Written by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show
Two weeks ago, I interviewed Joshua Coy, a researcher and popular talk show host at WYDE- 101.1-FM radio, the largest station in the state of Alabama. We discussed our independent sources which highlighted the fact that Project HAARP is involved in behavior modification experiments at an Alaska FEMA camp facility.
Extreme Interference
Before the interview was concluded, the conversation was terminated by an external force of unknown origin. For two days, Josh and I attempted to re-establish communication and all attempts, via cell, email and text were unsuccessful.
The interview had external noises placed in the conversation, externally inserted and it was done after the fact. That was the conclusion that Josh came to as he had the sound engineer at his station run a diagnostic test on the noises which consisted of dishes clanging, a woman screaming and satanic music in the background.
The conclusion was that these noises were externally placed independent of the broadcast. Josh Coy and I are both experienced talk show hosts, if we had heard any such noises, we would have stopped the interview and called attention to it. The obvious intent of these interferences was designed to disrupt our conversation on the aforementioned topic.
Here is the original interview which prompted the controversy.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0-HoxK1DQw&w=560&h=315]
The Attempted Assassination of Joshua Coy
Josh Coy has a serious kidney condition for which he was hospitalized last week. He had discussion about a CT scan and use of a radioactive dye, as part of the process known as “Contrast”. Josh and his primary doctor decided against the procedure because it was contraindicated for someone with his condition.
The following night, Josh received three visitors. To his hospital room from the time frame of midnight to 3AM.
The first visitor was a nurse with the bedside manner of Genghis Khan. She walked into his room with a vile of “Contrast” and demanded he take substance and he would be taken for a CT scan at midnight. If this sounds out of the ordinary, it is. Josh steadfastly refused and cited his doctor’s objection to this procedure. After a lengthy argument, the so-called nurse gave up and exited the room.
A fake doctor entered his room at 2am and demanded he take the substance and they would instantly wheel him down for the scan. Again, an argument ensued and Josh refused to take the substance.
At 3AM a large fake doctor entered the room and attempted to physically intimidate Josh into taking the substance. Further, the two fake doctors carried the vile of the “Contrast” with a nurse present. When does that every happen? At 3AM?

The Real Doctor’s Reaction

The next morning, the real doctor visited Josh and he relayed what happened the night before. The real doctor was stunned and said we agreed not to do these and he had no idea who these other “doctors” were.
What is the conclusion? Before you answer, consider the fact that I suddenly came down with pneumonia on the same day as Josh on the night in question. The onset of the symptom were acute and dangerous.
I interviewed Josh about his experiences in the following video.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pWwni3ZwJs&w=560&h=315]
Perhaps we should pay more attention to the Alaskan FEMA facility and their behavioral modification experiments. 

11 thoughts on “Attempted Medical Assassination of Josh Coy- FEMA Camp Whistleblower 

  1. Hello 50 shades,
    Great to see you had a look at a few posts of authorthat. Well sister, I see your picture, but you don’t really look that pissed. I don’t actually see into the spirit realm yet, but I do study myself, to be approved.
    As creation consists of the 3_D world to interact with our five senses, there is also the 4th dimension which is time, and the 5th which is the Higgsfield, wherein all physics operate. It is a quantum tunnel wormhole.
    From the 6th to the 12th, are the spirit dimensions. There are 9 actual separate spirit bodies for one to inhabit. These are they which are 24 of the order of Melchezedek.
    This is what the children of the light all strive for. Then there are the goats, which do not hear G-d in their spirit, which is much of Christianity today, and then of course the wolves, which we get out of our midst immediately. They have a habit of sowing judgement and discord, which is an abomination unto the Lord.
    As to the spirit realm, correct knowledge of physics, reproves the word, as we use the scientific method because we are ignorant. So, it’s written…. my people die for lack of knowledge.
    I believe you have interest in the spirit realm. Creation is designed in such a way, that nothing in the physical, can take place, until it is worked out in the spirit. That’s why in the spirit, when you pray for someone to be healed, you need to become aware n your spirit, that the burden has been lifted. Then, you can tell the person they are healed.
