Hahaha! The subject of crisis actors can keep me entertained for hours.
The other day Sean Hannity was interviewing Trump protesters and they didnt even know why they were protesting besides getting paid to do it. One drunk was holding a Union sign and was asked if he was for the union and he says “No..absolutely not.” Hahahaha!! Doesnt even know what the sign was he was being paid to hold.

3 thoughts on “New breed of crisis actors: Fake political protesters

  1. Laurel you are amazing!! Do we share the same brain? Are we twins lost at birth? Lol. You have read my mind and asked the same question “why can’t people see what is happening”. Exciting times indeed. God bless you and your insight into these last days!!

  2. Laurel , I never really understood the term ‘woke’ , that was until 16months ago when somehow a combination of life change & age finally hit me ..trying to get my shit together and continue on raising my 16yo son , only to end up even more confused ….
    Without going on much further and soundling like I’ve plagiarised Liza Minnelli’s with all the drama, I discovered YouTube again out of boredom …only this time me YT exp has changed since 5-6yrs ago…i have found myself immersed in the Illuminati, alt-right politics , hollyweird! , and a craving for conspiracy theories , which I’ve always loved anyway …. somehow your posts re: JL, NWO, S-HK, HOGG etc have resonated me in a way I felt compelled to write this long drawn out post to u …
    Like a few others i have become almost obsessive with all these crazy fucked up events / occupancies happening in 2018.
    You could not have put it any better , most people are either too ignorant or to scared to face facts that Armageddon is fast approaching…and also that POTUS is the man who can stop it- convincing others DJT is our last hope at thwarting the NWO…
    Anyhow, thank you for the posts , I’ve waffled in enough and hope I’ve made my point…cheers

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