The Conspiracy Against Vaping: Why It's Being Demonized by the Media

Great video by ODD where he breaks it all down as to WHY vaping is being demonized in the press. [youtube] Here is ODD’s description on his vid: “If you smoke #cigarettes. Switch to #vaping. If you don’t smoke anything. No need to vape, but it’s up to you. There is a massive disinformation […]

Is the Oroville Dam About To Be Intentionally Targeted With An Earthquake? 

​This guy Dutch is the most accurate forecaster out there…Yo Oroville, 48 hours, EARTHQUAKE ALERT. This is possible within 24 to 72 hours… this guy is nearly NEVER wrong as hes figured out better than anyone on the planet, when and where quakes will occur connected to others. THIS IS PROOF THEY WANT A HUGE […]

Oroville Dam- Is The Tallest Dam in America Being Sabatoged By the Commies Running CA? 

The following notes are from Jim Stone’s website, written by Jim Stone (He updates his site throughout the day with new notes….this is the progression of his notes on the Oroville damn situation.) THE TALLEST DAM IN AMERICA IS GOING TO FAIL BECAUSE THE TRUMP HATING CROWD WANTS IT TO Time for a little biased reporting. […]


~as written by Jim Stone on his website~ “Web site attacked SO BADLY over the California drought report that “they” re-wrote the back door code and changed it to something they could work with. The attacks happened after I posted how the elite stopped the drought in California after Trump got elected – to save […]