I ran across a YouTube channel called “Dictionary of Truth” ran by a girl named Rachel who absolutely blew my mind with a premise and the succeeding evidence she then presented.

Just a few weeks after I ran across her work, she took EVERYTHING down. Her website, her YouTube channel (each video had millions of views) and her Facebook group. I was shocked as this was something she was REALLY into and had put HUNDREDS of HOURS of her time into. I believe she was threatened. That has to be the only explanation, as it was all very abrupt and sudden.

Luckily I had saved four of my favorite videos of hers before they all disappeared and I will present those videos in this post.

I feel perhaps it was divine timing for me to come across her when I did…as her work is so important and needs to be preserved and passed on. I’m so glad I have at least these ones…although there were many I hadn’t gotten to that were prob just as good.

Rachel has amazing editing skills. She also always picks great music.

So onto what this is…this is something I had never heard before…something HUGE… but it made so much dang sense the more I thought about it and looked into it.


Were you aware that a huge secret the elite keep is that giants who died in tbe flood literally turned into rock? All mountains you now climb are the bodies of petrified giants and other living things that have turned into mud fossils! The rocks were alive!

There were giants in the earth in those days… Literally in the earth… Their bones became part of the ground… Literally!

Where do you suppose the dead bodies of enormous size beings are? Their bodies were not buried in the ground the way we bury our dead.

They all died together in the great flood.

The YouTube channel “Mudfossils” goes into the science behind it if you want to understand how. But in the meantime check this out! This is wild.

You MUST watch these videos. They’re AMAZING. And watch them in the order I put them in, in this post. This first one is the most important I think.

Get ready to have your mind blown friends.

When It All Makes Sense…Giants & Titans Were Real!

The next “Dictionary of Truth” video. Titled “We Thought We Knew”. Another AMAZING video.

About the giant animals and trees and people who existed on this earth (realm) before the great flood. The ones who’s bodies still remain as our mountains and rocks. THEY LIED TO US EVEN ABOUT THE ROCKS. THE ROCKS AND MOUNTAINS ARE THE BODIES OF ONCE LIVING THINGS. THE ROCKS WERE ALIVE!

Another great vid with a few quick basics about what earth (this realm) we live in used to be like in ancient days before the flood. Not only are the giants bodies still here who died in the flood (all rocks and mountains are the mudfossils of once living creatures) but….well, check this one out. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a short one. But still worth the watch.

The kids movie Avatar may have put out more clues about our past than anyone thought.

Title is “Truth Reloaded”. Great vid.


15 min of proof. GREAT collection of pics of petrified giants turned into rock.

If you’re having a hard time getting any of the above videos to play you can also find them on my YouTube page here.

And the following vid is from a very smart man Roger Spurr. He explains the science behind how these giant living creatures turned into the rocks and mountains all across earth today.

Video on mudfossils the basic science behind it (this is a link to the same video on Roger Spurr’s actual YouTube channel “Mudfossils”.)

I would subscribe if you haven’t already. If you can take a few min and patiently listen you will learn SO MUCH from this man

Also from Roger Spurr…great video… DNA PROOF OF 200 FT GIANTS

And ever since this…I’ve been paying attention to rocks…and I’m finding and seeing all sorts of rocks with bone in them! And now I see!

This also makes me think about a lot of things…like crystals…the reason why they must have “powers” like to the new age ppl is because they ARE the bodies of these fallen ones. They almost appear to be eyeballs perhaps?

I still don’t understand everything about what our ancient “realm” used to be like… but I’m slowly picking things up that feel familiar… the way truth feels.

Also interesting to note….in the latest Hollywood movie “Noah”…..(about the flood, etc) there were ROCK GIANTS.

So much to think about here….are you as blown away as I am? I swear you couldn’t write this stuff if you tried. Reality is SO much more epic than anyone even realizes. Will bring you more info as I come across it.

“And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

Luke 19:40