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Child smuggling: This is a true statement
I saw this happen myself, this reader could be on to something
Glenn Beck is no angel. Anonymous sent:
Glenn Beck tweeted his tweet about 2 hours BEFORE the police action in Haiti. Jumping the gun like that could have ruined the police action, and I wonder if he was warning people. I don’t trust Glenn Beck. Why would Glenn Beck go to Haiti of all places to hand out Christmas gifts to children? Why not give to kids in USA or East BFE? I suspect that Beck is tied in somehow to the crooks who have been working Haiti over.
My response: I would not be one bit surprised. However, the bust happened. Glenn Beck attacked this web site directly two years ago. Either that was brilliant help or he is evil. Considering what he did during the presidential race, I’d have to say he is evil.
At any rate, here is the tweet, in case people missed it. He sent this out during the super bowl:

This did become reality, it ended up being true.
Remember the post yesterday that Glenn Beck put up about a bust of child smugglers in the Caribbean? WELL, as it turns out, it was real and it happened in Haiti, and there is a very good chance Hillary Clinton is involved. So without further comment I am going to post my original report on this topic:
Originally posted on Nov 18 2016
Monica Petersen, a woman who according to her friends who are searching for answers, was investigating the Clinton foundation for child trafficking and was found dead from “suicide” in Haiti
I thought this had to be hoax news. But it turned out to be true when the foundation Monica worked for held funeral services in Haiti. Monica Petersen had a friend named Bella Robinson who has confirmed that Monica was investigating child trafficking under front cover of a “gold mine” in Haiti that was affiliated with Hillary’s brother.
Monica was a truther, who wrote this blog post. I have confirmed that Monica was working undercover for the Human Trafficking Center, which investigates child thefts and that the Clintons really were likely to have been running a child trafficking ring under the cover of a false front gold mine in Haiti.
The Child Trafficking Center has now held a quiet funeral ceremony for Monica in Haiti. At the time of this post, Monica’s family has not been able to get any details about what happened leading up to this, but Bella claims to have information and is refusing to give the details on how Monica “committed suicide” saying instead that “it is inappropriate to post it” and to message her. So we have a key source of info who probably voted for Clinton that just can’t get a grip on the fact that if this is real she had better blow it open now, or she’s going to be dead too.
OK, so now we have the bust of a child peddling ring in Haiti of all places. Interesting to say the least. There was another report I did on that mine and I might dig that up, but for now, let’s do a little recap on another topic:
Podesta brothers near perfect match for police sketch of child snatchers
Police sketches are created with software that is fed descriptions from witnesses of what people looked like. This most certainly nails the Podesta brothers as child snatchers as accurately as could ever be done with a “no original photo” render of what people looked like.
Now that some new info is coming out, I am going to run with these photos, which I have had for a while.

Ok, so why would I post this? Because in a report farther down this page I discussed the death of Monica Petersen, who was investigating a child snatching ring being run under the cover of a fake gold mine in Haiti by Hillary Clinton’s brothers, and Monica got arkancided last week. It is now fully confirmed that Monica was investigating Hillary’s family in Haiti and was onto something, most likely linking to Comet Pizza, Hillary Clinton, the Podesta brothers, and DEFINITELY child smuggling conducted by Hillary’s family all together in one neat little package, and then she died. She was in her 20’s.
It is suspected that she tied it all together, but did not live to tell about it. The agency she worked for confirmed she operated under cover and had conducted a two year investigation, got onto something big, and died. They confirmed it during a memorial service during a live stream from Haiti on Friday.
I finally posted the Podesta brothers police sketch photo (I have had it for a while) because now it appears that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal the day a little girl named Madeline McCann went missing while on vacation from Britain in 2003, and were confirmed to have been within a mile of that disappearance which is to this day unsolved.

With the Podesta E-mails being what triggered tary’s brothers running a child smuggling ring in Haiti with the subsequent death of the investigator that was onto it, the Podesta brothers obviously being featured in a police sketch of a child disappearance in Portugal on the day they were there, well, things are starting to unravel. Hillary herself said that “if Trump gets elected we’re all going to jail,” and it appears there might be significant substance to that statement.
I will get to more details tomorrow, I am still waiting for things to develop on this. I am being extremely cautious with this, because I know there are many people working overtime to feed disinfo into the alt media. However, what I have written so far is 100 percent confirmed and I held off until I hit “critical data mass” to call it real.
People are having a hard time believing that the entire DNC is a band of pedophiles (with plenty on the Republican side as well) so that is stifling the spread of relevant information. But to those who can’t believe it, all I can say is if it is true of the upper leadership of Britain, and people in the French government have written books about it, well, why not in America also?
OK, so now the hens have come home to roost, and the first big bust happened, in of all places, HAITI. The story goes that the bust went down at a hotel in haiti, and ALL 31 OF THESE KIDS WERE LOCKED IN A SINGLE HOTEL ROOM.  SEE THIS.
By Jim Stone

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  1. Your articles are amazing! God bless you and yes Glen Beck who fooled me for a few years is a complete tool of the NWO. Brietbart rest his soul was on to Beck long before me and i believe he is wolf in sheep’s clothing and he showed his true colors in primary to Trumps election accusing Christians who vote for Trump not to be real Christians and he sided with he government against the Bundy’s. Your other article where you talk about how you awakened when Obama ran for president was incredible and i felt like someone had written down what i had experienced. I am a struggling Christian and i thank God for fellow Christians like you. 🙂

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