    Intercessory prayer is not however for the baby Christian sucking on a bottle. This is only for the ones ready for the meat. Anyone (not ) keeping the eternal covenant, the commandments, the Torah law as brother Judah does, AND that has the testimony of Yeshua / Jesus, and is out of their sin, walking in holiness, can not actually command the angels.
    Our place is only to believe, and the angels do the work, but they do not work when one is in sin. As you know, G-d says be holy, for I am holy.
    Jesus came not, but only for the lost sheep. these, are the ten lost tribes of Israel. His sheep as you know hear his voice and follow him wherever he goes. Anyone with the holy spirit, will leave their own opinion behind and accept what the spirit is saying.
    Before a person becomes spiritual, the process requires that they must first become SCRIPTURAL. Therefore we know that all scripture is truth, the living word, and that everything else is a lie.
    The adversary and his one third of the angelic race that followed him, have no plan of salvation. They did send the request to G-d if they could be forgiven and to return, and G-d refused them. The sin of Satan was placed over the very throne of G-d in heaven. It therefore required the son, to cleans it, by his willing blood sacrifice having lived a perfect life.
    We know also it requires blood sacrifice for sin, as when Adam and Eve did sin in the garden, that clothes were made for them to wear, by the sacrifice of the life of an animal.
    You know as knowledge increases, that G-d is revealing things to his own. That all things will be revealed. FIRST… these things are revealed to his prophets. This revelation knowledge comes to the prophets from the throne of G-d.
    The denominations of Christianity, do not have access to this revelation knowledge, because they have not accepted the prophets and given them place of leadership over them as it must be. No cannon law was ever written with the leadership of the prophets.
    On the cross, it is written that Jesus called for Elias. What Jesus did, was to call forth the spirit of Elijah, the last days prophet to the nations, to fulfil the scripture, in the restoration of the people of Israel, to be reconciled unto G-d.
    The prophet Elijah has already come ! The Torah Jews, always set a place for him at the table for the passover meal and still do to this day, as they do not know that Elijah has already come. He was living in Mount Carmel Illinois.
    How appropriate this was. He is buried there now. He passed away on the afternoon following the last blood moon, and was the night in which I was at sukkot with the first fruits of the 144,000 that I blew the shofar looking up at it, standing in front of my tent.
    We were told late in the afternoon, that next day, that he passed away that same afternoon. His last thoughts were of us. It took some time for us to get over the loss, and to get back on track, for we all greatly mourned for him.
    He has recorded all the scriptures, by the instruction from his throne, given to the two angels with Elijah since his ministry began, and for forty years was his ministry.
    The ten of Zechariah 8:23 began to show up along with the first fruits, G-d instructed him by the angels in 2006 to begin to gather the ten lost tribes.
    I found him myself of course, as my searching began in the time of 9/11 which was when my mother died. By 2006 I found one whom shall remain nameless, and in 2007 I found the prophet. Unfortunately, I did not recognize him in my spirit as to who he was, and did not return to him, until 2014.
    I wrote to him of the brief meeting in 2007, and then attended a local group for study, and continue to this day. We also met quarterly from all over the world. The sanctuary is not that long a drive from where the prophets house is. For me and a group of us, it’s a long drive, as I am in London Ontario.
    The teachings continue as we seek the twelve stones… the lost tribes. The cal went out from Elijah who blew the shofar from his back porch, and yelled…
    EPHRAIM…. COME HOME. We are gathering by that spiritual call to do so, for being the first fruits, e have to mature before we can be the leadership worthy of our individual calling within the five fold ministry. There will be some 6 million of Judah, many that will die in the coming war, and perhaps some 50 to 60 million of the lost tribes, which scripture says are the 144,000.
    Ephraim… a multitude of nations, fruitful in the land of affliction. Psalm 91 is not for the church. Not given to Christianity nor anyone else, accept for those called and obedient to the covenant, to keep it, and have their testimony of Jesus. Everyone else ? Can expect to die, many by the coming airborne plagues of the swine and the bird, some by starvation, some by being captured, tortured for ten days and then beheaded by sharia law within the one world religion. Some call this chrislam.
