Batman Shooter James Holmes Has DISAPPEARED 

Well this is interesting. I hadn’t even heard about this. Appears that James Holmes from the Aurora theatre shooting false flag has DISAPPEARED. Supposedly another inmate attacked him and so he’s now been moved to a secret location that none of us can know about. Well imagine that. What a freakin surprise. This attack is […]

Elite Send Sinister Message to Truthers- Images of Hoover Dam & WA Monument Placed on Cell Phone Screens of Crowd at Fake Hillary Event

WHOA..this is kind of like really creepy… so you know how several YouTube channels like Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole, Barry Soetero and others caught them faking Hillary’s campaign appearance in NV. a couple weeks ago…How did they do this? By noticing that not all the cell phones that ppl in the crowd were holding […]

Is Hillary Clinton a Targeted Individual? | Alternative

I spotted this interesting post on the godlikeproductions site a few days ago. And it kind of made me stop and think…because it would actually explain alot of things (disregard the “right wing extremist” part). Her rapid deterioration of health since she began campaigning seems like “karma” (I hate that new agey word but can’t […]