Did you guys see the shockingly brazen pictures that Joel & Victoria Osteen tweeted not long ago at their son’s graduation? Where they do the devils horns?

These shocking tweets are still up on both of their Twitter accts…here and here.

They got major flack for it but never issued a statement or removed the pictures from Twitter.

And please don’t comment that the hand sign they’re making is the TX Longhorns hand sign. I know that. I dont care what else it is.

When you’re a worldwide known pastor supposedly representing Jesus to millions of people across the world, you don’t pose doing the obvious devil’s horns hand sign and THEN post it on your public Twitter acct…

period …

and then play dumb like you don’t know.

They’re not stupid. That was not naivety….that was an opportunity.

I believe that Joel and Victoria Osteen are practicing Luciferians of the highest order. Infiltrators into the church. Victoria Osteen comes from a bloodline family who are heavily involved in freemasonry. I believe that Joel and his family are part of the MK Ultra program that infiltrated the churches in the 1970’s.

Sherry Shriner spoke once about Joel’s “position” in his local Satanic group in Texas….take a listen to this short clip.

That clip was taken out of a video by The Black Child called “The High Priests of Satanism”. It is now gone since his channel got terminated in “The purge” by YouTube but you can watch the entire video in full here if you want to. (Luckily a reupload was posted by someone so it was preserved online.)

You can see that Joel has the same 666 on his official logo that Monster Energy Drink uses. The Hebrew F, the 6th letter of the alphabet.

Among other obvious symbols he implements into his logos and surroundings.

His wife can barely hide her evil…. even my mom who loves Joel Osteen can’t stand Victoria Osteen.

In this next video Joel Osteen is rebuked by 6 born again Christians at Lakewood church. This is an awesome video (was made in July 2017).

These 6 men felt God lay it on their heart to warn the people of Lakewood church. So they went to one of Joel’s services on a mission…and ended up in jail. But they had the conviction to do what most would never have the courage to. To warn… This vid gave me chills. Really well done.

Another interesting video is this one title titled “Joel and Victoria Remove Their Mask….Inwardly They Are Ravenous Wolves” by Honest News Network, where he shows their faces contorting in odd ways…. check this out….its bizarre…

Here’s a link to the original video on YouTube if you want to subscribe to this guy.

The prosperity gospel won’t save you. It’s a distraction and people like it because it’s more along the lines of what we all WANT to hear. No one wants to examine the sin in their life.

It’s easier to believe that God wants you to get that front row parking spot. All you have to do is use your positive thinking (like “The Secret” only with a little Jesus thrown in there) and all good things will happen for you.

Tell that to a Christian in the Middle East who’s just trying to survive another day with his head still attached to his body.

Some of my favorite Joel Osteen memes.

On a side note…. did you notice that the Mandela effect changed Joel’s last name from Olsteen to Osteen?