I spent a whole day a couple years ago reading the army’s internment resettlement manual that was leaked in 2010. It’s basically the training manual for a FEMA camp prison guard.

The entire manual, which is 326 pages, is filled with extremely disturbing material.  There is SO much damning stuff in it.

Once it was leaked, the army’s response was that it was for training for overseas detainees. Which completely falls apart when you read the manual and see the part where they’re checking detainees in by their social security numbers. Only Americans have Social security numbers.


This is a post I made a couple years ago on one of the pages that really creeped me out:

I highlighted things that stood out to me like this (see quote and pic below) concerning “approved religious activity”.

(Reminds me of the Communist era where the pastor of any church was just a frontman who worked for the govt. The real men of faith went underground.)
Check this out:

8-41. Religious discussion groups may also be offered to detainees as a program to educate them on specific aspects of their religion. The program should be taught by vetted religious leaders of the same religious affiliation as the detainees. The program educates detainees on the nationally accepted teachings of their religion as viewed by the HN society. During the program, detainees are brought together with religious leaders and scholars to focus on major teaching points of dogma. The program may be valuable in curbing extreme fanaticism that may be a catalyst for violence within the detainees’ world view.


. The detention facility commander may approve religious discussion groups within the facility. The goal for religious groups is to provide religious support to detainees and moderate extremists within the facility. This is above and beyond the standard clerical support that is required and provided in the course of normal detention operations. Clerical leaders who are chosen to participate must be carefully vetted and are typically selected from moderate elements of their respective religions. Religious discussion is never forced on a detainee; participation in this program is voluntary.

8-44. Extremists participating in religious discussion groups may be tempered by the more moderate philosophy and reinforced by socialization with other more moderate detainees. It is also possible that religious extremists may reject a moderate interpretation of their religion and detract from efforts to present a moderate approach. Many extremists may not participate, fearing that the facility-sanctioned advocate is a cooperative spiritual leader. Detention facility commanders must allow autonomy, within established security requirements, for religious leaders and instructors. The only way that moderate leaders retain credibility is by operating on their own—forced sessions of “religious reeducation” only discredit a religious leader to those who are receptive and have little impact on those who are inherently beyond reconciliation. Detainees may also use personal time to engage in worship or religious study on their own. The detention system may wish to implement instruction in “social intervention” based on HN principles, rather than straight doctrinal dogma.

Page 168 of INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS FIELD MANUAL, Dept. Of the Army, Washington D.C. February 12th, 2010

(See below for pic of actual document. Important stuff is highlighted in red & yellow.)

Notice one of the skills to be taught is “SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY REPORTING” (highlighted in purple in 8-42.)

(*Highlights and notes on document are mine obviously.)

And just what kind of “religious doctrines” do they consider extreme? That there is one way, one truth and one life through Jesus alone?

“Yeah man..because that’s extreme. We’ve got to be tolerant and accepting of all gods. Whatever anyone believes..that’s what will be true for them. How outdated of you to believe in an absolute truth.”

WRONG!  Truth is black and white. But I suppose I’m considered a dangerous religious “extremist” for that belief.

“It’s LOVE that constrains us to tell people they are lost and headed for Hell if they don’t know Jesus Christ, not hate. Hate says nothing.” – Geoffrey Grider


Download the entire manual from this link. And plse read it yourself. Alot of it is dry procedural crap but it doesn’t take long to find the gems.


Photo: FEMA Camp Locations in the United states. SOURCE

Appendix J A drawing of a portion of the “Internment Camp” from the official Internment Resettlement Manual, FM 3-39.40.

Chilling isn’t it? There are many more really interesting things in this manual.


I plan to do a series highlighting some of the ones I thought should be made public.

Children of Tomorrow

Children of tomorrow
I apologize to you
On behalf of those in my time
For the things we didn’t do

We didn’t stop the tyrants
So your fate could be prevented
We watched them steal our freedom
By our silence we consented

We didn’t choose to circumvent
The doom you’ve not escaped
While the Bill of Rights was murdered
And the Constitution raped

Some of us were lazy
Others too afraid
To think about our children
The ones we have betrayed

I guess we were too busy
To be concerned or care
To try to ease the burden
Of the chains we made you wear

We could have been good shepherds
When the wolf got in the fold
But we watched the flame of freedom die instead
And left you cold.

I’m sorry we were timid
My selfish generation
We left you but a remnant
Of a free and prosperous nation

I’m sorry for our actions
Like cowards we behaved
We could have left you freedom
Instead you are enslaved

Children of tomorrow
Descendants of our land
I’m sorry we allowed this
The fate you now withstand.

– Anonymous


I love this video that Fisher of Men made. Militia fights NWO.


3 thoughts on “Chilling Leaked Army Document Discusses How To Manage "Religious Detainees" In The FEMA Camps

  1. Many do not give thought to camps. But it has been long prophesied, albeit in veiled language. Daniel and Revelation are two books that are inseparable. Even Isaac Newton addressed the two books together. Daniel described the “sanctuary” and offerings ceasing. Revelation called the same, the two witnesses who are killed and come back to life in 3.5 years, after the antichrist dies. The work of the two witnesses comes to an end at the midpoint of the 7 year period of the antichrist.
    Ironically, the 3.5 years in camps will be for the protection of the Christians. For during their 3.5 years imprisonment, the world outside will be dying in numbers that will stagger the imagination. But Christians will be kept safe in the camps and let out after 3.5 years. The antichrist dies just before that “not by hand!” Again referring back to Daniel where stone is cut from a mountain, “not by hand.”

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