False flags: Why the elite always use the hoax model now instead of really killing people

If you’re anything like me…as soon as you hear the news about a big shooting or a terrorist attack in Europe or America, you roll your eyes and yawn. Then you go pop some popcorn and kick back in your recliner to watch the amusing theatrics that ALWAYS follow. Then you’ll go post something on […]

The Conspiracy Against Vaping: Why It's Being Demonized by the Media

Great video by ODD where he breaks it all down as to WHY vaping is being demonized in the press. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H54SU0piSoE&w=560&h=315] Here is ODD’s description on his vid: “If you smoke #cigarettes. Switch to #vaping. If you don’t smoke anything. No need to vape, but it’s up to you. There is a massive disinformation […]

Seth Rich Was Huma Abedin's Liasion to Leak Clinton Emails After She Was Blackmailed by Anonymous. Huma was the leak!

I know the Seth Rich murder has been covered ad naseum. So I’m gonna make this brief and to the point. I just wanted to point out a couple things that I saw reported back when it happened that I havent heard a word about since. In August of 2016 I was browsing through a […]

Dave Chappelle's Cousin Says He's Been Killed And Cloned- Speaks Out For First Time 

The YouTube channel that conducted the interview with Dave Chappelle’s cousin said they contacted her after seeing her comments on several YouTube videos. She was willing to tell her story but she uses a voice changer because she is afraid for her safety. This is the first time she has spoken out. ​ She was […]

Investigator Hired By a Bloodline Elite To Find Out If His Triple Helix DNA Damns Him

Note: This article first appeared on March 21, 2013 on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report under the title “Life As An Investigator Is Like A Box Of Chocolates”. “My friend never got the money for his investigative research as the donor was found dead in his apartment a short while later. The death was ruled a […]

Predictive Programming: In the TV show "Jericho" a Nuclear False Flag is Blamed on North Korea

Watched a video by TruthMediaRevolution titled “Forget Gotham Shield….Operation Jericho is in full swing” where he talks about a video he made in 2015 about the really popular TV series “Jericho” that aired in 2006.  In this 2015 video he had gone into how “Jericho” was simply predictive programming….programming the public for what’s to come in the […]


Brent’s Story (highlights) Brent was approached by the Indiana Department of Children Services who wanted him to sign away his “rights” to an “Abigail” of which he had no prior knowledge of. Brent was surprised to hear that he had a four-year-old little girl that he knew nothing about. Abigail Abigail had been taken into […]

Attempted Medical Assassination of Josh Coy- FEMA Camp Whistleblower 

Written by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two weeks ago, I interviewed Joshua Coy, a researcher and popular talk show host at WYDE- 101.1-FM radio, the largest station in the state of Alabama. We discussed our independent sources which highlighted the fact that Project HAARP is involved in behavior modification experiments at […]

"God is in control always. Even during the bloodshed… during the killing."

“We trust God. He is in control always, even during the bloodsheduring the killing.” If you are anything like me, you can’t help but fear what is coming…And maybe like me, your fear is not for yourself, but for your children & grandchildren. I fear the future not because of what might happen to myself, […]