FASCINATING VIDEO- Did you know that all 150 domain names referring to Antarctic travel belong to one man? If you want to go there he is the only way there. He is the owner of Polar Expeditions as well as Expeditions Inc. as is also mentioned in the video. There is only one pic on the Internet of the owners. That’s it. They have a AAA rating and fake sounding reviews. Things aren’t adding up here. What’s really going on in Antarctica? Fascinating research into this company and their fake Antarctica trips…video by Jeranism.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QroYxOMNqrY&w=560&h=315]
The fake trip reviews @16 min is funny because she talks about how there was a Polar bear swimming near their boat? Well guess what…? There ARE no polar bears in the Antarctic region. They are strictly in the north pole. And despite cartoons of penguins hanging out with the bears that has never happened either. The name Antarctic translates to latin meaning ready…? NO-BEARS! Look it up. It’s one of those fun facts.
The UN passed a law so that no one can go south of the 62 parallel.
The Antarctic treaty is the only one that all the nations of the world abide by. Why?
What first made Flat Earth start clicking for me was watching this video called “Why the Great Flat Earth Deception In Under 5 min”.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7dZEo34g7Y&w=560&h=315]
The guy explains that in the flat earth model the earth IS the center of the universe. (Geocentric/heliocentric.)

And can you imagine what that would mean if everyone knew this? Because then it would be obvious just how incredibly special we really are. It would be obvious there is a Creator…and not just that but a Creator who loves and values us. Lucifer doesn’t want us (humans) to realize how special and valuable we are in Gods kingdom.
He wants us to believe we are just one out of the billions of random floating rocks off in space …an afterthought, a happen-chance, a random Big Bang. That’s when it finally clicked for me. I didn’t understand why they’d lie about the shape of the earth. And then it all became clear…it’s because they’re HIDING GOD.

Every civilization before ours knew…..
I know people are very skeptical of this. I was too for a long time…until it all started to make sense.

2 thoughts on “Why Does All Antarctic Travel Go Through One Company With Fake Sounding Reviews? 

  1. I think the deal with Antarctica is they’ve found something secret there that they don’t want the world to find out about. My guess is Atlantis. Is it a coincidence that interest in Antartica increases after World War II and then there’s lots of technological advancements?
    Also constellations do change after many tens of thousands of years.

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