False flags: Why the elite always use the hoax model now instead of really killing people

If you’re anything like me…as soon as you hear the news about a big shooting or a terrorist attack in Europe or America, you roll your eyes and yawn. Then you go pop some popcorn and kick back in your recliner to watch the amusing theatrics that ALWAYS follow. Then you’ll go post something on […]

Batman Shooter James Holmes Has DISAPPEARED 

Well this is interesting. I hadn’t even heard about this. Appears that James Holmes from the Aurora theatre shooting false flag has DISAPPEARED. Supposedly another inmate attacked him and so he’s now been moved to a secret location that none of us can know about. Well imagine that. What a freakin surprise. This attack is […]

Hillary, Newtown, and the Sandy Hook Actors

Originally posted on May 15, 2016 on Memory Hole blog Francine Wheeler Was Personal Assistant to DNC National Finance Chair The Wall Street Journal reports on May 14 that Democratic Party presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is “ramping up her fundraising schedule” with prominent supporters now hosting $100,000-per-head events. Democratic Party Operatives Maureen White and Steve […]

Sandy Hook: The curious case of Adam Lanza’s ex-con funeral director

Adam Lanza was the 20-year-old alleged mass murderer of Sandy Hook who, on December 14, 2012, first killed his mother, Nancy, with four shots to her face in their family home, then drove a short di… Source: Sandy Hook: The curious case of Adam Lanza’s ex-con funeral director

New breed of crisis actors: Fake political protesters

Hahaha! The subject of crisis actors can keep me entertained for hours. The other day Sean Hannity was interviewing Trump protesters and they didnt even know why they were protesting besides getting paid to do it. One drunk was holding a Union sign and was asked if he was for the union and he says […]

It’s Finally Here!! The New Sandy Hook Documentary “The Life of Adam”

  Here it is!! The long awaited Sandy Hook documentary “The Life of Adam”. Brought to you by Independent Media Solidarity (IMS), the same group who did “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” which came out last December and received millions of views. These guys are TRUE patriots who poured themselves into this project, […]

Was The San Bernadino Shooter’s Neighbor Sent to The Mental Ward For Not Going Along With The Hoax?

This story just gets stranger, and stranger by the hour. Farook’s former neighbor and good friend who allegedly sold Farook the rifles, checked himself into a mental hospital the day of the attack. So remember how InfoWars reported on Carly Fiorina dropping that bombshell on MSNBC last Thursday (the day after the shooting)? Carly Fiorina […]