads of $ rolling in…he didn’t know where it was coming from…but his family member was boasting about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they were being paid to participate in a future event…a fake event that would be covered by the media as real…one that would be used to get Americans to give up their guns. He didn’t understand what his family member meant at the time but when it finally happened FOUR years later in 2012 and his family member played an important role…he knew that was it.
(When this person told me their story I was the first person he had ever told this to…I brought him into my Sandy Hook group and we vetted this person and discovered he really was related to said person who played major role in Sandy Hook.) So this tells us it was being planned at least as far back as 2008 and these ppl were being paid HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS…from our taxes no doubt.
They sure love their symbolism
(What’s interesting is that my friend saw this same family member as a crisis actor in a recent false flag just last year I believe?… the airport terminal shooting in FL. His family member was very blatantly doing the Shhh sign in the photos. With one finger over the lips.)
(Significance of Shhh….
Sandy Hook got a “new town” of Newtown, CT around 2010.
In 2010, a new hair salon was leased where an older hairstylist was kicked out unexpectedly from their storefront by the owner even when a new contract was being considered. An article was written about this in the Stamford Advocate. The barber shop that came into town was named, “Shh…co.” The hair salon’s symbol is a red, bloody handprint with white heart in its center. Handprints are universal symbols for kids and children.
The heart in hand is a masonic symbol and symbolizes human sacrifice and even the cutting out the victims’ hearts.
It is very odd that a hair salon wants to be known as Shh…co. as if to say, “Shh…be quiet. Keep silent about what you know.”
Shh…we have pledged to keep quiet about the Sandy Hook incident…
They truly believed Sandy Hook was gonna be it. That it would be the catalyst that made everyone willingly bow down and hand in their firearms. Hence the rose…
When it didn’t work they did another….where the rose was presented….
Pulse Nightclub
The recent TX church shooting they used roses as well. These are pics showing the inside of the church they painted white (over all the blood and guts) and put roses on each chair for each alleged “victim ” which at the time seemed weird to me. But now makes sense.
There may even be others I’m not aware of where the rose was presented. These are just the ones off the top of my head.
So I was thinking about this and thinking that perhaps each of the false flags with roses are “the one” they planned to be “the one” that would successfully take away gun rights. But they kept failing.
This whole thing makes the band name “Guns & Roses ” hold a new significance.
And rest assured that these are just stories. They’re not really killing kids. If you need to understand why they always use the hoax model click here.
Looks like with this last one they are pushing the gun control ban HARD and have even written up a bill banning all semi-automatic weapons… that is SERIOUS.
They have billions of our tax $ to spend on these hoaxes. Stand by for many more guns and roses….America is being attacked from the INSIDE.