False flags: Why the elite always use the hoax model now instead of really killing people

If you’re anything like me…as soon as you hear the news about a big shooting or a terrorist attack in Europe or America, you roll your eyes and yawn. Then you go pop some popcorn and kick back in your recliner to watch the amusing theatrics that ALWAYS follow. Then you’ll go post something on […]

Predictive Programming: In the TV show "Jericho" a Nuclear False Flag is Blamed on North Korea

Watched a video by TruthMediaRevolution titled “Forget Gotham Shield….Operation Jericho is in full swing” where he talks about a video he made in 2015 about the really popular TV series “Jericho” that aired in 2006.  In this 2015 video he had gone into how “Jericho” was simply predictive programming….programming the public for what’s to come in the […]

Is the Oroville Dam About To Be Intentionally Targeted With An Earthquake? 

​This guy Dutch is the most accurate forecaster out there…Yo Oroville, 48 hours, EARTHQUAKE ALERT. This is possible within 24 to 72 hours… this guy is nearly NEVER wrong as hes figured out better than anyone on the planet, when and where quakes will occur connected to others. THIS IS PROOF THEY WANT A HUGE […]

Why Did Glenn Beck Tweet About a Child Smuggling Bust Before It Happened? Was He Warning The Traffickers?

From Jim Stones website: Child smuggling: This is a true statement I saw this happen myself, this reader could be on to something Glenn Beck is no angel. Anonymous sent: Glenn Beck tweeted his tweet about 2 hours BEFORE the police action in Haiti. Jumping the gun like that could have ruined the police action, and I wonder […]

Oroville Dam- Is The Tallest Dam in America Being Sabatoged By the Commies Running CA? 

The following notes are from Jim Stone’s website, written by Jim Stone (He updates his site throughout the day with new notes….this is the progression of his notes on the Oroville damn situation.) THE TALLEST DAM IN AMERICA IS GOING TO FAIL BECAUSE THE TRUMP HATING CROWD WANTS IT TO Time for a little biased reporting. […]

Batman Shooter James Holmes Has DISAPPEARED 

Well this is interesting. I hadn’t even heard about this. Appears that James Holmes from the Aurora theatre shooting false flag has DISAPPEARED. Supposedly another inmate attacked him and so he’s now been moved to a secret location that none of us can know about. Well imagine that. What a freakin surprise. This attack is […]

Elite Send Sinister Message to Truthers- Images of Hoover Dam & WA Monument Placed on Cell Phone Screens of Crowd at Fake Hillary Event

WHOA..this is kind of like really creepy… so you know how several YouTube channels like Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole, Barry Soetero and others caught them faking Hillary’s campaign appearance in NV. a couple weeks ago…How did they do this? By noticing that not all the cell phones that ppl in the crowd were holding […]

Hillary, Newtown, and the Sandy Hook Actors

Originally posted on May 15, 2016 on Memory Hole blog Francine Wheeler Was Personal Assistant to DNC National Finance Chair The Wall Street Journal reports on May 14 that Democratic Party presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is “ramping up her fundraising schedule” with prominent supporters now hosting $100,000-per-head events. Democratic Party Operatives Maureen White and Steve […]