    Torah Jews laugh at Christians who give their money to these TV evangelists thinking they will get the blessings. This is correct, because they don’t keep enough of the covenant to have the blessings, now being removed from the earth as G-d’s judgement. The USA is destined already, to fall. Trump is a delay of this judgement, as the body of Christ / the remnant, is not yet prepared.
    We are putting up all manner of basic needs, for the plagues will come. Keeping the covenant, is the same effect as the blood over the doors to save the first born of Israel at the exodus, when the death star did the last flyby. These things are all found in the Hebrew text, and the prayers are more structured than in the KJV bible, but Judah is still too caught up in legalism, and of course do not yet accept Jesus nor are they yet ready to accept the return of the lost tribes to Israel and accept the prodigal son, but this IS going to happen.
    The stick of Ephraim / Joseph, and the stick of Judah, will be joined into one stick, and Israel will be one forever.
    Many things are being revealed. Line by line, precept upon precept.
    It is the land of our inheritance, which is the lost garden of Eden. It is Saudi Arabia, and will once again become like a garden. No sin will be permitted there, and Jesus will rule with a rod of iron. The first correction will be to keep the feast of sukkot, which is his actual birthday. Early Oct. Not Dec 25 of course.
    I can tell you that the location of the ark of the covenant, is 20 feet beneath the sight of the cross on Golgotha. The rocks rent open as many came out of the graves, and the mixture of blood and water fell upon the western side of the mercy seat, in fulfilment of scripture.
    The tablets of stone were removed from the ark and placed on a ledge near it, and about the time of the enforcement of the mark of the beast, the already tested blood of Jesus, and the tablets, will be shown to all the world as G-d’s testimony of his son.
    If you have it in your heart to draw yourself to serve G-d, then I can give you this connection to the ministry, and perhaps you and yours too, can join with the remnant and live in the blessings.
    The passover is during Apr 11 to the 17th. We remove all the leaven from our homes. We all learn about and have the passover meal locally to where we live, if there is a group near us, or else do this on our own. There are places of course where there are no groups and as in scripture, called on by a family and two by a city… so to say.
    Meet Elijah. https://youtu.be/y4vQTW9nOj4 You can find teachings by the ten, ( The ten of Zechariah 8:23 and can go to blog talk radio, the house of Ephraim. Also http://www.ustream.tv/thehouseofEphraim
    We will be assembling ourselves on Apr 21 for the weekend, travel there and check in Friday afternoon for the Friday evening meeting. All day Saturday, and leave after lunch on Sunday. You can not get in, if you don’t fast for 3 days prior. It’s $20.00 to attend, and this pays for all your meals as well for the weekend. Gas and accommodation is our own cost, but we get a very good discount at the super 8 about a 25 minute drive from the place we meet.
    It is the power of the anointing that is the most intense experience and especially the first time there when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Less than one minute in tongues before the throne under that anointing, lasted over two years, allowing me to develop my own anointing, which comes over time. The anointing experienced is unique on earth. We are there, because we were called in the spirit and heard it.

    1. WOW…that was alot to take in. I enjoy your words….I can tell you have glimpsed the mysteries of God. I find your writing fascinating, although somewhat confusing. I just have so many questions. I didn’t think you still checked your blog as you haven’t written anything since 2014. I believe you gave me your email once. I’ll have to find it.

    2. Also just to clarify, so the prophet Tom Deckard was the spirit of Elijah? And who are the ten of Zechariah exactly? The lost tribes? May I ask, do the ten lost tribes originate from Europe? I am very interested in hearing more. Thank you

  2. Hey 50 shades,
    I haven’t written on the blog from that time, because although several people have told me I should write a book, I am but a mere child, in the things of -d.
    His depths are so vast, it is beyond anything the flesh could ever grasp. We grow into the things of G-d as e learn the ways and means of doing so, which Elijah & the ten teach us. We take our notes home and work to apply this in our lives. We are taught the word… line by line, and precept upon precept.
    This teaching comes to the prophet in a very exact and specific way, which makes a “short work” of scriptures, that we will gain a faster and deeper comprehension, once you combine the elements of fasting and prayer, and we learn how to return too and keep the eternal covenant given to our ancestors by Moses on the mountain of G-d.
