6 thoughts on “Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?

  1. Food for thought: What IF lucifer is leading Us AWAKE Christians on a wild goose chase? Giving us just enough Disinformation to have us go down all the various rabbit holes, while all the time leading us Away from the One who truly has all the answers, Jesus Christ! Remember, we live in an Age of Grand Deception, where you can not trust your senses. All that is around you MAY be an illusion! Feelings can be deceptive. Pray and ask our Heavenly Creator for Wisdom and Guidance!! Stay Safe out there! p3

      1. NO, why would you say that? I studied World Geography in school. The Earth is a ball. I’m of the Boomer generation.

  2. In 1986 I was a senior in a high school just north of where Christa taught school.
    The explosion did not sit well with me and over the years, I never once changed my stance… something IS wrong with the “official” story.

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