This is VERY interesting. Especially the part where one of them refers to Hillary in her debate performance as “whoever that was. How tf did they do that?” And David Brock responds “I can’t talk. It’s very hush hush”.
Because while I was watching that first debate between Trump & Hillary I KNEW without any doubt whatsoever that that wasn’t Hillary. She was way too sharp…she was completely unfazed the few times Trump hit it out of the park with his personal blows against her. And THAT right there especially was suspicious to me. Shes a fragile narcissist which is one of the reasons she was so shielded from any live TV appearances or interviews where she might be taken off guard and not be able to mask her rage/displeasure. So anyways I knew without a doubt that it wasn’t her. I wasn’t sure how they were doing it, but the elite have technology today that the public can’t even begin to imagine. Organic robotoids, consciousness transfer….the public has no clue….but this confirms what I had strongly suspected about her that night. It wasn’t her.

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