WHOA..this is kind of like really creepy… so you know how several YouTube channels like Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole, Barry Soetero and others caught them faking Hillary’s campaign appearance in NV. a couple weeks ago…How did they do this? By noticing that not all the cell phones that ppl in the crowd were holding up (to record the event) even matched what was supposed to be on the stage in front of them…because of this it became apparent that Hillary’s audience was probably “cut and pasted” into the scene using some video trickery. Youtubers made videos about it and her fake campaign appearance was totally exposed… If you want to view that click here.
So now check this out…looks like theyre majorly messing with us now…so in her last “campaign stop” a couple days ago the ppl in the crowd holding up their cell phones to record/take pictures of her ALSO have different scenery on their phone (than what should be in front of them) but this time it appears to be distinct “scenes” CGI’ed into these phone screens. One looks like the Hoover Dam, another looks like Disneyland with a big mushroom cloud in the background, another like the Washington Monument. I can almost guarantee you this is purposeful. Since thats how we “caught her” last time they now know that at every Hillary event, the crowd’s cell phone screens will be carefully analyzed by the “truther community”. So now what are their options? Either 1) make sure they dont make the same mistake again. Or 2) use it to send us one of their sick messages… knowing the only ppl who will notice (or even believe it for that matter) will be the 3% of the population who reads alternative news and is cognizant of whats really happening. It feels really sinister. It’s a direct message to those of us paying attention and it’s right in our faces.
In this video there’s also a quick flash of a woman in the crowd doing sign language…the guy who made this youtube video is asking if anyone knows sign language because he wants to know what it is she said in those few seconds of the camera panning to her. He believes that that also might be some kind of message and I wouldnt doubt it. They’re obsessed with hidden signs and symbols believing they must “tell us” before they do things…I believe that it’s the spiritual law of consent they are following when they hide these warnings deep within plain site. They think if they “warn us” about what they plan to do…it gives us the opportunity to stop them..And if we dont…well then by doing nothing and not objecting to it, we’ve (by default) granted them permisson to proceed.
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The destruction of the Hoover damn is foretold on the $50 bill
Whats interesting is the Washington Monument and Hoover damn were both designed to mean the same thing. The Washington Monument when viewed directly from above maintains the exact same configuration that Hoover Dam was architecturally designed to emulate.“Birth of a new race”. For more info on that click here.
Jonathan Kleck has shown that the currency bills have pretold 3 specific bombings that have occurred. (The bills were all in circulation years before each of the following events occurred).
1. The Oklahoma City Bombing
2. The Pentagon Bombing
3. The World Trade Center Attacks
There are two more attacks that have not happened yet on two bills
The $50 Bill shows the Destruction of the Hoover Dam https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G7-sdUtAocA
Then on the New $100 bill there is a Nuclear Attack on New York shown. Where it shows the bomb hitting the water and a tsunami coming up over the high rises. https://youtu.be/YEkMctGrabY
What hides beneath the Hoover Dam? Why is there so much occult surrounding it?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dj8py2Ly_w&w=560&h=315]