    We are called in the spirit, to return to the ancient ways, and the instructions we learn, will raise us in understanding of all that Jesus actually taught, which the denominations don’t have. ( This teaching moves beyond the PhD level the theologians are taught in universities. )
    How can I profess to be a worthy author, when the topic of which fills my heart, is so great, that I am but an infant ? Even thought this is beyond the best minds in the Vatican. The reason it is, is because this is knowledge given only to Elijah, from G-d himself, to bring the world into the restoration of all things.
    All I was writing was revealing current events, explaining them to any reader that stumbled onto the site. No traffic generation or on / off page seo etc…
    Look at it this way… Even if I could write to such depths as is given for me to know, REVELATION knowledge is not for everyone. G-d reveals his secrets to his prophets. I am no prophet, and while I have writing skill ( sorry to confuse you on a few things ), that skill is apparently wanting, as you have been confused on specific descriptions.
    There comes a point, when you finally do the correct process and gain an answer from G-d in your prayers, that his answer changes everything about the direction of your life as it did mine.
    My research and investigations began on the day of 9/11 which was when my mother passed away. You could say I had a very very big axe to grind against those responsible. Today I know all about how to save someone from what killed her, and the means of the collapse of the towers, who did it, how, why, and all the gold taken from the basement to wage wars.
    Today we know the wars never continued according to their plans, and globalization has failed to carry itself through. So… there is a temporary slow down of G-d’s judgement against the USA, and Trump will have the ability to be the one used by G-d to provide that delay. In the end however, the judgement is against the nation, and it’s too late to save the USA. We no longer pray for the nation, as judgement is already set by G-d. He will not bless America any longer, and the angelic protection over the nation has been removed ! The USA will come to destruction.
    I can explain several areas on that subject, but perhaps another time.
    I know your heart desires to be in peace by the spirit, we are after all commanded to produce the fruits of the spirit. I know your character is not like that, but as scripture teaches us… BE ANGRY, and sin not !
    Prayer itself however has to be taught, as people have never learned the correct structure on prayer, let alone spend enough time in fasting and tongues to increase the anointing. The anointing is the angels.
    In the spirit realm, the enemy see this 3-D physical world as a mere illusion. It isn’t that real to them. It is the 7 spiritual dimensions which are the foundation of the physical. As mentioned, spiritual law and those dimensions are very different than what we know by our 3-D environment and we are drawn further into this 3-D as we are born and begin to age.
    Fact is… we were all told as angels, by G-d, countless eons ago, that we would be sent here, to fulfil our destinies. We said good bye to our fellow angels, and none of us ever knowing if we would ever see eachother again.
    For those of us who finally find this ministry, even that does not mean a person will fulfil the specific purpose for which we were sent. Jesus doesn’t want the saved to come before him with great regrets, that we never reached our full purpose. This… is no game. (Like in the star wars movies… Yes my young padawan… only the most dedicated and serious student of the force, can learn to use the force. ) The church has no idea of the power of the dark side, nor do they understand the means to become more than an overcomer.
    Why ?
    Wrong teaching & wrong believing, and is able to be corrected by the prophets. It’s much easier for the children, than for those of us who have already learned all the wrong things, which prevents us from taking the right actions needed to move forward with G-d. People live in blindness to the truth, especially in the things of G-d.
    Yes… prophet Tom Deckard was the foretold Elijah awaited by all these many generations since Yeshua / Jesus called him forth from the cross. See, every year the tribe of Judah did the passover sacrifice, but it had to be performed in daylight.
    Scripture tells us that as he left this earth, the sun was darkened, and the daylight was no longer there, yet it was only 3 pm. ( The 9th hour). For this reason, Jesus had thereby replaced the sacrificial lamb typically used, with himself, and his blood & water mixture fell into the crack beneath as the rock had opened, and it dripped down some 20 feet, and landed on top of the western side of the mercy seat, of the ark of the covenant, It had been placed there and hidden some 600 years before he came, in the time of the fall of the city.
    The ten I wrote of, are in the verses of Zechariah 8:23. Yes… we all know these men. I will be with them and the others at the quarterly gathering which is the weekend of the 21st. These men come, one from each of the ten lost tribes.
