Why Did Glenn Beck Tweet About a Child Smuggling Bust Before It Happened? Was He Warning The Traffickers?

From Jim Stones website: Child smuggling: This is a true statement I saw this happen myself, this reader could be on to something Glenn Beck is no angel. Anonymous sent: Glenn Beck tweeted his tweet about 2 hours BEFORE the police action in Haiti. Jumping the gun like that could have ruined the police action, and I wonder […]

Oroville Dam- Is The Tallest Dam in America Being Sabatoged By the Commies Running CA? 

The following notes are from Jim Stone’s website, written by Jim Stone (He updates his site throughout the day with new notes….this is the progression of his notes on the Oroville damn situation.) THE TALLEST DAM IN AMERICA IS GOING TO FAIL BECAUSE THE TRUMP HATING CROWD WANTS IT TO Time for a little biased reporting. […]


~as written by Jim Stone on his website~ “Web site attacked SO BADLY over the California drought report that “they” re-wrote the back door code and changed it to something they could work with. The attacks happened after I posted how the elite stopped the drought in California after Trump got elected – to save […]

What You Don't Know About Mike Pence – Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Mike Pence is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. . He did something during Bush’s administration that outs him as another establishment, globalist puppet. This is VERY important to know. The establishment is hoping Conservatives don’t remember what he did right after 9-11.

The beast in Disney's new 'Beauty & the Beast' is Baphomet

The message of Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast movie is this:
The Devil is just misunderstood! He just wants your love! The Devil loves you and wants to give you riches and finery. All you gotta do is tell him you love him, and he’ll turn into a handsome prince, and you’ll live happily ever after.