    The lost tribes can not be identified by the language they speak, nor by the colour of their skin. However, those who are of the nations, give themselves away by their own heart. They know there is much more for them given from G-d for us, but people come to us in very small numbers at a time.
    See… the spirit is not so easy to discern, when you don’t practice the things that will increase our awareness of what the angels are always trying to guide us toward. The angels can not interferes with free will, whether it’s a fallen one that serves Satan, or one that serves G-d. You could say like in star trek… this is the non interference directive. Nothing, not even G-d himself, can interfere with free will. He gave us that as we are in his likeness.
    Most all of the so called free world has the ten lost tribes scattered throughout. America is loaded with the ten lost tribes, so is Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, all the northern nations of Europe, Australia, etc….
    G-d sent Elijah back to America to begin to bring back the remnant. He sent out the call in 2006 and we are hearing this in our hearts, and looking for just where the heck this is coming from.
    What happens to a person when they don’t find what they are looking for, can often result in acts of self destruction. That happened to be, by the hard hearted soldier that I became. Callous, self assured in my own skill sets as a combat support soldier, and a military intelligence operative.
    As a child I had been “emotionally disturbed” by two life altering experiences, which by all professional accounts, should have put me into prison institutions for the rest of my life, or else dead.
    Music softened me, a change of environment helped, and the military was at first useful to give me structure, but I outgrew the wasteful nature of the military and the low level of brains needed to tow the line. All the time my particular placement put me at an elite level of skillsets above the typical army. You would call this a green beret, or airborne, or navy seal to some extent.
    I was not so gentle a person. I was paid to be hard on others in the course of my work, so they could deal with the reality of a soldiers life, and the demands placed on him. I could be callous toward others, sometimes an asshole, I drank too much, even smoked pot, only interested in women for one thing and typically rejected by locals near the base anyway, and any time I got close to a good relationship, my military lifestyle destroyed it, until I finally came around to the gentleman’s clean cut softened and civil way of getting along in the civilian world.
    Less interested in busting up a bar and being in a fight to get it out of my system, and more interested in being able to live in a normal environment. Some soldiers don’t make it, and some even take their own lives. I have gone from extreme to the launch pad by the power of the Lord unto becoming a very very different person than what I was in those days.
    It was nothing but climbing mountain after mountain, and only to discover… you get to age 50, and at the top of that peak guess what you see ???
    An entirely far greater range of larger mountains for you to overcome.
    The good news is…. the teachers are the scriptural experts and spiritual leadership of this world. We are EPHRAIM a peculiar people unto G-d.
    I will not name the ten, but you can get to know them, and the others we gather with, if you find it in yourself to actually come to listen to these men, and get to meet the people, which now are of some 300 or so that attend, the rest are all over the planet, and can only develop from afar by ordering materials, organizing into study / prayer groups that met on Sabbath every Sat. Some on a Friday night.
    If you ever show up at a quarterly meeting, you need to fast for 3 days to get in. I had never done that accept one time in the mountains of northern Norway when food supplies could not reach us and we went hungry for a couple of days. This time, it was four days and I had never been so hungry. I used to get weak just missing a meal at that time, on the border of having diabetes and had low blood sugar.
    The Sat morning I woke at my first meeting, I got out of the bed, walked to the other side, got on my knees hands stretched out, and said command me. I had obviously been prayed for during the night.
    that morning when it came time to be baptised in the holy spirit… was with such power in the anointing, that no language can describe it, sending me into the throne room of G-d. The most outrageous life altering experience of my life… and I am a man that knows all about experiences beyond what the typical thrill seeker has experienced. Been in places the public will never see, because of my past military work.
    To listen to the teachings of the prophets, you can key in the words, “blog talk radio, the house of Ephraim. ” You can also find some videos on youtube. under the title Ephraim come home. You can see prophet Deckard in black, wearing his tallit or prayer shawl & hat, and has a white beard. You will also see the star of David on one of the videos.
    You can also key in the words; ustreamtv the house of Ephram and see some of the prophets teaching scripture and explaining things.
    As for my email, you can use techresult@hotmail.com Just ID yourself as 50 shades & I’ll know it’s you.

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